Saturday 10 May 2008

Deaths at Khidmat Negara Camps: The Solution

The government strongly denies that it is toying with the idea of scrapping the much criticised Khidmat Negara, Malaysia's version of National Service, programme. This came in light of another death, this time an 18 year old girl from Perak.

The government said that although it sympathised with the families of all those who died while undergoing the programme, it is not the programme's fault that they died. An ex-Minister who lost in the recent general elections said that, he suspected that God is conspiring with the oppositions to make the BN government look bad.

The government said that the programme has greatly helped the thousands of trainees and that these trainees should they live till the end of the programme would be assets to the nation.

A spokesman also added that the programme helped created many jobs especially to tailors, cooks, retired servicemen and friends of ministers.

Sometime back, the government had required all participants suffering from any serious ailments to report their conditions to recognised institutions. All those certified by these institutions, usually government hospitals,would then be officially exempted from attending the programme. Children of ministers and top government officials, however, are allowed to bypass these institutions. They only need to sign a declaration form stating that they are unwell to attend.

Despite this requirement, unexplained deaths persist. The latest casualty has prompted the government to introduce a new clause in the agreement the trainees have to sign.

As of the next programme, all trainees must promise not to die while undergoing the programmes. Their parents would be held responsible should their children renege on this promise and a hefty fine would be imposed on all parents of errant trainees.

It is hoped that with the imposition of this new clause, no more deaths would be reported.


Pak Zawi said...

The latest clause will not only absolve them from any litigation but may give give some additional income. This is the best business to be in since no losses will be incurred.
Rumour is rife that the price of 'tudung bawal siam' cost only RM2.50 in Thailand and is purported to be supplied to the gomen for RM35.00 ringgit each. Since this is just rumours so you don't have to believe it.

Unknown said...

I have spoken to suppliers of stuff and it sickened me. Just imagine they call you up and asked you to 'UP' the price. What shit is this.

Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
eee...memang risau betul dengan khidmat negara ni. what if one of my kids being call up nanti. i hate it when you have to read my name in the papers!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

What Pak Zawi mentioned is just the tip of the corruption in PLKN, there are scores more! Uniforms, equipments, transporatation - now seem to be privatised with vans of their own, and a number of other indirectly related things. And since it is modeled in a franchise manner, I wonder who make the most gain here.

Anonymous said...


Kawan saya pembekal perabot cuba apply buat kem PLKN kat Sarawak...memang tak dapat la sebab bagi kat Sarawakian tapi...yg dapat tu Bumiputera (Sarawak byk bangsa Bumiputera).

Tup...tup yg dapat kontrak tak ada keupayaan apa...tak boleh molah kata orang Sarawak. Last last kena minta syarikat lain yg buat yg kebetulan non Bumi...tu tak kisahlah dah rezeki syarikat non Bumi tu

Tapi yg herannya ngapa apply dah tau takder kemampuan. Tak pernah buat projek pun...tetiba dapat projek berjuta juta tak tahu apa. Bagi la kat orang yang betul netul buat.

Lepas ni mintak Sir kalau ada bahan citerkan hal PLKN...bongkar kan dan berapa kem dan dan duiyg dah habis.

Wahid Jobli

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

PLKN: Program Lemak Naik Kepala.

Yang tersurat: PLKN adalah untuk tujuan menaikkan semanagt cintakan negara dan jatidiri bagi anak-anak remaja Malaysia 18 tahun ke atas.

Yang tersirat: PLKN adalah program untuk menghasilkan peluang pendapatan kepada pemimpin2 bahagian BN terutamanya Amano dgn pemberian kontrak-kontrak lumayan.Juga sebagai latihan untuk membrainwash anak-anak muda supaya cintakan UMNO dan BN sahaja.

Yang tersiat: PLKN adalah program untuk mensiat-siatkan hati ibu bapa bilamana sebarang kemalangan atau kematian bukanlah di sebabkan oleh PLKN tetapi kerana kecuaian pelatih-pelatih kerana lambat memberitahu kepada jurulatih-jurulatih.

Unknown said...

Jangan cakap macam tu, seram. Time anak you besaq nanti dah takdak dah kot?

Unknown said...

That is why the insist on having that killer programme. The bottom line is RM and more RM

Unknown said...

Hal bagi kontrak kat bumiputera kokak ni adalah perkara biasa. Asalkan ada connection dan sanggup bagi sikit (actually tak sikit la) kat depa, sure on punya.

Unknown said...

Yang menyakitkan hati ni ni, depa tak peduli bila ada orang mati. The money must flow into their coffin (coffers) it doesn't matter if anyone dies in the process.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any trainee from my place who did not obtain medical reports before being admitted into PLKN. So now they are saying unfit/sick youngsters cheated themselves into the program.

Che Gu, I think you should bring down the flash banner for the time being. RPK is free now and the banner actually obstructs the view on lower resolutions.

Unknown said...

Since you said it obstructs those with lower resolutions, I have taken it down and may put up something else. Thanx

bayi said...

If the trainees are close to dying, they have to undertake (no pun intended) to hold on till they reach the parents' house.

Unknown said...

Yes, that is right and their parents would be fined for the disruption.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Che Gu. But that's equally "offensive". Ha ha ha ha!

--- Liverpool fan since birth.

Unknown said...

What a better gift to a Liverpool fan? Hahahaha. No I didn't know that you are a fan of the number four team.

Anonymous said...

I like the number. It's better than one.

Unknown said...

Being the good people that we are, we will give you the number to use forever, you want? Somehow, 18, 19, and 20 are also available, would you like them? They are definitely better than 1.

monsterball said...

The death is a Malaysian Chinese girl.
If it is a Muslim...just wait UMNO and PAS yelling like hell,


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