Friday 30 May 2008

I hereby quit the opposition

Thats it, Enough is enough. I've been in the opposition camp for about 10 years now and all I see is rhetoric. I've had enough. I think, no, I am sure only UMNO and the BN could lead this country and the opposition is only good at making promises and accusations.

I would like to thank the opposition though for waking the BN up from their slumber in the last GE. Their unexpectedly good showing has made the BN realise that they have gone astray. They have finally opened up their eyes. They are taking the right road now.

Since after that drubbing that they got during the last GE, they have done so much that I believe this government is sincere in what they say. I was concerned about the independence of the Police Force, the ACA, the AG and the Judiciary and the PM has allayed my fears in all these by making drastic changes in government policies regarding these agencies.

The police is now no longer the running dogs of the government. They now have a mind of their own. They act without fear nor favour. Just imagine, the police whacking the Grand Saga people and their thugs to protect the demonstrators. I heard a few police personnel risk their limbs and lives by charging at the thugs who wanted to attack the demonstrators. What service to the people; what heroics for the sake of the people; what devotion to duty.

The AG now is no longer a peon of the Prime Minister. I heard that he scrutinises every report that is sent to him. He even calls up police or ACA officers and screws them up if he sees any deficiency in their investigations. It was brought to my intention that he intends to charge everyone in the AG's office for failure to dispense justice to the people. What excites me most is that he is even charging himself for what he has done from the late 90s to the present time.

The ACA is no longer an impotent body hooked by the nose to the PM's hotline. They are now as independent as can be. The latest I heard is that all Ministers and former ministers, dead or alive, since the days of the Mahafiraun would be charged for corruption. All ministry high officials who drive anything more expensive than a Tiara would be brought to book. Since Eric Chia has got away, they are making sure that it won't be for long. They are charging him for misappropriating a few pens and pencils, just as long as he serves time.

As for the judiciary, I heard that Pak Lah has already identified the members of the commission to appoint judges. To ensure absolute transparency, the PM has named farmers, labourers and unemployeds to the commission. They will list down people for the job and we the rakyat will be given the opportunity to decide who heads what. This would be done by sms ala Akademi Fantasia. Each week the judge with the least vote would be dropped.

Seeing all these being done by the PM, I got to thinking why do we need the oppositions anymore? The government has begun to fulfill its election promises and I say we should allow them. We should 'work with them'.

I am sure this is the brain child of a certain Ezam who has now joined or shouold I say rejoined UMNO. Ezam wait for me, I am joining you. Hold on, hold on, my bank account is CIMB 5647877769.


tokasid said...

I ,Mat Kelam Mat Not hereby denounce the opposition pact especially Parti Kedegilan Rakyat for the following reasons:
1-Dr M is no more the PM of Malaysia
2-DrM is no more an UMNO member(yahoooooo.....)
3-I have better opportunity to serve my family and friends and rakyat if I am within UMNO.
4-UMNO presiden and SIL needs me to fight off who ever wants to challenge him esp from a particular person from Parlimen Kampong.
5-I have lost faith in Parti Kedegilan Rakyat and its de facto leader CekNuatbrem for he is hindering my political progress.

This decision has got nothing to do with money or bribe or position.I am just a member of UMNO and its up to the leaders where they want me to be in this struggle.

(But it would be nice if they gave those positions.As all of you would have known,if you are a nobody in UMNO no one listens to you.Get that!!)

Thank you.

Unknown said...

We must recruit somemore and together we all join UMNO for the sake of the country, the religion, the people, our mistresses, our bank accounts, the bungalows and mercedes we would get, the Tan Sriships and Tunships and maybe even get a Tengkuship. Buleh ka itu macam?

tokasid said...


UMNO can get more members if they go along with the MLM style...members get members and you are awarded with bonus points which can be exchanged for
1- Class F contracts
2-Rombongan Cik Kiah to Langkawi,Rantau Panjang and Medan for the ladies.For the men its to Haadyai,Phuket,Songkhla,Bali or Batam
3-5 years attendance of Perhimpunan Agung UMNO in PWTC with free lodging at Rumah Tumpangan Ah Fook at Lrg Hj Taib 5.
4-Free UMNO/BN T-shirts every Saturday till stock last.

Unknown said...

Don't forget kad hari raya from the PM, karaoke competitions and free tiket for AF final.

Pak Zawi said...

I am still a member of UMNO Baru so do I need to quit first before I rejoin? I need to open up a bank account first since I have closed my checking account when I retired in Jan 2006.
Please advise ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Everybody has a price. When the numbers of zero adds up and 'serasi' with the expectation, it is a deal. But first criteria must have badak skin.

Anonymous said...

I have seen political apostates but not this one since man's creation. While he is of no value to PKR knowing that he had quit the party 2 years ago and under his watch, they could get nothing, I'm perplexed that he will have to oppose those who joined him in Kamuting and help the jailers and praise ISA. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

For what he said about UMNO he wont be forgiven. For what harm he will bring unto the foes of the current administration, he will walk on the red carpet to the Parliament.

Unknown said...

Do you have any classified documents, tapes or pictures to hold anyone at ransom? If you don't then keep your bank account number.

Unknown said...

Yes, the skin must not only be thick but also bullet proof.

Unknown said...

Yes, when he betrays fellow fighters, he has finally sold his soul.

Unknown said...

Word has it that he would be offered a free hand in the ACA. Many are shivering now. What hasn't any of the UMNO people not said about UMNO in their lifetime?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehehe...this is one good shit, cikgu. right on the crotch.

...and now ameno is no longer corrupted. hooray.

Unknown said...

Yeah Ameno is now squeaky clean hingga menjilat ....

Anonymous said...

The next reward awaiting him is Toonship. It sure pays to belong to the "can't be bribed but can be bought" or "can't be bought but can be bribed" camp.

Unknown said...

I like the "can't be bribed but can be bought" or "can't be bought but can be bribed" part.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Wait! Wait! Tunggu den! Den tak pornah poie Sarkas...nak tengok gak apo bondo yang ado kek situ. Den dongar orang poie Sarkas jap ketawa, jap takut, jap monjorit...den nak gak poie tengok ;)

Unknown said...

Ai tak takut ka? Sarkas ni selain badut ada, ular lidah cabang 6, buaya hisap curut, ghimau, dan jerung megalodon. Bahayo oi.

Ydiana said...

What a funny Anything boleh.

Unknown said...

You sum it all just right, anything boleh, brilliant.

monsterball said...

Your idea is good. Unfortunately...I cannot join in...due to yellow skin texture la.
Good luck the second Trojen said and only one...always cashing hentam poor Dollah.

Unknown said...

This TDM is an old goat. So let him scream and shout and kick in the end he will stop and die.

Maverick SM said...

Wait for me...I'm joining you! I'm joining Umno too!

Hold on... I'm Chinese,; boleh kah?

Unknown said...

You can be a back door member than as long as you have money that is.

Anonymous said...

PKR is no different than UMNO. I announce that i'm leaving PKR to join Parti Entah Berentah. I quit politics

Unknown said...

Thats what people love to say.


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