Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Resign 2

Samy: Pak Lah, I have given it much thought and I think I have to back out la.

Pak lah
: Why Samy, why all of a sudden you want to back out? That day you said you want to stay on and repair your party?

Samy: You see, that old idiot Mahathir has resigned, Ling Liong Sik has also given up his post and recently that Kheng Yaik has also made way for younger leaders, so I think I also should follow their move la.

Pak Lah: That is very thoughtful of you la Samy. Everybody said, that you would hold the post until you die, but now you can prove that they are wrong.

Samy: Oh, they all said like that ah? When I make the announcement ah, I want to see their faces la. If can, now itself I want to resign.

Pak Lah: Very good Samy, after that we could revamp MIC and make it relevant again.

Samy: Oh, are you saying that now under me it is not relevant?

Pak Lah: No la Samy, I mean the people don't want anymore people associated with that mamak. Last time you all were dubbed the Terrible Four.

Samy: Where got Terrible Four? Kheng Yaik, Ling Sik, that old man and I were called the Fantastic Four la.

Pak Lah
: Ok, ok, I am not going to argue with you. Er when you want to make an official announcement?

Samy: Tomorrow also can? Actually there is nothing much to be done in the party.

Pak Lah
: I respect you for this sacrifice la. What do want in return? You want to be Ambassador, High Commisioner, or advisor, anything, just tell me. Commissioner of Oath also can.

Samy: Chit, I don't want all that la Pak Lah. I am sincere in what I do la. Never get anything also never mind la. When I resign, I want to travel round the world, have a nice rest and maybe do some charity work. I am old already, I don't want to be like that idiot, so old some more don't know how to keep quiet.

Pak Lah
: I respect you la Samy. I'll make arrangements with the rest to give you a very good going away present.

Samy: Yes, now I can join the Fantastic Four again, Tun M, Tun Ling, Tun Lim and Tun Samy.

Pak Lah
: What? Tun Samy?

Samy: Oh, sorry for beating the gun la but usually if leaders of senior BN components resign, they all get Tunship kan?

Pak Lah: Yes, usually like that la, but nowadays as a new strategy to appease the people, we are limiting the Tunship. We have given out too much already so we have decided to stop giving out Tunships for a while.

Samy: Ayo! when want to start again?

Pak Lah
: 2011. I'll resign that year so they will give me the Tunship for that year la. Just be patient, in 2012 you will get the Tunship.

Samy: Oh like that ka? Like this la, in 2012 only I will resign.

: But, but, Samy, hey Samy wait, wait ...


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Samy and palalah then went on a merry chase just like a typical hindustani movie, and the audience - bn supporters - clap, whistle, and ooh and aah, at the scene, forgetting that they are being robbed blind. But that is only because they are blind.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Can you imagine the bloke asking for 4 more years? Today he's been screwing Mahathir up, could be a trade off for an early Tunship?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok some may disagree but come to think of it, uncle samy has done more than pakdol himself. maybe due to the post he held for so long during his time in the gomen but numerous projects were materialised under him. while the other fellow, apart from batik, errr...what else ha?

tokasid said...

Kayveas: DS,I think we should do away with the Tunship.It made the rakyat angry when leaders resign and hey get Tun.

Samy: Deiy lumbu! You shaddap ah....I know you are jealous because I will get the Tun in 2012.

PakLah: Kayveas...we must give titles to show ourselves.Like masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

Samy: What bakul are you talking about la mangkok?

Kayveas: Deiy botak head.Go wash your wig laa...get ris of the lice thats eating your brain,if you have one to begin with.

Samy: DS...you seehis la this lumbu...calling be botakhead and no brainer.

PakLah: Enough! Kayveas,we must give the titles to ourselves.Otherwise nobody will give any to us.

Kayveas: Okay I see your point.Maybe we can change the titles' name.

PakLah: Hhmmm...thats a good idea.Your are smart.

Samy:DS,I am smarter.Thats the suggestion I wanted to tell you,but this lumbu potong trip.

PakLah: Woi Samy.Enough laa....Okay Kayveas what name will it be?

Kayveas: I'm thinking of Tin replacing Tun.

Samy:Kah3...woi lumbu your really have cow's brain laa....

PakLah:Actually Samy thats a good idea.And we will not be in the same clud like that senile Krala guy.

Samy: I agree with you 100% DS. Tin Samy.Tin Abdullah.Tin Koh.

Kayveas: Samy,you sound nice with Tin Samy.I think it would be nicer if you get an extra title.

Samy: Really? You are not a lumbu after all my friend.What extra title?

Kayveas: After getting Tin ,I think you should get Tong.

Samy: Tong?

Kayveas: Yes.Tin Tong Samy.Kah3....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

doc, 2012? i think the earlier he gets the tunship the metter. that could well mean he's retired...hehehhehe...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Let us say he got the job done at way the cost price and in the mean time he enriched his friends and himself.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tun Tin Kong Samy baru bagus.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Then lets make him Tun in 2008.

Zawi said...

I think Pak Lah has given up on how to find ways to rid Samy from MIC. I guess giving him a Tunship could be a small price to pay.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Now Samy is backing Pak lah like blood brothers.


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