Sunday 4 May 2008

Minimum Wage

Samy: What did the union people want DS?

PM: They asked for minimum wage.

Samy: How much?


Samy: What did you say?

PM: I said cannot because they will be inflation.

Samy: What is inflation?

PM: That want also you don't know ka? Prices will increase la.

Samy: If prices increase, increase the pay some more la.

PM: Where to find the money?

Samy: Print la.

PM: Shut up la.

Samy: Ok ok, after that, what did they say?

PM: They said they may have to hold demos.

Samy: Ayo so berani one. What did you say?

PM: I said hold 100 demos also, I cannot agree.

Samy: If 101 demos, you will agree ka?

PM: Samy, go home la………………….


cakapaje said...

DPM: PM! PM! I got great news which will solve our mone problems!

PM: Huh? What...what?

DPM: I found a tree that grows money!

PM: Ya kah? Oooh! Quick, quick, bring the tree here...

DPM: But, but...

Samy: What bhat bhat? You mean the tree grow only Thai currency?

PM: keep quiet, can or not? So DPM, what's the problem?

DPM: The tree can grow only in Monggolia lah! And you know they now want to sever our diplomatic ties.

Keng Yeik: Haiyah! Now I know the D in DPM actually stands for Dogol!

Pak Zawi said...

Sami tu saja nak bodohkan Pak Lah.

monsterball said...

Najib: Who are they?
Sec: They say they are delegates from Mongolia ..ordered to talk to you personally.
Najib: Tell them I am not in or say I ma very busy.
Sec. to Mongo group: Gentlemen...My boss told me to tell you..he is not in and tell me also to tell you...he is very busy.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the rakyat should stop complaining and change their lifestyle. the gomen will for sure think of something that benefits the rakyat, like the Monsoon Cup.

amsran said...

sammy : have a bigfoot rampage in perlimen.

Pm : arrest send going to the zoo country.

sammy : but already ok..

Pm :????

sammy : gorilla come.

Unknown said...

DPM: PM, PM, I know how to make money
PM: How, how?
DPM: Lets buy submarines and Sukhois.

Unknown said...

Bukan nak bodohkan Oak Lah, memang dia bodoh sombong.

Unknown said...

DPM: I think she is in the jungle playing fireworks.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, the Monsun Cup brings untold benefits to the people. The people are now so rich because of the trillions brought in by the Monsun cup.

Unknown said...

I think we should open up a zoo near parlimen house.

Ydiana said...

Sad isn't it? They freely increase the price of petrol, toll, and now rice and foods. Yet, no minimum wage for these poor citizens. They keep enriching the rich. The economic gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger. If this goes on, Malaysia will soon be like India and Indonesia...

Unknown said...

yes, and what can we do? We are helpless. We are at their mercy. This scenario must change.

tokasid said...

Samy: I also hold dema.
PM: What for?
Samy: becoz you ask me go home.
PM: that ka? Okay you go and demo in Dataran Merdeka.Bring along a coffin if you want to

Samy: But..but DS..I only joking laa..

Toilet paper said...

Samy: What did the union people want DS?

PM: They asked for minimum wage.

Samy: How much?


Samy: What did you say?

PM: I said cannot..

Samy: Why??

PM: haiya..the money are using for me going space..

Samy: Bakti got money what..

PM:Thats for my new yachts..i already booking 2 la..


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