Saturday 1 September 2007

Merdeka Quiz

Q. Why did all the dignitaries on the VIP stage dive for cover and peed in their pants during the recent Merdeka Parade?

A. Instead of fighter jets, they used NURIs for the fly-by.

Q. Why was Pak Lah angry with Samy Velu?

A. Because he shouted MAIdeKA.

Q. Who was the minister holding the umbrella?

A. The one standing in front of Keng Yaik.

Q. At what time did Pak Lah arrive for the parade?

A. Half Past Six.

Q. Why was Najib late?

A. He couldn't find a parking space for a submarine.

Q. Why wasn't the MP for Jasin present?

A. He had an eye operation.

Q. Why did the rep for Mongolia leave before the gun salute?

A. He had seeforbia.


Anonymous said...

Salam Che'gu,
Orang di kiri kanan, Kheng Yaik pun kena pakai payong tu.

Anonymous said...

Q. Why was Najib late?

A. The submarine hardly resurface due to Rosma's weight!

Mr. Right said...

Hahahhaha... Lawok2. Nakal korang ni. Nakal.

Unknown said...

Betoi jugak no?

Unknown said...

What did Najib say to Rosmah when she farted?

"I told you not to bring the C4 here"

Unknown said...

Mr. Right,
Congrats for the big win.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

nice one, cikgu. kinda lighten up my boring sunday. i have to say that that last one was a killer blow, doesnt it? hahaha...

tokasid said...

Q. Why wasn't MP for Kinabatangan present?

A. He bocor lah!

Q. Why did Hishamuddin cry during the parade?

A. He forgot to bring alng the naked Keris.

Unknown said...

You are leading from a penalty. Not bad and buying Diara at the last minute, things are getting more interesting.

Unknown said...

What was in the box behind Pak Lah?

A portable bed.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, u can really tickle one's rib lar...hehhe...was that one to tokasid came off the calf?

good weekend as far as arsenal is concerned. those scums screwed their 2 goal-cushion not once, but twice.

arsenal shld be mentally prepared to face them @white hart lane for our next game.

Unknown said...

Looks like Liv and Arsenal are early leaders this season and its gonna be tough for MU and Chelsea. I think there's trouble brewing in Chelsea between Roman and Mour.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

expected la cikgu. roman wanted the team to play beautiful but mour loves ugly his dogs.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking bout the meaning of Merdeka in today's context and I was thinking, Merdeka means we are able to elect our very own government who will plunder own country for their own greed, instead of colonial master plundering their colonies, now we are electing our own people doing what the colonial master did.

I am pulling my hair out.

Mr. Right said...

Congrats for the LUCKY win. Hahahaha..

Nervermind next game Ronaldo will score. Maybe use Ronaldo and Saha upfront. I really hope M.U boleh menang. Tak syok lah, sakit tengkuk nak tunduk tengok m.u dalam table.

Unknown said...

I beg to differ, lucky is Aston Villa beating Chelsea on rare counter attacks. We were all over them and the goal was expected. Its okay, because we will be looking down at Liv come December mark my word. I am sure many are beginning to pee when we win our 2nd game in a row. As for Derby, even our Harimau team can beat them.

Unknown said...

Its about time Mour tries to entertain not just win.

Unknown said...

I have said we are being colonised by our own people and that hurts.


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