Friday 23 May 2008

Flu anyone?

Would not be putting up any post for a few days until this stubborn flu bug decides to leave. The whole body aches and couldn't get much sleep either. I may roam whenever I could but would not be putting up any post for fear that you may catch the bug reading my posts.

Anyway have a nice weekend.


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

It must be the rain and cold in Moscow that made you have this flu.
Last night I saw the repaet of that game and I saw someone that looks like you making a 3 turn somersault right infront of that sulking Avram.Luckily Drogba wasn't there otherwise the would have slapped you on the face.

Have a god rest and speed recovery.

Anonymous said...

Take a good rest bro... Me too having this pain in my throat and already sneezing often...

It's airborne!

Mr. Right said...

Wahhh... demam selsema terkejut sebab menang Champ League la ni. Takpe2, nanti dapat berita Ronaldo pindah ke Real Madrid confirm akan ok selsema tu.

Anonymous said...

Cepat sembuh, cikgu.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe...could not help but smile at Doc's comment.

Anyway, you too take care and enjoy the weekend too :)

Abdullah Pantaier said...

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Kerajaan Rakyat said...

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Anonymous said...

My methods of combating flu is, take lots of vitamin C, spread it out, every tablet an hour and lots of warm water. Take lots of rest.

Get well soon chegu.

Ydiana said...

^^^Yes, take lots of vitamin C and lots of water. It'll help hasten the cure. Have a good rest! You don't want to spend school holiday sick.

Anonymous said...

Che' gu

There is a small flu epidemic. And a bigger dengue epidemic. Alhamdulilah you have the smaller of the two evils. :) Rest well and drink more water. And get well soon so that you can share more of your wisdom with us.

Pak Zawi said...

Take a good rest and hope you get well soon.

aliya said...

Salam cikgu Nazir,
hahahaa... been searching for your blog and finally found it! It's the start of the school holidays, so hope you'll recover soon. Warm chicken soup will help too. InsyaAllah, see you in school after the hols :))

monsterball said...

Take care!

monsterball said...

Up to now...flu has no cure!
Just medicine for reliefs.
Backaches and bad coughs...can be prevented with panadol and cough mixtures.
What I do was....stack up plenty antibiotics pills....take hem faithfully....and cure myself.
Yes...antibiotics can also turn out to be useless...once your body system get used to that brand. So I changed. It works!
Don't try this with babies or children!!
Sleep it off.....kata-tak-nak. It takes a least three days.
And if you constantly get a are getting old. Try to avoid sacrificing comfort...for health. are a thoughtful blogger for your visitors...providing some nice songs....while you need to rest.
You rest too.....and be well soon.


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