Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Day I Experienced History

The day Maharajalela and his merry men slained that Birch fella was a historic day in the country's history and how I wished I could be there and rejoice with the people. The Brits got no business being here acting like this is their father's country and introducing the ISA and The Seditions Act for our leaders to abuse.

The day the Japs surrendered was another historical day in the country's history and I wonder how the people rejoiced to be rid of the heartless monsters who forced them to eat ubi kayu till their stomach bloated. Hem, hem, ISIS, take note, ubi kayu - bloated stomach - people angry?

How I would love to be around during those two days and rejoice with the people, oh how I truly do wish but you can't get everything that you want can you? I mean to the ordinary people that is.

Talking about being around when history was made, how I wished I was around when the first influx of people came to the peninsular many tens of thousands of years ago. It would surely be nice to look at how your ancestors look like. Do they have Chinese features or features similar to the Khmer Rouge people? At least I would have been able to brag that I was there and shut the mouth of those anthropologists or whatever logists because I was there.

How I wished I was around when they were talking of independence and discussing about citizenship. I could at least have told those people that I have no qualms about accepting Chinese and Indians as citizens but they should shut the door out completely to Keralans. These people or at least one clan from this land is real bad news man. If I had been there and was able to say what I had wanted to say then I think we wouldn't be in this stinking mess that we are in now.

How I wished I was around when they invented the alphabet. Really I would give anything to be there when they invented the alphabets. I would impress upon those people to completely outlaw the letters 'O' 'N' 'U' and 'M'. I don't know but these letters, to me, come from hell and no one should have any association with them. These hellish alphabets and 'Kerala' together spell doom.

I have often 'doa' at the end of every solat that The Almighty take pity on me and let me experience at least one historical event, anything, big or small, as long as it is historical.

What do you know, The Almighty has granted my fervent wish to experience history. He gives me today, Thursday 5th June 2008. This is indeed a historical day of epic proportion. It easily beats the assassination of James Birch and the surrender of the Jabs. Today for the first time in history, a government made its intention known and has taken steps to make it a reality. It intends to make its people suffer a slow death and it shows that it is capable of doing it.

It is laughing and rolling with orgasmic pleasure as it sees its people writhe and twist and grimace at the pain of having to bear a fucking RM0.78 raise in the price of petrol. It has taken its revenge on the people for deserting it.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Be heartened, that another great historic day will approach us soon. InsyAllah, as Allah the Almighty and Most Just, the people will rejoice the death kneel of the Sarkas - see, I follow your wish to outlaw the M,N,O and U! Just received the sms.

frankie said...

There are something I cannot understand Chegu, for example, the government hinted that the price of petrol will be increased soon, like in August, based on market price and come 24 hours later, hit the rakyat with a massive 78 sen a liter increase, while the rakyat is down, kick them with electricity tariff hike of another 20%. And after the announcement, they laid back, let the whole nation's petrol station being choked to death by thousands of motorist queeing to get their last full tank. What a sadist government. It seems the government has no ideals on the hardship caused for the people, can't it announced the hike but implement it 24 hours later? No brain to think meh?

Vani R said...

I or rather we should make history by getting rid of them....

By the way, i m really curious....I m no keralite but what is it that you have against them..... :) Curiousity, thats all...

mumsie said...

I know you're angry, as we all are. But to have such thoughts that the govt are punishing its people is such blasphemy. Surely that is not how you think the situation is.

Asil said...

I wonder if we can start BOYCOTT buying gas from PETRONAS!


1) With global price increase in oil, PETRONAS definitely is making a lot, lot of money

2) When the price increase announced yesterday, AGAIN they'll earn even more!

3) People will say we don't know shit what PETRONAS is facing right now. Oh, yeah, then why not make the ACCOUNT of PETRONAS public! Let the RAKYAT see what the shit is going on with OUR money!

So, I'll rest my case. I'll start today.

farzain said...

cikgu cikgu... Apa tu mat salleh kata... berdramatik dan berpoetik lah bila tiba masa2 gawat macam ni... Tapi nak tanya jugak, apa sebenarnya dosa kita kepada kerajaan sampai mereka nak "menghukum" kita? Takkan macam tu sekali kot.... Tak elok berburuk sangka. Dan seperti mat salleh kata juga "be careful what you wish for" Nanti doa kita kena bagi point2 yang lebih spesifik...

Tapi bagus jugak ye, daripada kita duk hantam sana-sini, sama2 organize solat hajat ke... doa selamat ke... apa apa lah! Biar tenang sikit hati2 dan perasaan yang sedang gawat dalam hidup kita semua ni.. Teruskan berdoa. Amin.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I'll rejoice and feast and feast when THAT historic day come. I'll raise my hands up to The Almighty and thank him for this special gift.

Kata Tak Nak said...

By saying its August they want to catch us off-guard and not start a real panic.

They are drinking to their success now but maybe not for long.

Kata Tak Nak said...

vani r,
If I have offened any Keralite, I humbly apologise. There is only 1 clan of keralite that I hate and that is the decendants of Koyakutty as in Mahathir Koyakutty

Kata Tak Nak said...

Not everything is literal. Read everything with a pinch of salt and gauge the mood and you would know that exaggeration is a device I often use to prove a point.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

If Birch,Maxwell,Clifford and other are still alive,I am sure they will tell Brown or Blair or Queen Eli or Churchill not to introduce ISA to Tanah Melayu for it had been abused year in year out.I'm sure those British oldtimers are writhing in their graves right now whenever the word ISA is mentioned.

The guy from Kerala ancestor most probably was impressed when the Japs were in Alor Star back in those days.he must have been impressed with Private Honda,Sargeant Suzuki,Captain Mazda,leuitenant Kawasaki that decades later he ask us to look East to his old friends.

We actually have seen history made for the last 20 years.History made when Kerala chap manage to clip the Royals. History made when Kerala chap kicked-out so many deputies.history made when someone's eye took the Panda-look style.
History made when the rakyat went to the streets.

We will continue seeing history being made within this year.No,not history.Histories!

Kata Tak Nak said...

We will only be hurting the people operating Petronas' business because I am sure Petronas would be more than happy to drop the cooking gas and petrol business.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanx for the comments but I think you still do not know my style of writing. Maybe its my fault. I am never afraid of doing whatever that I have intentionally done. The solat hajat thing is a good idea though.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I still hold true that it is the Kerala monster who started this. That Arab (Arab ka dia?) fellow pulak pi ikut macam orang buta. He had the chance to make history by undoing the Mahathir legacy but while deciding I think Satan managed to persuade him.

zorro said...

Brother, you really dislike the kutty guy huh? It still perplexes me! We produce a top grade oil and everytime the price of barrel goes up USD1 our profit is USD250million.
That is good money to bring relief to our more disadvantaged brothers and sisters. You and I can tighten our belts and make changes....the destitute amongst have no belts to tighten and changes are not possible...they are alreadu up against the wall! I just dont know how we can help them. The govt. can though but you think they care for our poor?????

Anonymous said...

Sejarah tercipta hari ini kerana hari ini hari pertama ke arah kehancuran Pak Lah yang bertindak tanpa akai, busuk perut dan mangkuk hayun. Pemimpin zalim, pemimpin yang disanggah

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, I dislike him because what he did was evil and he refused to apologise. Did he do what he did for the country or for himself, kins and cronies?

Just to tell you what happened. Just 3 days ago I received an sms from a pembantu pejabat (peon) with whom I worked with 4 years ago asking if I could loan him some money and I couldn't because I myself am tight. I was feeling so bad because I was always able to help him out before. How do you think he would face life now?
Yes, they don't give a damn to the poor.

Lets see if this would have a corresponding effect on crime.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, ya laa...never thought of that. they are now avenging for their shameful defeat and now we have to pay for it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Itu dramatic saja. I am sure its not revenge but it sure looks like it kan?

monsterball said...

That's why I spend few months away from present historical lifestyle....deep in the remote areas of Indonesia nice and so pure.
Yes kata nak...I have lived through now modern times...and miss the old lifestyle....very much.
I just increased salaries of my staffs...although we don't have the extra profits to do that....but right is those fixed income workers...suffering most...and bosses cannot ignore it at all.....if they truly love their wokers. They have no choice!
Yip..change lifestyles...and Dollah can continue to enjoy his plane and car....thinking how to do us up again and beat Mahathir record.

Asil said...


That's the point. We hit them where it hurts most.

I doubt the businessman is a cokia one. To open up a PETRONAS franchise is not small, at least 1 mill. Some of them are big guns, who are dato', and politicians.

So, it's not just the PETRONAS who is earning big.

Maverick SM said...

Don't be disheartened! Pak Lah is doing right; he makes sure the worms crawl out of the pandora box. Now we have a chance to know the truth.

At least the rakyat have the truth. Only Pak Lah has the courage to do it. That's bcoz Mahathir retired.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Very true, all those who get Petronas's c0ontracts must be UMNO's babies.

Kata Tak Nak said...

There is no denying that Pak Lah is way more open than that old man, but he is taking too long to give us justice. He is too cautious for my liking. If he can gamble with this price increase then he should gamble with taking Mahathir to court and he should dismantle Mahathir's unwanted legacies speedily.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dollah is too slow to act and when he does, he seemed to be unprepared. He should just sleep and enjoy life la.

tokasid said...

Petronas is making tonnes of money and who decides to use it?Not Petronas I assure you.
Petronas is like a dse which lays golden egg to the nation but those who thought they are running the country FOR us are actually running it like its bapak depa punya negeri.

Like it or not Petronas have to give in the whims and fancies of these morons.

I knew many dealers be it Petronas,Shell or Esso.

Whenever there is price increase many of them cringed inside for for their cost will increase too(now by 78 sen per litre) but their margin is still btwn 8 to 9.5 sen per litre.They have to pay COD when the tankers arrive for delivery daily.
And they bleed inside whenever ppl buy fuel using credit cards coz the bank will charge them 1% per ringgit and not perlitre.
In other words the dalers cost increases by 41% as of yesterday but the still earn the same 8-9 sen perlitre.

Theincrease is actually a lose=lose situation for everybody except for the ministers ,their deputies,YBs and many head of departments whose fuels are paid by us.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualikum Cikgu,
Very disappointed to hear of the petrol price hike in Malaysia. In Kuwait, the petrol price remain the same (about 60 sen per litre) but the housing and food price increase by about 50 - 100%. Unfortunately, we can't just grow vegetables/ubi in the garden and fish in the river if there is no food. There is only desert and petrol in this land. My ancestors used to fish in the China sea, but I don't have the skill to do so here in the arabian gulf, even if I do, what about those war ships in the area?
Alhamdulillah ala kullihal.

Doc bolbol

xonar said...

they should abolished the excise duty and taxes for our overprice vehicles to lighten our loan.
it doesn't make sense when we've to pay fuel according to market price but not our vehicles.

we are all screwed when we are rule by people that are more stupid than us.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is news to me. I guess its not that easy to own a Petrol Station unless you get very high volume everyday.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, ALLAH gives the Arabs plenty of fuel but then give them very little food so it is incumbent on their leaders to wisely use the crude money to ensure the people do not go hungry. At 60 sen a litter it is very-very cheap, probably only Venezuela is cheaper.
Here we have crude and we have food but petrol is expensive and food is never enough, not to mention expensive. That shows how our leaders prioritise.

Asil said...


Izin nak tambah sikit.

Bisnes jual minyak ni, mmg tak menguntungkan sangat sbb margin dia sikit. Mcm jual rokok, suratkhbar. Beberapa tahun dulu banyak yg gulung tikar. Tapi ramai juga bertahan.

Lepas tu, kedai minyak tumbuh mcm cendawan. Kadang2 tu berderet2 sebelah-menyebelah. Pelik juga, marginnye sikit, tapi persaingannya lain macam. Angin apa ni?

1) Busines minyak ni dah bertambah kreatif. Kedai minyak skrg dah jadi 1-stop center. Ala kedai runcit. Margin dia mmg besar. Malah lebih dr harga pasaran. Kalau ada McDonald, A&W lagi banyak tarikan. Itulah convenience nya. Ingat lagi kedai minyak namanya PROJET. Tumbuh merata2 (dengar Marina Mahathir yg punya, tak tau le). Alih2 menghilang, tak tau sbb apa. Skrg banyak diganti dengan 7-Eleven.

2) Kemerosotan pengangkutan awam dan menyebabkan org terpaksa menggunakan kenderaan sendiri.

So, kadang2 diorang ni win pun ada, lose pun ada.

tokasid said...

Minta laluan.


You are right, kalau harap margin yg kecil ramai lagi yg bungkus unless you get at least 1ok litres sales per day.Kalau bawah dari 7 ribu litre memang perit.

About the convinience store,yes the petrol kiosk's are more expensive.Want to know why?

The parent companies yang tetap kan harga dan tetapkan supplier. You cannot sell cheaper than what the parent company tetapkan.And why parent company tetapkan harga tinggi?
Coz parent company ambil komisyen dari jualan runcit kedai jugak.Sewa stesen dan ruang kedai lain.This is komisyen on your jualan barangan2 kedai.
You cannot get your own supplier(which is cheaper).

So its sort of zalim jugak laa....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Asil dan Doc,
Kena tax kan parent2 company ni lebih sikit. Depa dok cekek darah kita. Juai harga apa pun depa tetap untung.

daniel said...

To think of it Pak Lah is really noble enough to drop this big bombshell about the petrol subsidy issue for the benefit of his next in line PM. Unlike Tun M who left with a boxful of skeletons for Pak Lah to handle, which in fact is still waiting to be uncovered up til this day.


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