Saturday 3 May 2008

Happy Birthday Son

3 days back it was my youngest baby's birthday, today is my only boy's birthday. Yes, my boy is now 24.My son doing what he likes best

He is the only one who takes after me as far as music is concerned but he goes one further to be a recording artist with the now almost dissolved group Urban Method, something which his father never had the chance.

With his group Urban Method

As I am typing this entry, his mother is nagging him for still being asleep. How not to? He got home only at about 7.00 this morning after partying, courtesy of his friend's surprise party for him. What a surprise party it was, because he knew about it 2 days before the party.

When young, he was quite sickly, hospitalised quite a number of times and had his tonsils taken off when he was 5 and they were monstrous tonsils, kissing tonsils, the doctor called them.

Happy Birthday Muneer Khan, you know Ba loves you.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...partying till the break of dawn. very happening fellow la him. here's anyway, wishing Muneer a very happy Birthday.

cikgu, talk him into going solo. he could be as big as anuar zain.

Unknown said...

He is interested in going solo. In fact he has recorded a single in which I collaborated with my youngest to write the lyrics. Thatsong was a gift from his friend but to finish it he has to find something like 40 to 50K and I don't even have 10% of that so it is cold-storage for the moment until he could get a sponsor which he is trying his best.
Thanx for the wish.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Kindly give my best wishes to Muneer. May he succeed in this life and hereafter. Hmm...what was I doing at that age? Can't remember, lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Muneer!
Hmm...24. Umur makcik terbalik pada tu! Heeheehee...

amsran said...

Happy Birthday Muneer Khan....

Unknown said...

When I was his age, I was already married and anxiously waiting for my first born.

Unknown said...

Pejam celik, pejam celik anak2 you akan jadi orang dewasa dah. Masa tu masalah lain la pulak sebab masalah orang remaja lain.
Macam ni la, when you have children you will feel responsible for them for the rest of your lives la. You can't help worrying.

Unknown said...

Thanx for the wish.

Unknown said...

Hip-hop rules.....

wau...i never thought that u have a son like that..great...

Unknown said...

I see that you are a hip-hop diehard. Yes, my son is into hip-hop and R&B.

monsterball said...

Happy birthday to your son too!
Concerning recording and put out for sale....first and is a very risky business for recording take in new artists.
Yes takes not less than RM50k to launch it.....and usually ..out of 10...2 or 3 can make it..or break even. But if one strikes it rich...selling like hot cake...then the recording company..can cover the looses of the other 7 or 8 failures..because of their very high profit margin in originals.
Usually recording companies have talent scouts...out at pubs...hotel look for talents.
Best choices were from Bakat TV..singing contest...and now Malaysian Idols.
Your son needs to keep exposing himself...signing..different tunes...different show.. he is versatile...and above all.....not a copycat or sound-a-like a famous one.
Looking for sponsor can mean..your son is not recognized or not properly exposed.
Looking for sponsor can only come from a loving wealthy relative....trying to please him...not worried of looses. Looking for sponsor who are out to make money from their near impossible ..especially to a so call..unrecognised... recording artist. I hope I am wrong and wish him best of luck for the future.
Last but not least...almost all Muslim singers make their success Indonesia..not in Malaysia.
so if...your son well accepted by Indonesian fans.....he has no problem. So many will rush to sponsor him....a goldmine...seen by sharp music scouts.
and the world of music is not fair too. If you are a real sexy beauty female...cannot sign problem. The go and need for me to put out details.
I hope your son can learn something from my message.
I have been in the music line for 15 years...never like it...a rat race business.
A not real like....all fantasy. not a natural 9 to 5 job.No need be well competitions are really great...and life span for that profession is very short...and once over...your son maybe 45 years old...too late to learn something new...too early to retire.
Your wife should love this part!!

Unknown said...

Happy blessed birthday, Muneer!

Muneer reminds me about my childhood ambition. Every time my pak's friends asked me "besaq-besaq nak kerja apa, halim?", my swift reply was, "nak jadi pemain dram terkenal!"

My pak, an ustaz kampung, coldly looked at me...

He really wanted me to be an ustaz too. Unfortunately, aku tak start, start!

My poor pak, his son is not an ulamak but ulaq dalam semak.

Snowflake said...

Me: May you allow me to wish your son?
Katataknak : Yes Snowlake, you may.
Me : Vielen Dank

Dear Muneer,
Hi, you are a year older, but not too worry.., me, your dad, bloggers and all in the world are a year older too, this year.
May you find joy and achievements in life and will always be blessed.
Snowflake say no more, no less, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

ummisara said...


Tis is for your son .

Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to Muneer...Happy birthday to u :)

Nih cikgu, sambil baca you punya posting on muneer, the last part tuh buat i tersenyum....want to know y? hehehe Chek nih panggei bapak chek 'Ba' jugak...[dah org penang lagu tuh lah nooooo] :)

Toilet paper said...

Happy Belated Birthday Muneer..

u should be proud tohave a father like KATATAKNAK!!


Unknown said...

Sound advise from an old timer. Thanx

Unknown said...

Oh, hang ni kira minat pukoi gendang la. Tak apa, tak dapat pukoi gendang tapi buleh pukoi orang jahat.

Unknown said...

How true, we are all a year older. Hey I am 52 but look 60 and feel 40.

Unknown said...

Oh cheq panggil Ba jugak ya. My two brothers tak guna Ba, depa guna papa. I stick to how I called my own father and I liked it.
Yes banyak orang Penang guna Ba.

Unknown said...

Thanx, you are most kind.

Snowflake said...

Honestly, I never measure age. If I think I am still young, there are others who are younger, otherwise I think I am old, but then I see there are others who are older. As long as we have a same mindset, then age is no longer an issue.
What dyya think? (Emm bermadah pulak).

ummisara said...


Sepupu sepapat semua panggei bapak depa 'Ba'. Guess thatz how you kenai org penang kot...hehehehh

Baguihlah cikgu sbb u masih kekalkan panggilan tuh...adik i pun mcm adik2 u jugak...tak lagi gunakan 'Ba' tapi panggilan lain yang biasa.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Wishing Muneer a Happy Belated birth day.
Semoga cita-cita dia tercapai.

40-50k nak buat single?bropa lagu?1 atau 4 yang 40k tu?

Yang tu studio di Penang atau KL?

Why not buat demo CD kat Penang dan masuk dalam You Tube and your blog and at the same time jaja ke syarikat rakaman?

Meor Yusuf Azzidin(adik Sohaimi Meor Hassan) buat album dia di Ipoh and costing tak tinggi sangat.Kalau nak aku boleh tanya dia tentang cost buat singles di Ipoh.Yang buat tu kawan dia yg ada studio sendiri dan buat muzik pun sendiri(tapi memang sedap )

Unknown said...

I use to think that way too but now at 52 in school, I find that the older you are, the easier is the going because the respect accorded to an old hand sure is different, much like the respect I use to give the elders when I was a young punk teacher.

Unknown said...

Maknanya you ada mix blood la sikit atau banyak sebab kebanyakkan mereka yang mix blood guna 'Ba'.

Unknown said...

Doc, 40-50K for an album termasuk sedikit publicity. Without publicity you are dead. That was what happened to them the last time around. Nak buat launching pun takdak duit.

rastom said...

macam kata tokasid tu betoi. Cari indie punya recording studio, tak berapa mahai sangat, lagipun depa guna digital setup, lebih kurang sama ..kalau dgn studio besaq2 ternama di KL memang depa kapakla. Bab promosi tu memang kena pebetoi juga. Lagi satu, kalau mula promosi online pun elok juga..contoh kumpulan Indie banyak buat e.g Rain...depa dah sampai UK buat show lagi.


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