Tuesday 27 May 2008

What a start.

What have I done so far these holidays? Hmm, let me think. I was down with the flu even before the holidays started. On Friday, the last day of the school term, we had our own Hari Guru celebrations.

As usual I was entrusted with the ordeal of reading out the annual speech sent to us by the Minister of Education and the Director of Education. This year I was given Hisham's speech which was 25 pages long. Just imagine a 25 page speech to be read to school children who came more for the games and concert.

I do not know if the people in the ministry know it or not but almost all schools do their own editing of these speeches, so mine, the 25 page torture tool was decimated to a mere 5.

Immediately after giving my speech, I got the permission of the PK Petang to go to the clinic because it was getting just too unbearable. Yup, the doc gave me pills for almost everything you could think off, no, no Viagra, and an mc.

Considering that I had not had a bite to eat that day, I stopped at the KFC outlet a few doors away from the clinic for some nuggets. I was not too steady and spilled the drinks all over me. I was too sick to feel embarrassed. I ate the 6 piece nugget and left.

I got back to school and asked to be excused for the rest of the evening and the PK Petang sportingly allowed me to, considering that I could be quite a heavy load should there be a need to carry me away. Yes, I missed the jamuan and the games and the concert.

I got home, took the medicines and went to bed. When I got up a few hours later, I found that my handphone, a 3 month old Nokia N95, my pride and joy, my source of countless hours of music, refused to come out of its self imposed slumber. Evidently, when I spilled the drinks, a lot of water found its way into the pouch. Hey if you hate me, drown me, not my prized possession. Its about the only thing expensive that I allow myself to be pampered with. The warranty does not cover death by drowning so I am waiting with bated breath as to how much the resuscitation process would cost me.

Actually, I had to cancell my trip for KL to meet blogger friends on the 24th because of some pressing family commitment. My condition screwed everything up. Even if I had not cancelled the trip earlier, I would have to do so because of that pain in the butt flu.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home, mostly in bed and occasionally at the computer. I had so much sleep in the day time that every night I would get up at about 3 and just sat on the sofa doing nothing. Once in a while I would surf but there was just nowhere to go.

Last night I was up at 4 and am still awake now. I have finished my course of antibiotics and the sleep inducing pills for flu and only now am I feeling a little bit better. I am working up a little bit of sweat and am looking forward to starting the holidays.

What do I have in store? Considering that the trip to KL is cancelled, I guess its hours and hours of doing nothing. It beats hours and hours in bed with the flu, anytime.


aN_archi said...

Must have caught the flu from you Ajit. Yeah, up at 3.00am and doing nothing. Last night watched a Dilbert DVD. Better get well soon cos I have seventeen classes of art paper to mark ( had to be bidan terjun for a cutibersalin lady )Cheers anyhow.

Unknown said...

I have 5 classes of siviks paper, and 1 class english paper 1 and paper 2. Luckily the other class is taken over by a trainee. I haven't even started and here I am blogging.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


25 pages of boring speech cut to mere 5? slick move la cikgu. in the first place, why the hell there should be long speeches in the first place. havent they learned its a waste of time and bores people to death?

*surfing porn is better than sitting on the sofa doing nothing. not that i'm suggesting you anything cikgu, no....hehehehehehe

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Lol! Reading your hours of nothing, it must be like heaven now for you. Just imagine those hours of nothing without the internet...one would go bonkers!

And true, those speech makers don't have a clue as to what should be when, and when it should be what! I pity the kids in other schools who may have had to listen to 25 pages of meaningless words.

Unknown said...

Take it easy brother...Just rest and get well soon.

may you have speedy recovery ya.

Unknown said...

Just keep this between us, I would if I knew where to look. So far my source has been thru Ares and Limewire only. Shhhh, don't let the doctor or Shah hear this or else we are in for an earfull.

Unknown said...

This morning, I got out at 6.30 to buy breakfast and my next trip out of the door would probably be tomorrow morning.

Many schools just slash all those long boring meaningless speeches. They should change their mindset la.

Unknown said...

Thanx, I am getting better. Today is the best day, I did not take any medication, just that the throat is still a little bit sore.

Anonymous said...

A Jewish tycoon and a fraudster was asked why he is working with Mahathir who supposedly hates Jews, ha ha ha, the gambling tycoon was simple: "They (Mahathir/Malaysian govt) pay their bills on time."


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Flu...I hate getting one but love it when others got it(hehehe...mata duitan!!)

But since you are getting better then its okay.

You must have known by now that Avram was kicked out of Chelsea.Ppl say its bcoz Chelsea didn't win anything for the team.Well,they were wrong.

The news that I got was this: When Chelsea lost a chubby balded MU fan from Penang did a 3 turn somersault in front of Avram grant. He was suprised but he did a big clap. The Russian tycoon saw this and he thought that Grant was enjoying the defeat and he thought there was a deal of some kind btwn Grant and the Penang fan.
Unfortunately the Penang fan got flu for his actions.

Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
i just had mine, and still coughinglah chegu. antibiotics pulak made me feel drained out sangat. tidoq saja, bila dapat MC hari tu. sendi semua lengoh. kadang kalau kita jarang sakit, skali skala sakit, flat teruih. tapi chegu, kalau kita sendiri tak jaga badan kita, siapa lagi. take a good rest lah chegu cuti ni.

Unknown said...

Yes, my back still aches from the 3 somersault. What people did not see was after that I did 4 and half somersault with 5 and 3/4 twist.
I am still celebrating though. I am also celebrating next-years triple.

Unknown said...

Ya la, dia punya lengoh dan sakit badan, tuhan saja tau. Lepaih musim sakit ni, doc kita buleh tukaq kereta la. Dia kena naikkan charge dia. Kalau orang tanya pasai apa, dia jawab la Beras sudah naik harga.

monsterball said...

Give me your home address..and I will send you a bundle of ichify shows..by courier service...that will keep your body system...go upside down..inside out.
They are all better than the old 'Dallas" you have!!!
Stay healthy and well.
kerp....is real itchfy man...since having Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Salam Cik Gu

Sorry to hear you got the flu, get well soon, Cik Gu.

Was in Penang last weekend , and I got lost going from the jetty back to Batu Feringgi, the one way system really beats me but my mistake was to make a U turn just after the taxi stand from there on I am lost lah cik gu but somehow manage to find Naza Hotel again.

Mr. Right said...

Aku ada terbaca kat mana ntah, kalau handphone terkena air kita boleh repair simply dengan tanam handphone tu dalam beras.

Berehat dan rajin2 lah makan ubat. Budak sekolah zaman sekarang still belikan cikgu hadiah masa hari guru, kan? Hang dapat apa dari murid2?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


doc didnt notice anything. i'll share you one site with close to a thousand vids to drool on...hehehe...

and funny that mr goh noticed it. perhaps it takes an itchy man to know what another itchy man is up to...hehehehe...

Unknown said...

Kerp said it takes an itchy man to know another itchy man.

Unknown said...

Oh you were put up in Naza Hotel? How's the hotel anyway? I have never got the chance to stay there.

Unknown said...

Mr. Right.
Tanam dalam beras? Susah sikit la pasai harga beras pun dah nak sama dengan harga handphone.
Aku pun tak tau hadiah apa yang ada. Aku belah awai. Rasa-rasa macam tak ada kot.

Unknown said...

Come to think of it almost all men gatai one lar.

Ydiana said...

Cikgu, I empathize with what you're going through at the start of your holiday, but I really could feel for you about your Nokia N95. That's how I feel when my beloved Pda broke down...anything, anything but my pda..! My whole life was in it! I was lost for about a week. I was too heartboroken to replace it and resorted back to a normal writing notebook...no more pda. Well, at least I no longer spent stolen hours playing the 'bejewel'...hahaha.

tokasid said...


I think the kong-ed HP is worse that the flu.
As Mr Right's suggestion to rendam the wet HP inside beras I think that is a good idea.Beras dah mahai la Mr Right.Kalau rendam dalam guni ubi kayu atau keledek boleh tak?

Hmmm...Kerpov: I notice what you suggested to che'gu but being a greedy person, I browsed alone without telling you or che'gu or Shah.Kah3...

Anonymous said...

Salam Cik Gu

Just a small family gathering ,I think its okay for the price they charged and the kids enjoyed themselve very much as the sea front is just beside the pool.

Unknown said...

Tell you a secret, I too love to play Bejewel and all puzzle games of the same kind.
I still have not got any call from the Nokia people about my set and in this case its no news is bad news.

Unknown said...

Ya la Mr. Right. I think the government have banned rendaming handphones in beras. You could get the ISA for that.

What is this doc, you browse alone without telling us? I smell an ikan here.

Unknown said...

Oh I see, its a family gathering. I thought you were attending a course or something because that hotel is quite popular for courses.

Anonymous said...

hi kata tak nak

i sincerely hope you are feeling better now. read your entry but wasnt able to comment due to time constraint. A bit sad to know about your nokia n95. Probably you need an i-phone now.
about our parliament. i bet we are all waiting for the winning goal, arent we.

monsterball said...

yip....kerp is right!
Best one day...we two itchfy blokes...go paint the city red...and see...whose itches...turn to bloody pain for his..????.....hahahahahaha
Then Pinky...needs to wait few days...to start all over again...but then ..Pinky may not wait.....and kerp maybe in deep shit trouble.
We old guys know best..don't we...kata tak nak.

aliya said...

Ahhh, cikgu... you did look SICKLY in school, but you read the speech very well on stage. There was no games due to rain, the jamuan was ok, the concert nothing to shout about, so I guess you didn't miss much. Have a speedy recovery

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cisss..tuan doctor makan sorang.

Unknown said...

Glad to note that there is another blogger in the school. I think this is the 1st Hari Guru celebration that I missed. I miss the fun thats all. Anyway happy holidays and happy marking papers.

Unknown said...

Yes, we should ambush him. So this is what he does with his free time?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the flu is gone now. I read somewhere that N95 even when dipped into a pail of water can still be recovered by immediately putting it on a BBQ grill. Ironically, by doing so, will cure you from the flu. Anyway I don't always believe what I read.

To care for soaked phone. First you will have to take off the battery and disassemble the housing and all parts, especially the keypad, if possible. Wipe dry each loose components and blow with hairdryer. Then reassemble the unit and put on the charger without switching it on. Charge until you can feel the battery compartment warm. Repeat the charging process a few more times to make sure that the inside of the phone is dried of any fluid or vapour. You can repeat as many time as you wish but I recommend you to stop on your next payday when you can buy a new handset. if this effort bear no fruit. Thank you.

monsterball said...

Usually....if you do not think about your flu..it will go away faster.
It is simple..mind over matters.
That's why I like to talk....itchfy stuffs with kerp....and ready to post.. sexy movies...to him...to get kata tak nak balls ...all shook up...hahahahahaha


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