Saturday 15 September 2007

Tuhan Yang Satu

Sila Dengar


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

This is the best song M Nasir had ever written. After that comes KepadaMu Kekasih( both aku boh kat blog bahagian halwa telinga).

This song is purely an Aqidah song and I don't see any other Malay song( Nasyid or pop)that can make my heart and mind calm and my eyes watery. And no one can sing this song better than Ramli sarip. Hattan's attempt is good too( yes hattan can bring the right emotion and life to a song,like ramli sarip)

Unknown said...

You are right and anyway I got this song from your blog.
I almost always cry when I hear this song. It is so meaningful and soothing.

cakapaje said...

Further to Doc's comment: I find it rather funny why many nasyid songs cannot even come near to the Aqidah songs as mentioned.

Unknown said...

When I listen to a song what strikes me first is the melody. If the melody is something that sincerely flows from the veins of the composer, it would inevitably be appealing. It is not wrong to dakwah with melodies that are not Arabic. It is not to say Arabic melodies are not appealing to locals but locals sometimes try to sound Arabic but in the process comes out with melodies that are hollow, and soulless. That is why I think local Nasyids lack that certain something compared to those aqidah songs penned by locals but with local favour. I hope I got it right. Basically what I am trying to say is local aqidah songs are not pretentious.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


just wondering. kalau lirik berlandaskan dakwah berlatarkan melody rock, boleh ke? i mean, it cld be an effective way to attract more younger generation to take interest.

mengikut sunnah, instrument yg dipalu sahaja boleh di gunapakai e.g rebana, gendang, tabla etc.

saya mungkin salah but maybe tokasid can clarify on this. thanks.

tokasid said...

Kerp, dulu wings pernah buat satu lagu dakwah( kalau tak silap dalam 2nd album kot).Lagu tu dah dirakam semula oleh Raihan dengan Awie sebagai guest artiste.

Alat2 musik ni ada khilaf dia. Ada yg kata tak boleh selain gendang, ada yg kata bleh.
Tang muzik dan lagu tu takpa, yg tak boleh ialah what comes alng with it: leka sampai lupa nak solat etc. Buat konsert sampai ada penonton tak boleh/tak dak tempat solat. Pasai campur jantan betina setempat yg boleh sebabkan terjadi maksiat dan zina. Tu yg tak boleh.
Manusia ni di perlu sesuatu untuk hibur dan tenangkan hati seketika bila penat etc. Muzik ni memang boleh ada calming effect(juga ada genre yg boleh bagi lagi haru pun ada), so its okay jika kita tak sampai buat maksiat dan lupa tanggungjawab sebagai Muslim.

Unknown said...

Kerp, Doc,
I do not know about others but for me the 1st thing that strikes me is the melody then the lyrics. You can have rock music to dakwah as long as in the end the listeners get to understand the lyrics. The trouble with very fast and hard music is that would the lyrics be heard? If the lyrics is lost then what purporse has the song served?

I am not against rock music, in fact I love the music but if it makes us fo mindless then 'leka' creeps in. I may be wrong. Yes, you are right, this is better commented by people who are more well-versed.

Accia said...

salam chegu,
my hubby told me once,'tadi, ramli jadi imam'. i guess that is also one reason how ramli can easily sing from his heart, if you can understand me.

if you have heard of hadad alwi with victoria philharmonic, that is totally like a new dimension in nasheed songs.

i used to have a friend who is not willing to work on being in tune when playing music. memang agony. his reason,'tak nak bagi leka, nanti orang lain lalai, dosa'
hmm... quite true.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks doc. i believe u meant Dari Tuhan, the title of that song.

maybe ear-catching melody in songs most effectively does the trick. lagipon lagu yg pakai gendang je may not be strong enough to pull the young ears to get their attention.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Lady, Kerp, Accia,
Whatever it is I thing it boils down to the individual. Is the individual ready for this kind of spiritual experience.
Tell you the truth, when I was younger, much younger, dakwah songs were a no, no. I loved listening to Santana's and Balckmore's guitar rifts while high on grass. How could a person high on grass be spiritual?

When I grew older, I began to mellow. Heck, I even love keroncong nowadays. Spiritual songs sung to melodies that touch me deep in my heart gives me a high, no not the 'leka high' but a calmness that I could never imagine I could ever get.

But, whatever it is, soul music is still something that is close to my heart.


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