Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rising Fuel Cost, Fuels Rising Temperatures

Very soon they are going to raise the price of petrol and from what I heard, TNB is going to be allowed to raise it's tarrif too. Kaboom! This announcement sounds like the explosion of C4 shredding to bits human tissue and bones in some distant jungle. Uh! What has that C4 thing got to do with the price increase? Hey haven't you heard of special effects? Pyrotechnic and special effects usually go hand in hand you know.

Okay, okay back to the price increase. We know we have it coming. With the price of crude being what it is now, there simply is no way they are going to let us off the hook so like a virgin doing it for the very first time I am going to ask them to be gentle with me.

Before I go on, I would like to warn those idiots up there one thing. Don't any one, absolutely no one, tell us to change our lifestyles. Got it? What, do you think we are stupid? Yes, we are going to make a lot of noise, that's what you will get for being the government but while shouting and screaming and kicking we will adjust our lifestyle to the new situation. Yes, the word is adjust not change. I hate bloody bastards asking me me to change my lifestyle especially when those bloody bastards are not going to change theirs.

Yes, some of them would still be chomping on RM500 cigars. I tell you a secret. They don't even know how to differentiate the taste of a Havana cigar from a 20 sen curut. They do it because it is bloody expensive and they could afford it. While they are at it they get themselves drunk and start fondling and groping at waitresses arse and nobody can do anything about it.

Yes, some of their wives would still be shopping at Harrods and cart home tons of baggage courtesy of the Malaysian government while a dumb Foreign Minister would swear on his mother's grave that no such thing has ever happened. I am sure some of the trunks they took home from 2 or 3 years back are still not opened yet.

Okay back to the price increase. I heard that motorbikes and small vehicles would be given postal orders. How much postal order would a petrol station keep I don't know. What denominations I don't know. Does that now mean that we fill in litres and no more in ringgit? How the fuck (sorry, I just want to use the word) would the gomen know that transaction no 15 from Petrol station A in Penang was done on a Kancil as claimed by the owner of the station. For what you know, it could be a Mercedes. So if you have friends who own petrol stations then you get cheaper fuel?

I see they are opening the doors to more abuse, that's all. Then how do we go about it? Hell what do ask me for? I am not the government. I didn't stand in no election and cheated and win. Its the government's job and they better do a good job at it because I am surely going to get fucking mad if I see a Mercedes gets to fill fuel at a cheaper price than me.

Yes, some wise guy reading this just uttered, "Hey cry baby! report this to the authorities". And you know what I am going to say to that wise guy? I am going to say " Hey fuckface, do you think it will make any difference"? Hey I know of Mercedes driving bastards tearing their traffic summonses and lifting their phones, like a hotline, to the nearest police HQ and got those summonses cancelled. Hey this is Malaysia, these things happen, everyday, except Sundays and Hari Rayas maybe. Would you guarantee me the children, wives, mistresses and friends of VIPs and Ministers would be hauled up if you were to make a report? Fuck, this is Malaysia man. It may happen in other countries but what do I care, I live here in Malaysia.

Actually I have some more to say but I think I better stop here before I use more expletives because I am in the mood but remember, don't any fucking Minister ever dare to ask us to change our lifestyles.

I think I have just the solution to Rais Yatim's idea of developing the Middle Rock. We reserve it for any fucking Minister who dares ask us to change our lifestyle. Just build a few barracks and some latrines and leave those bastards there. Oh, yes, this is not reserved to Ministers only, people from ISIS are not exempted.

Just read this in Malaysiakini.

Harga petrol naik sebanyak 78 sen - satu pertambahan besar dari RM1.92 sekarang kepada RM2.70. Demikian diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi petang ini.

Kenaikan harga sebanyak 41 peratus itu akan berkuatkuasa mulai tengah malam ini.

Kenaikan harga itu adalah sebahagian daripada langkah kerajaan untuk mengawal subsidi bagi menampung kenaikan petrol, diesel dan gas, yang dijangka berjumlah RM56 bilion tahun ini.

Kerajaan juga mengumumkan pemberian rebet kepada pengguna kenderaan.

Mengikut skim tersebut tersebut, kenderaan di bawah 2000cc akan menerima RM625 setahun - rebat bagi 800 liter di bawah harga baru.

Pemilik motosikal pula akan diberi rebet RM120. Bayaran akan dibuat melalui wang pos.

Difahamkan rebet teresbut akan dibayar apabila pemilik kenderaan memperbaharui cukai jalan kenderaan mereka.

Kerajaan dijangka menjimatkan RM4 bilion di bawah penstrukturan semula skim subsidi tersebut.

Jika harga petrol dijual mengikut harga penuh pasaran, ia boleh mencecah setinggi hampir RM4 seliter - naik 100 peratus.

Bagaimanapun, kerajaan dijangka menuju ke arah memansuhkan terus pemberian subsidi pada masa depan.


frankie said...

Well said chegu. My take is after plundering the country, now they want to plunder the subsidies meant for the rakyat. The price increase of fuel will help saves the subsidies handed out by the government and the amount saved, if it goes to the rakyat and be a catalyst to the economy, I have no problem, but if it goes to the pockets of the politicians on the pretence of buying new timing belt for the submarines, then I think we have a big problem.

Feel free to use the expletives Chegu, this is going to get worse because I can sense the prices of all goods and services are waiting to shoot up.

Off topic, what happened to the case where the GRO kena groped by the cigar chomping politician? Everything settled already? Expensive lawyer managed to kau tim?

Kata Tak Nak said...

What I fear is that the amount saved from the lowering of subsidies would go to some stupid corridors.
I was hoping someone could tell us what has happened to the case?
This is what Ezam called Pak Lah is committed to reforms?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

What lifestyle? I have a life, but certainly not stylish. Oh! Perhaps its because I use a wira which by standards of the make and engine capacity, is already a guzzler. downgrade to a perodua model, I would need to fork out at least RM3,500, plus the fact that the resale value of the wira would plummet, and I have to pay the difference. It sure cost a lot more just to save, the way I see it.

Asil said...

Just to add a little bit to your post,

Yeah, FUCK...

I NEVER BELIEVE those reduced subsidies shit meant to help boost the economy. NEVER.

Look at Gomen servants. Till now, setiap meeting ada makan, sampai terbuang2. Lawatan ke luar negara setakat nak tgk produk2 baru - aper ke jadahnya. Kejap2 outstation, ke Sabah lah, ke Serawak lah - saja nak cari duit lebih dari claim. Waktu keja main game, kadang2 aktiviti ntah hapa2, berlatih nasyid - waktu keja? Kalau yg nak pencen 2 thn lg, sibuk cari contact, konon plan nak bisnes - keja kat ofis ntah ke mana. Lalu melalak mintak naik gaji - barang pun naik, abis budak2 swasta merana. Corruption mmg selamba lah - mcm diorang buat ibadat fardhu ain jer. Yg tak buat tu tp buat dono je, sama lah 2x5.

Kadang2 nak salah kan BN/UMNO 100% pun takleh juga. Agensi kerajaan sebenarnya mmg terbabit menghancurkan negara ni. Boleh katakan subsidi banyak jugak tumpah ke agensi kerajaan. Rasa2nya 50% je diorang ni betul2 buat kerja, yg lain tu pemalas. Cabar tgk kalau diorang berani keja swasta. Berbondong2 sampai ke cucu-cicit keja kerajaan - kononnya terjamin.

Again, FUCK!

hantutelur said...

you fill up then at the year collect your rebate in the form of postal order. no, not postal order. lottery ticket better. give ordinary malaysians hope to become rich. then we all go to hell. blardy. who's fcuking idea it was actually?

Anonymous said...

Salam che gu,

Buat penat aje che gu, berbuih
mulut, sakit hati lagi. Overseas
trip satu battalion yg ikut, its
this top ranking ppl yg kena tukar
lifestyle lah. Mak oi yg datang
shopping kat kini, pening kepla kita lah tengok.


suealeen said...

chegu... spill over effect tu yang saya tak sanggup tu. saya ni ada anak 3 orang yang masih minum susu formula. *damn (sorry, i just wanna use this word) S26 hell expensive! takleh tak guna susu ni sebab anak saya premature. at least kena tunggu setahun*.

subsidi RM625 setahun. sebulan RM52.. bullshit! kalau kira balik ikut harga baru rebate tu tetap tak dapat cover jugak. money order some more... tu pun lepas renew roadtax. efficient sangat ke? yang saya tahu, bab-bab duit ni slow ya amat ada le.

green card for companies? berapa company yang guna green card? duhhh... like slapping your face twice..

dan PakLah boleh mintak rakyat jangan wat demo plak sebab katanya keputusan tu dicapai untuk kebaikan semua pihak. lagi cakap win-win situation. between who? karang ada la drama ampu-mengampu ni...

*sori la chegu.. i feel pissed off!*

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Chegu,

Me thinks if we spend lesssss money on things like sending ONE person to space, and talking about buying stuff like a ROCKET and building our own, we might be able to help more people...(We can't even build a perfect car, want to build rocket?!?)

If the people are all prosperous and doing well, than yes, we should pursue space exploration...

I humbly think we are not there yet...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


this is cikgu at his best alright, argue with all his constructive points and you'll face the wrath from him, and the rakyat masses.

again, Pakdol did a comparison to other asian countries that we're the cheapest. how original can that be? real clever when there's nothing else to say.

* and that whoever fuck the minister is, he should just quit chomping cigar and stick to fondling, because its free.

Kata Tak Nak said...

My case sama macam you. My Wira ada lagi 5 tahun lebih finance. The loan balance is more than the value of the car so I can't dispose it otherwise I am seriously thinking of getting a kancil, tak kisah la if I am bigger than the car.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ini yang buat banyak orang marah sebab depa bazir duit like nobody's business.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, lottery. I wonder how long you have paid your road-tax would you get back the money. Then there will be the case of too many checks handled by the Post office. Many years ago there was this case of postmen stealing EPF checks from the post and somehow they could manage to cash those cheques. I know 2 of them. One was a nobody so he got the sack, the other was a ketua pemuda cawangan and now he is a manager. Later we will have cases of lost cheques. Kalau tak lost pun maybe 3 bulan baru dapat.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, they go shopping there with my money. I tak halalkan my money being used that way.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lets say ada orang yang guna minyak hanya RM30 sebulan sebab jarang guna, dia dapat subsidy 52 sebulan, untung la dia. You bawa kancil 600cc dapat 625 dan you bawa Altis 1.8 pun dapat 625, mana adilnya? Letrik pulak nak naik 18 %, lebih baik dia racunkan semua rakyat Malaysia lagi bagus.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah, nak pergi bulan la, nak pergi matahari lah. I think they should stop thinking because the moment they do it means they are going to spend money needlessly.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I paling benci when they start to compare. They tak compare salary. Okay they say fuel is more expensive in Thailand but why is it that finished products are cheaper there? Something is wrong with us la.

suealeen said...

yes.. definitely something wrong with us!

Anonymous said...

dear kata nak

i dont think the increase is justified. ive written an article about how oil is traded in a future market and not in the spot market and each time there is an increase in price, the turnover of petronas would incrase by leaps and bounds since other costs remain more or less constant.
So if the fuel subsidy were fixed at a percentage level, the net effect is quite negligible. But if the goverment wish to divert the subsidy or the fund eslewhere on the pretext of rising cost of oil in the world market, they should tell so.
This is a bad news for us all. i dont think we wanna change our lifestyles. but i think, there shall come a time when some of us would set our cars on fire and burn down our houses.

Asil said...

I don't mind spending millions to send a rocket and all assholes in it to the sun.

No return tickets. Let them burn. Let them bring their families. Don't leave any bad DNA & sperms here.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am no economics but I do know that their cost of production does not go up but their selling price does meaning they are smiling their way to the bank with every increase. This rise will hurt very badly considering that it will take you 12 months to get back your money or part of it.

Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
Ingat cerita sumpah orang minyak chegu?
Now, rather, Orang Beli Minyak Menyumpah!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Orang minyak pun dah nak demonstrasi. You bagi idea untuk satu entry la. Tengok la esok kalau ada ilham.

gongkaukau said...

Yes, we saw the price increase coming but the manner by which it is handled is sooooo amateurish and inconsiderate.

Those lower income people in the cities will suffer greatly.

Why can't we do it in stages?

gongkaukau said...

The PM says we will save about RM4 billion. That's what he says. Save for whom? His cronies? More mega projects?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats something to thing about. I guess there were thinking of all the corridors la.

tokasid said...


yang tersurat:
Kita berharap rakyat akan mengunah gaya hidup.
Yang tersirat: sebab kami pemimpin akan terus dengan gaya hidup kini.

Tersurat:Kita akan save RM 4 billion.
Tersirat:Wah 4 billion! Banyak tu...sana sikit sini sikit,anak sikit menantu sikit,kawan sikit,kroni sikit....

Tersurat:Kita beri rebate bila renew cukai jalan.
Tersirat:Kena fikir dari sekarang macamana nak bagi postal order lesap.

Tersurat:Barang2 bekalan dan services cost akan naik dan membebankan rakyat.
Tersirat:Peduli apa rakyat sengsara sikit atau banyak.Yang penting kami tetap hidup mewah.

Che'gu,this only the begining.Just wait a few months time we will have another increase and this time it wil really hit us hard.As it is many can't stand the price increase.Do they think the rakyat can tolerate another inevitible soaring price hike?

The gomen should do away with all those big budgeted corridors for now or forever.

And can we really hope to see a more prudent gomen agencies?They are so used to membazir like duit pak depa thus far and spending on unnecessary thngs....oh the list is so long.

I am giving my middle finger to the gomen.

xonar said...

bloody hell!!!this is a good example of anak haram,who don't know how to earn but spend,spend,spend at the expense of rakyat.
how are we going to recover from this shit when we put a religious preacher to managed the finance of this country.
even a three year old kid can be a finance minister when the solution is always to raise the price.
i can't imagine what is going to happen for the next 5 years.
*god help us*

xonar said...

Headline: *A Oil Producing Country Going Bankrupt Because Of Rising Fuel Cost*

aren't we the laughing stock of the world.

remember the cooking oil crisis.
world no 1 palm oil producer with shortage of cooking oil.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The day this government is prudent is the day the world will end.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are very right to get angry. I am sure many more would as they try to make sense of this madness. We are going to be hurt like hell.

zorro said...

Man you rock even got Daph to make a comment on a an explosively and expletive(ly) political posting.

Haris, YewTube and I will be heading for the Kamunting Vigil....if time permits and we land in Penang, we'll press flesh. Told the same to Jeff and Guan Eng.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Really hope I could meet my sifu and Harris.


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