Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My God What Next

This morning after taking my daughter to the clinic, my wife, daughter and I went to our usual breakfast joint in Taman Tun Sardon. Now this place is a famous place for breakfast.

Somehow, I wasn't feeling too good. The overcast moody sky suddenly let off a heavy downpour. Visibility was bad that I had to ease off the pressure on the pedal.

I was thinking if this moodiness that suddemly creeps in could be blamed on the dizzy spell that I get before taking my Athenolol. No, it's not that but I simply could not explain it. Could it be a premonitiojn of bad things to come? Oh fuck, I forgot to bring my pills. Now what do I do? Take away or eat in? At my wife's behest, I decided to eat in. Never mind I could take the pills at home.

With two umbrellas we dared the torrential rainfall and walked the twenty meters or so to the covered stalls. There were many empty tables and we took one next to the drink stall. The owner, a Mr. Haniffa is a very nice man. He had been operating there for close to thirty years. He had always been a person who would rather absorb any price increase rather than pass it over to his customers.

I could still remember him selling a glass of teh tarik for sixty sen while others have already increased theirs to eighty sen. But even Haniffa could not sacrifice for too long so now his teh tarik is already eighty sen but the quality is still superb. I dare say that its the best in Penang.

One attraction of Haniffa's stall is his sandwiches. They are simply heavenly. At RM1.50 per set of two sandwiches either with chicken, beef or tuna fillings, they are trully value for money. Sadly this morning, there was no sandwiches.

I looked up and saw a brand new board in deep red with his price list clearly visible in bold black letterings. Just like Haniffa, I said to myself, ever the compliant man.

Wait a minute, what the fuck, sandwiches RM1.70 per set? So he can't take it any more. Even Haniffa has to give in when the strain gets unbearble. With the increase in prices of raw materials even Haniffa has to surrender. I don't blame him. I know we have it coming. I take my hats off to the man. At least he took longer than many others to raise his price.

Look at the new price, I told my wife. She nodded and suddenly said that even her regular tailor has increased ten ringgit per baju kurung.

My god, what next.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, here's another story i should relate regarding the inhumane fuel price hike.

i didnt realise it was that bad till last week when out of sudden Pinky was not her usual self. i thought it had to do with the PMS thing but no. apparently she has been depressed becos now it cost her a bomb to travel back to her kampung. in this case, the gomen cant tell her to stop seeing her parents can they? its getting so bad she finally let it out and tears could be seen flowing down her cheek. my heart wrecked looking at her that day.

i dont know lah boss, but telling pakdol to fuck off will only fall on deaf ears. the bn mps are a bunch of rich bastards they dont feel the pinch so they can support whatever motion is tabled in support of the hike.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is good for nothing, nincompoop, half past six PM with no regard to the rakyat's suffering. If you have to raise the petrol do it at a minumum, not 78 sen one go. Consider the misery and shortcoming of the rakyat. Be good to the rakyat, they will remember you. But Pak Lah actually want to be a transit PM only. No balls, no gut, no charisma.

fergie said...


I am from Penang and the food here is "supposed" to be quite cheap. What the heck .. I went to a foodcourt last week and my usual mee soup with a single chicken drumstick had risen from RM5.10 to RM5.80 per bowl! This is getting ridiculous. Is there nothing anyone can do in situations like these?

fergie said...

Oops .. suddenly occured to me you are from Penang too?

MANTRA said...

Whats next cikgu...???

We are all badaweed already.. New vocab to be proposed to oxford >> peep further in my blog


tokasid said...


What next? here's what next:-
Continous bullshitting from those few sprawned brain dickheads.

And they will try to pacify us by restructuring those subsidies which the have made a blunder.

And they'lll say things to fool us like they'll cut down their allowances for a small percentage,to show that they are very concerned about our well being and they are suffering too.

Next they'll warn traders and manufacturers NOT to increase prices.They'll give stern warnings and threat to penalise. But after a few months, the gomen will " dengan berat hati" just let the prices to soar,for "jika tidak banyak peniaga-peniaga dan pengusaha akan bungkus tikar".

And they'll tell us:Don't waste.Start saving.Change your life styles.

What is there to waste,unlike them.What is left for us to save?And to change our lifestyles?What lifestyles do we have ? Ours is like kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang now!

Do you see cabinet members selling of the MB or BMW or SUVs and buying Viva or Savvy or MyVi or Neo Saga for work?Are they paying their own fuel?Are they paying for all those foods that they stuffed in while meeting here and and officiating there? Are they paying for the houses?

Do they go to pasar malam or pasar tani to buy their foodstuff? Do they buy their own Nasi Kandaq or Char Koey teow or Mee Udang or Mee bandung or Nasi Paprik?

I know what next: They rakyat will kick out the present BN gomen next GE.

Toilet paper said...


stesen minyak di Sabah..
Mogok tutup 3 hari..
starting today 4pm..

what next??

tauke beras mogok tidak mahu jual beras 1 bulan..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sorry to hear abouts Pinky's predicament. This is too much man, just too much.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Lah is not PM material, period.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly, everything is going up. Some increase prices because they have to and some because they want to and all because that fool did it first.
So you are from Penang? Whereabout?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Becareful or else they will badawi you. Once you are badaweed by the bedaweer who takes pleasure in badawying people, then you minght as well be a badua.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, and they should realise, today Eric, tomorrow Mahathir and the day after that old sleepy head.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Is that true about the station minyak?

monsterball said...

Your God cannot help you.
Your God said He showed all the evidences...yet people are so selfish and keep supporting evil parties...to keep ruling them for 50 years and on-going.
Your God said..you ignored His many signs....so..you deserve to suffer.
Your God is sick of all those hypocrites going to His house ..5 times per day...so call paying homage and making a mockery of Him.
Your God...is laughing so much...to see you work out all your selfishness and live with realities in life......created by yourselves.
But in truth..kata tak nak...our God loves both of us....for we are the innocent by standers...being made to suffer..by those godless hypocrites.
But our God will protect us...one way or another.
Perhaps that will make you eat less..grow slimmer and live longer........hahahahahahaha

Toilet paper said...

no..just rumours..


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