Monday 5 May 2008

Bad Malaysian Overseas

Malaysians going overseas or staying overseas are causing the country a headache and giving the country a bad name so we have compiled the list of problems and got the relevant ministers to give suggestions as to how to overcome these problems.

Qt: Malaysian women are being made drug mules by their foreign boyfriends.

Minister: Only female foreigners be allowed into this country.

Qt: Children of Malaysian women married to foreigners work as whores in another country.

Minister: Help them to work as whores locally. Start with local cigarette bars.

Qt: Released ex Deputy Prime Ministers making a nuisance of the country when lecturing overseas.

Minister: Buy the overseas university and sack the ex con.

Qt: Out of work ex Prime Minister meeting our students overseas to poison their minds.

Minister: Get Siti Norhaliza to perform at the Royal Albert Hall at the same time and give free tickets to the students and give scholarship to all students who could show an autographed programme book. Siti must sign all programme books which would be given out after the concert.

Qt: Malaysian Ministers getting caught smuggling cash into foreign countries.

Minister: Teach all Malaysian Ministers to speak very bad English. Get MM to conduct these courses.

Qt: Malaysian Ministers building luxury yachts overseas.

Minister: Camouflage those yachts as old junks and give them Chinese names.

QT: Malaysians selling very bad Nasi Kandar overseas and had to close shop.

Minister: Give the TDC extra allocations to pay anyone stepping into the restaurants. Free medical insurance should also be given. All Malaysians living in that area must only eat in that restaurant or else their citizenship would be revoked.


Unknown said...

Wahaha....that's funny.....

maybe u should ask the QT. why they not question a malaysian Girl being prostitute in Overseas..

Toilet paper said...

Salam Cikgu,

Welcome to Malaysia..
all those thing cant do in Malaysia..
thats why they do it outside Malaysia..

Malaysia Boleh Blah..

Unknown said...

the first one is regarding that malaysian girl.

Unknown said...

Toilet paper
Yes, Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang and Rakyat Terkangkang

tokasid said...

Qt: Why Malaysian PM always sleeping during overseas conferences.

Minister:Oh its okay.Thats his normal routine back home too.

Qt: Why Malaysian students refuse to comeback after completing their studies?

Ministers: Oh thats part of our strategy to annex part of that country.We encourage Malaysian students to stay and work there.More over if they come back we cannot provide them jobs so might as well they stay there.

Qt: Like there are many Indonesian,Bangladeshi,Nepalese and Vietnamese in your country?

Minister: Exactly.You get my drift eh?

Qt:Why is it many the rich and famous esp politicians and bussinessmen's sp[ouses like to shop in Europe and North America.isn't that a waste of public funds esp the politicians?

Minister: not the public funds at all. And actually those shopping sprees are sponsored. Yes,yes,yes!

amsran said...

my first time hear people malaysia go overseas do work which are not good....who should be accused..about this problem...???

Unknown said...

Malaysia ni kaya sangat la. Betul, kita kaya. Kaya dengan penipu VIP

Unknown said...

Well that question is very debatable.
Cost of living and also morals are involved here.

monsterball said...

They have nothing else to talk something to keep public happy.
Right at our doorsteps...are the poorest of the poor.They helped one...put it out....head line news. So many thousand more...especially at flood areas..deep in the jungle..especially in... East Malaysia.
What hypocrites.....these bastards are.


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