Monday 12 May 2008

The Great Escape

Have a look at this video, what a great escape and what a great ending.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Ouch! That last part, ouch!

monsterball said...

I think he got excited..jumped up...and got his head cut off my the fan blades??
Nice clip.
Now you are teaching our Malaysian to rob us high and dry.......hahahahahaha
But smart Mahathir..gets do his dirty jobs. That's why....he behaves sooooooo coooool many idiots...still admire him??

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

The best part was after he jumped over the fence he said: Bye!Bye to the cops.Memang beradab penyamun ni.

The ending....thats really bye bye.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiyahhh..pak si wong i have difficlty in viewing the video. maybe i'll try and find it on youtube.

Unknown said...

Yes, it should happen to sarkas clowns.

Unknown said...

Yeah those UMNO people should try this.

Unknown said...

Gentleman crook. Imagine Samy doing that.

Unknown said...

I got that from metacafe.

Anonymous said...

This BN (Ameno) MPs. They steal, slander and plunder and try to run away through conspiracies, lies and cover ups, only for them to end up in HELL.

Ydiana said...

Cikgu Bro...

Gross.. I almost jump up too..

Unknown said...

Very well put. You didn't miss a single thing.

Unknown said...

Yes, gross isn't it. Crime doesn't pay so the BN people better watch out.

Ydiana said...

You know what, Cikgu. This video reminds me of one video that I saved to my computer because I keep laughing when iI look at it. Gave me an idea to post it at one of my blogs...gross too, but funny all the same.

Unknown said...

Please do, please do.

monsterball said...

"The Great Escape" is a classic war movie..starring...the late Steve McQueen.
It is comical and entertaining....and seems to be a true story.
It is at least 40 years old movie....but then..old movies are much better than new one.
Steve McQueen...other greats are....The Magnificent Seven....Bullitt...Towering Inferno...Papillon.....all great great movies!!


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