Wednesday 21 May 2008

Don't hump with a broken pump.

I was at Bombay Duck's blog reading his latest write-up on Viagra and how that magic blue pill has come to the rescue of many men with difficulty to get old Willy up. Mind you its not for those with reduced libido unless, of course, his partner has given him an ultimatum to get it up ship or out.

I say its not for men with reduced libido because why would an old man with reduced sexual desire or drive want to get it up for? Hey besides the fun, sex is damn bloody hard work. You do work up a sweat doing it you know.

When you are old and there is no demand from the partner and you yourself are as cold as the South Pole (pun intended) why spoil it all? Imagine, peace in bed. undisturbed sleep and no unnecessary exercise and no strain on the old overworked ticker.

Why all of a sudden this interest in the blue pill? In the blog I mentioned earlier, it seems that half of those who bought the pill do not repeat. Why?

You see, these naughty old men actually thought that the day you stopped having sex, you stop being a man. Being old, they forgot that their spouses are also way past their prime. The fact is that, their spouses would rather put up with their husband's snores than their grunts.

In many cases, after their first experience with a Viagra driven, chemically aroused old husband these wives, sent Chemical Randy to the sofa the next night.

So, what have we learnt from this? If you are old and your spouse is also old, you can't actually get it up and she aint complaining, let it be that way. If the two of you are game but the old boy could only afford to stagger an inch or two then you may give it a try provided the ticker is ready to do the pumping while you do the humping. You hump with a broken pump and you'll drop plump on your rump, then you'll slump and no more hum.

If you are young, why do you need Viagra for?


Anonymous said...

For that extra hump chegu, for that extra hump on the road. I never tried it, but my frens in their 30s tried it half or quarter of a pill and they came out bragging like world champion.

Anyway stay away from viagra tonite, ManU and Chelsea, that itself is a turn on.

Unknown said...

Just the thought of the game is giving me a hard-on. No I have never used Viagra and don't think I would. When I am old and can't get it up then let it be.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

What hump? What pump? I thought its always been about birds and bees! Man, I'm out of time, lol!

Unknown said...

They mean just the same, just the same. I am goin a humpin and a pumpin.

Anonymous said...

The magic blue pill is an excellent excuse to get a new, younger wife. Works even for a weird looking lorry driver with 3 wives. Abang kuat, kita dah kematu, kalu dia pi cari betina jalang, lagi kita berdosa.

(Disclaimer: All characters mentioned above are fictional. Any similarity with a living person or persons is just a co-incidence)

monsterball said...

Interesting....but not entirely all true.
Many of us...old guys...go not need viagra pills at all.....and still enjoy sex...vigorously...same as before.
The classic example is Huge Hefner..founder an owner of "Playboy" magazine.
I tel myself...the day I need a pill to pep me to gang up my hunting boots. long as we can remember...prostitutes are there ...not for young men......but middle age an old guys.
Remember Paul age 90 .married Nicol Smith..age 34??
And Anthony Quinn....became father at age 72.
Yes yes yes....all these are from men.who love the pleasures of life and sex...from different women.

Monster Mom said...

Aiya..why hantu telur has to remind me of that particular man with 3 going to 4 wives?
Anyway cikgu, the pill is only for sissyss.....
We, the women still prefer the ori...

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

That blue pill( not you also have it in green or crimson or dark chocolatey brown which are generic brands manufactured by the parent company in India mainly)has its ups and downs. needs a libido b4 the magic pill can work.And like you said if the Missus have no interest no more, why need the magic pill? Just to get some heartache and sneering from the lady?

Unless you have a sweet young thing as a wife when your are let say 60 and she is 23 years old.She is at her peak of her humping age and the 60 years old hubby is having clogged vesels with years of collecting cholesterol from his daily roti canai and nasi lemak and nasi kandar and sup ekor and sup tulang.He might need the blue pill.

make sure one have no ischaemic heart problem or taking certain heart pills(nitrates)coz viagra cam enhance the actions of your nitrate and you can suddenly have your final erection and die with your johnny standing up. And the medic that comes to collect your body might have a face that says: Whats UP?

When the blue pill was first introduced in Malaysia, an elderly man( 70 plus) with lots of medical ailments took a tablet to enjoy himself with a sweet young thing( a teenager.And thats not his wife) After the first humping he wanted more and thought he need to take another pill. He popped in the 2nd pill. During Act 2, he just froze and died with an erection.

You don't want that to happen to you.

How effective is the blue pill? Very effective indeed.But if one is young and healthy with no clogged arteries, you don't need the pill unless you want to make your doctor richer that day.

And monster mum...the willy is still an ori willy.its just that its a tired willy and the blue pill will just help poor willy re-charged.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, hehe...from my point of view, Vs and Cialis are 2 God-given items directly sent to us. it does us, the quads, magical wonder!

i could go on and on (no pun intended!) but if you noticed, my blog has not been accessible since last night and this got me really frustrated and worry. is it possible that i may have violated their T&C for having too much of homophobic chants in its content?

can anybody help? i'm getting so restless here.

*enjoy the game tonight cikgu.

Unknown said...

Yes, the blue pill is indeed a wonder pill. There's the UP side and the DOWN side of it.

Unknown said...

If Hefner is still doing it now, I am sure he is popping viagras like we do M&Ms.

Unknown said...

Momster Mom.
There the other side has spoken, they want it ori not chemical.

Unknown said...

There are always exceptions to the rule and this is why they have Viagras but sadly along the way, people misuse them. Now you don't go popping too much you hear else you would get the week long erection and has to get our doc over for an emergency retuning.

zewt said...

hahaha... tell that to hugh hefner!

monsterball said...

Not necessary true...kat-tak-nak.
I have few fiends...including me...we can do it naturally...without pills!
The only differences for me ...right must be with one..that really want to have it with me...and not for he money only!!
You will be surprise...many young chick...feel at home....with old us.


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