Saturday, 7 June 2008

Ever After

The government has warned bus companies not to raise fares. Stern action would be taken against any company caught doing this. Sounds familiar? How many times have you heard this before? What, so many that you have lost count?

This drama has been going on for so long that the script has become stale, as stale as last week's ubi kayu rebus left uncovered on the dinning table. Its like a father threatening to kill his own beloved son if he refuses to brush his teeth before 12 noon everyday.

Look, the day the PM announced the rise in fuel prices we already know what are the follow-up communications from them going to be. The above is one. Then you will have one minister saying, taxi operators risk having their licence taken away if they increase prices. Then, we will get, something like, enforcement officers would be deployed throughout the country to check on errant traders.

I am waiting for something new, something that would win the rakyat's heart, something heroic like, 'Tourism Minister threatens to demolish hotels that raise room rates', or, Transport operators would be sent to the gallows and their vehicles would be sunk near Pulau Batu Puteh if caught taking advantage of the recent increase in fuel prices, or even maybe 'Home Minister authorises the lynching of traders who raise prices of essentials.

All these warnings is a load of bullshit. Okay let me tell you something. I have a brother who lives in Johor and travels often to Penang by bus. When I asked him what the fare is like, he told me that it depends. I was shocked. What does he mean by, it depends? He said that on normal days its about 48 to 50. On weekends its 60 and during festive seasons it could go up to 100.

Hey from what I know, a bus guzzles as much petrol on Monday as it does on Sunday or Hari Raya so why the difference. So how come? He knows it, now I know it, all the people who frequently travel between Johore and Penang know it, illegal immigrants from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet know it, I bet even Sufiah, that famous hooker, whom UMNO wanted so badly to help, know it, so don't the relevant ministry people know it too? Don't the JPJ people know it? Don't the police know it, don't the politicians know it?

How come this be a well contained secret that the authorities do not know it? Yes, you are right, the relevant authorities do know it, but why is it that its still going on? Why no actions taken? Are our enforcement people that impotent that they are incapable of acting? Is there a dysfunction in their erecting of the law mechanism? Do they need Viagra?

The answer is plain and simple as I had mentioned in one of my much earlier postings, most, if not all, of these companies have BN and especially UMNO bigwigs as their shareholders. So do you think they are serious about making artificial reefs of vehicles belonging to these errant companies? Even JPJ peole and the police bigshots have shares so do you think any action would be taken?

I tell you what is going to happen. They would continue with all these empty threats but close an eye to the abuse that would definitely not cease. Then they would come out with a statement that the government has approved an increase in bus fares and what other fares because it is aware that these companies can't cope with the rising fuel costs.

Then RTM, TV3 and all government prostitutes would come out with news to support this. Then we will get a clip of the Transport minister issuing a very stern warning, so stern that his dentures almost fly off, to these companies to adhere to the new pricing.

The next day maybe we will get a statement from the association of all these transport companies thanking the government but also complaining that the increase is still not enough but being the patriotic corporate citizen that they are they would absorb the extra costs and in the meantime a ticket to Johore for the Chinese New Year season would be 1about 140 to 150.

And they all live happily ever after.


monsterball said...

kata tak nak...UMNO can warn as much as they like.
Char keow tiow....increased by 30 sen...per plate..two days ago.
I used to eat a breakfast...same stuffs....and it was only RM3.50 just two years. Now I lost come is now RM6.20.
What can the govt. do..but talk tough and do not act at it is not easy to control hawkers selling prices.
I guess...they will advise all Malaysians to boycott food stalls....hahahahahaha

Shirzad Lifeboat said...

dear kata tak nak

"kerajaan tidak teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan", "kita akan buat kajian", "kita akan memantau perkara ini," and many more. All classic lines which have turned into classic lies of UMNO-led government.
how long more must we listene to these same old stories?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was talking with the school jaga, a retiree. He was complaining of how much he had to pay for a decent lunch. The same goes with everyone. Things are just too expensive, and we have not even seen the beginning of The Big Rise.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You said it aptly, 'classic lies' and the people in the kampong would say, nak buat macam mana, kena terima saja la. This is what irks and pains me most, they allow themselves to be cheated with lies after lies after lies.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Same old lies from same old group.

Maybe they should come out with something like this:

1- Kerajaan akan memaksa pengusaha teksi ,bas dan lori untuk menaikkan harga perkhidmatan mereka.Sesiapa yang tidak mahu naikkan harga akan di tarik lesen mereka.

2-Rakyat yang membantah kenaikkan harga minyak dan barang2 keperluan harian akan di masukkan ke Kemunting di bawah ISA.

3-pemimpin UMNO yang tidak mahu mengambil projek kerajaan atau bantuan kerajaan akan di pecat daripada UMNO.

4-Rakyat tidak di benarkan menukar kepada kenderaan yang lebih kecil.Sesiapa yang di tangkap akan di rampas kenderaan mereka dan di paksa membeli kenderaan import yang lebih besar.Jika ingkar mereka akan di hantar ke Southern Ridge.

5- Rakyat yang membantah kenaikan tol akan di paksa menjadi tukang kebun Samy Velu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Syarikat yang mengenakan charge paling tinggi akan diberi hadiah oleh kerajaan.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hmm...somehow your entry and comments by shirzad and Doc TA, reminds me of the song by Three Degrees:
"Its the same old story
You say that you love me
And I know its just bullshit recycled

You say the price won't go up,
but it went the next day
And you warn traders sternly
but quietly let them have their way"

Hmm...can't remember the rest of the wordings, but if I'm not mistaken, it does something like this "If I have a rusty iron bar, I'd shove up your arse all the way".
Did I get that right?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Make it a rusty spiky iron.

Zawi said...

The gomen will lift the ceiling price of cement. A friend told me the price has gone up to RM20 in Pasir Mas and even then the supply is not available. I will check on the price of cement tomorrow cos it was selling at RM14.50 earlier.
What is going to happen to this country?

Kata Tak Nak said...

That worries me. We have children. What's to become of them? With the way things are going, earning 2K would still be below poverty level. Its scary really. They talk about world crude prices going up which everybody knows but they refuse to talk about wastage and corruption which hurts everyone.


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