Monday, 30 June 2008


Hmm, I wonder who these people are.


muteaudio said...

Saya ingatkan tilam tu depa dah bakaq. Rupa-rupanya depa masih simpan kat stor. Now the Tilam Saga Continues.


fergie said...

Sorry to hear you haven't recovered yet, cikgu. Rest well & get better soon. Miss your spicy articles. Muteaudio also has a great sense of humour. I like the way he calls it the "Tilam Saga" .. hahahah. Aiyo, Spain won and of all people Torres had to score .. the scouser!

tokasid said...


Is he a Mole planted there for a purpose?What's his price for crying out?

The Tilam Saga soap opera will be sponsored by Ah Keong matress factory Sdn Bhd.

hantutelur said...

Not necessarily a mole. A person who took photos with celebrities is not necessarily an artiste himself. Maybe just a fan. If you have your picture taken in the office of the PM, doesn't mean you work there.

This Saiful character is one type of person who will boast to people that he knows this VIP or that VIP to get respect. I learn that he works as a tea-boy or butler for AI, but you know who his fiancee is? - a BernamaTV presenter. What lies he told the poor girl about himself! He may work for somebody, but made to look like he works for a certain somebody. Please don't jump to conclusion so easily, we are all adults. Time will tell whether this guy is telling the truth or he lies and who he works for.

By the way, why should AI get protection from Turkish embassy. Why not face the police, since he claims innocence. Oooo people will kill him!

I don't buy that.

amir said...

chegu, Saiful Bukhari Azlan.. bukan Saiful 'Bahari'.. Malaysiakini silap tulis..

dan sekali lagi, mereka (baca: BN) sedang berusaha mencari semula skrip dan dialog filem 1998.. termasuklah set pentas, pelakon tambahan, pihak penaja dan sebagainya.. tiket filem ini adalah percuma, dan dikategorikan sebagai 18PA.. opss! mungkin 18PL, kerana mengandungi unsur-unsur lucah seperti perbuatan meliwat dsb.

saya harap, kali ini penonton filem ini terdiri daripada seluruh warga dunia, dan bakal menjadi filem Box Office 2008 kelak! (saya harap filem ini mempunyai alih bahasa, supaya seluruh penonton boleh menilai filem ini).. Syabas kerajaan BN! Syabas! Satu lagi projek raksasa BN!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

a turncoat?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, The Stained Tilam Part 2

Kata Tak Nak said...

That was why I was rooting for Germany, a team I detest most

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh, he's a mole alright. Get ready for the circus, lets see if the clowns are funnier.

Kata Tak Nak said...

There could be many kinds of explanations but the timing? Please remember that too.

As for the death threats, don't take it too lightly. If Altantuya could be blown to smitherin then it is not so far fetched.

I was made aware of a possible attempt on his life two days before the report so please do not imply that we who believe it are not too wise up there.

Why is Najib daring nowadays? Because Pak Lah gave a statement that there was no such report. So now Pak Lah couldn't backtrack and say there is one.

Why Anwar wants a guarantee from Pak Lah? Because once given, he would be held responsible. I think There are many ways to look at things.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Seperti biasa, script filem ini akan diolah dengan cara di mana banyak kebetulan akan berlaku, macam filem Hindustan. Tapi yang pelik, mereka tak mau buat cerita baru hanya nak adjust sikit cerita lama. Mungkin sebab dah banyak pengalaman kot.

MANTRA said...

Silly of PKR to employ this guy.. such an easy target...

Everyone should stay cool..

Let the truth prevails.. soon or sooner and soonest!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

The real people of Pakatan Rakyat would never pose alongside the Sarkas high priests unless in the line of duty. While we may communicate and even talk with the high priests, we do so grudgingly, knowing the filth that they are.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No, an overcoat, whatever that is.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Soonest hopefully. Yes, you are right, very unwise to employ that idiot.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course we do it grudgingly. Their leaders are despicable people.

amir said...

Erm, mungkin Anwar mengamalkan konsep "Keep your friend close and your enemy closer"?

Hi&Lo said...


You dish out like nasi kandar. Agree with Fergie on the spicyness.

As regards to Anwar seeking refuge at Turkey embassy, the way the police raided his house on the night of his arrest in 1998 justified the precaution he took in this episode.

If memory served me right, they broke down his door. In such a scenario, it was fortunate no blood was spilled on that night.

If the police had acted professionally without provocation, I can safely say Anwar is not afraid. Worst if any bystander got hit by stray bullets.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Not this enemy who is desperate. Did you hear what Najib said?

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are very right. That slipped my mind. If I am not mistaken, there was a shoot order that night but because line tak clear it tak jadi.

rastom said...

Amboi ramai kenalan VIP dia nuuuu...Nasib baik mamak tu dah tak dak kuasa, kalau dia ada lagi, mesti gambaq cium tangan punya,

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dengaq tak Najib kata, gambaq di opis dia tu diambil 3 bulan lepas masa si epol pi ambik biasiswa. Lepaih tu muka dia berubah, macam tak kena saja penjelasan, macam rasuah saja.

bayi said...

Young man in a hurry to the top, and nobody is going to stop him. He'll get there, regardless who's in his way.

Zawi said...

Could they be Kak Aza's Cyber Troopers?

hantutelur said...

The story goes that epoi mingles with top bn ppl. and nuar knows about this from day one. pkr ppl already had in possession all the photos a long time ago. must be in the blackberries days before the police report. i wonder who is using who?

hantutelur said...

or another way of saying it, assuming epoi is a mole - who actually made the penetration?

Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
flu lagi ka? semoga cepat semboh chegu.

hantutelur said...

A riddle: How much a teaboy can earn to afford a posh condominium and a celebrity as a fiancee?

monsterball said...

What matters most right Anwar feeling safe to come out from the Turkish Embassy.
Malaysian politics SUCKS!
It seems some UMNO politicians cannot accept defeats gracefully.
Put all those characteristics...we have complied them...and ...all can understand....why UMNO should be voted out with a vast majority...against teach to earth...human beings.
They keep.. stealing and lost vast powers .to cover up. So face the music...and be brave.
Anwar said...certain police officer...including IGP are playing protect UMNO. Previously ....was protecting Mahathir.
Can they also be protecting their own..very interests...indirectly?
When you have massive corruptions exposed....this is the logical reason..why such event are happening today.
Mahathir is truly evil.......feeling no guilts....whatsoever....on all these events...happening...because of his 22 years corrupted management.
He is dirty politics....which..he is the master of Malaysia.
Truth is....he is worst than the Judge Ian Chin said.
He can compete with Samy Vellu..who has a thicker onion skin face.
I think Mahathir is wins ..hands down.
At least Samy...can still show...what a big hypocrite he supporting the 5 Hindraf be release from ISA.
I guess...he is afraid for his own very life.....if he keeps insulting his own race.

Mr. Right said...

KTN, ini adalah komen dari pembaca blog aku. Aku copy dan share with frens here. Ada banyak logiknya dari tulisan 'pemerhati' ini.

Sememangnya apabila suatu cerita yang direka dengan niat jahat, akan ada pelbagai kepincangan.

Namun, tidak diketahui siapa yang merekanya. Samada Anwar sendiri ataupun musuhnya, semuanya mungkin.

Mungkin juga Saiful sendiri yang merekanya kerana di kalangan pelajar UNITEN, dia memang terkenal dengan kedangkalannya.

Kepincangan jalan cerita ini juga berlaku pada tarikh 29 Jun 2008. Pada 29 Jun 2008, telah dinyatakan pada profile friendster Saiful bahawa kali terakhir dia login adalah 3 hari sebelum itu, bermakna 26 Jun 2008.26 Jun 2008 adalah kali terakhir berlaku kejadian liwat ke atasnya dan sebelum tarikh tersebut, dia juga mengatakan dia telah diliwat beberapa kali tanpa kerelaan. Apabila berlaku sesuatu tanpa kerelaan ke atas diri seseorang, ini akan mengakibatkan trauma. Bagaimana seseorang yang trauma masih ingin melayari Friendster. Mungkin tunang yang login akaun Friendster Saiful. Ataupun sekiranya ada sesiapa yang menyaksikan Saiful login Friendster pada 26 Jun 2008 sila tampil ke hadapan.

Dan juga apabila berlaku sesuatu tanpa kerelaan, bagaimana ia boleh berlaku berulang kali? Ini menunjukkan samada kejadian ini tidak berlaku ataupun berlaku dengan kerelaan.

Satu lagi yang menarik tentang kisah liwat ini ialah bagaimana Saiful diambil bekerja sebagai pembantu khas Anwar. Tanggal 11 Mac 2008, saudara Najwan di dalam blognya, telah menulis artikel yang bertajuk Awas! Ada Musang Berbulu Ayam. Sila Google tajuk ini dan klik pada Cached untuk membacanya kerana blog tersebut tidak lagi dibuka kepada umum. Dalam artikel tersebut, penulis telah memberi amaran bahawa terdapat individu yang dicurigai yang bekerja untuk Anwar. Jika kita ikuti blognya dari mula, sememangnya dapat diketahui bahawa individu yang dimaksudkan adalah Saiful.Jadi, Anwar dan konconya mempunyai masa 3 bulan untuk menyiasat latar belakang Saiful.

Saya sendiri hanya perlukan semalaman untuk mengetahui latar belakang Saiful dengan menggunakan hanya teknologi Google.

Kalau diandaikan pihak Anwar telah menjalankan siasatan yang secukupnya tentang latar belakang Saiful, mungkin saja Anwar sengaja membiarkan Saiful memainkan plotnya dan kemudian mengeksploitasi plot tersebut sebaik-baiknya.

Adalah mustahil untuk pihak Anwar terlepas pandang seorang budak hingusan buangan UNITEN ini, dengan mengambilkira apa yang telah berlaku ke atas Anwar 10 tahun dahulu.


Macam dalam filem je...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Young man in hurry to get to the top admitted to being forced to the bottom. Hmm.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I understand what you are insinuating and I am not saying it is not plausible but base on what happened on the last occasion perpetrated who other but the UMNO and the BN who do you believe.

Tell me that the 1st cases in the late 90s were legit? Can you sincerely say that.

Now lets say Anuar is really a buttfucker so who destroyed the government's case if not the government themselves.

In this case its the government that looks like 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. Ask around who believes them. I have, and I dare say not even 1, even UMNO people, believe the whole thing.

If you truly believe that it did take place then blame Mahathir for making the people rather cynical about this new development.

That's why the religion forbids us to concoct evidence. Now see what happens.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Very interesting possibility.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. Right.
Very interesting right up tapi terdapat beberapa angle yang menyerupai angle KJ di situ but all the same, very interesting and very possible.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya la dok flu lagi, getting a little bit better tapi bila mai tengahari nanti dia mula seram sejuk la. Dah tua, lambat sikit nak recover. Thanx

Kata Tak Nak said...

To expect intergrity from UMNO is to say the next winter olympics would be held in The Sun.

monsterball said...

UMNO call Saiful a boy. Those word wee purposely play on the minds of readers.Do you consider Saiful a boy or grown up strong adult?

Anonymous said...

Baik punya ciluk, Lu ciluk gua , gua ciluk lu...
Teringat cerita aflin shauki....
Betoi la tu.
Bagi saya semua yg terlibat tu patut letak jawatan...baru la jadi gentleman. UMNO mana ada gentleman semua pondanman. MCA ada la sorang yang gentleman yang rajin bersolek.. MIC pun elek..

Anonymous said...

anwar kena laa lepas ni.. sebab dia laa berjuta rakyat malaysia berdosa kat tun mahathir sebab tuduh ex pm tu macam2.. sekang dia nak tipu lagi.. tipu sekali bleh la. mana bleh tipu banyak kali, banyak masa dan semua tempat.. tunggu saja bukti siasatan.


Anonymous said...

Kenapa budak saiful tak lapor dengan polis first time dia kena liwat. Dah 6, 7 kali baru nak report. Ni kes 'rela hati' ni. Buang masa je! Oh ya patut juga ...pelajaran diapun tak seberapa....nak dapat scholarshi lagi tu.......temberang tak abis2. Tunggu balasa di akhirat nanti...siap!!!


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