Friday, 27 June 2008

Please sir I am from .....

Parent: Mr. prime Minister sir, could you spare me a few minutes of your precious time, please.

PM: Okay, but do hurry up, time is precious. I have got 3 meetings and 2 siestas waiting.

Parent: Thank You Datuk Seri. My son scores 15 As in his SPM?

PM: So you want a scholarship? You should ask the relevant people. I can't be in charge of everything you know?

Parent: No sir, I am not talking about scholarship because it won't do me much good.

PM: So you are saying you are a rich man and you do not need a scholarship for your son? If that's the case then why bother me?

Parent: I would need a scholarship if my son gets to go to a university, but the problem is he is unsuccessful in his application sir.

PM: Then his results are not good enough, that's why he is unsuccessful.

Parent: But sir, surely 15 As must mean something.

PM: I heard there are others with 50 or 60 As. Your son only got 15.

Parent: Please sir, I may be an orang kampung but I am not that dumb. I know the value of 15 As and I know there is no such thing as 50 As or 60 As.

PM: Look I don't have much time. Your son is not qualified that is why he did not get a place.

Parent: Sir, could you just stop for while and listen to yourself. Do you know what you have just said?

PM: What do you mean? Are you saying I am a dumb fool who doesn't know what he is talking about? Move over, I have a country to run. I can't be entertaining every single Tom, Dick and Harry.

Parent: Thank you sir for revealing your true self. Wait till I go home and tell the people of Sabah about this.

PM: What? You are from Sabah? Why didn't you tell me earlier? Can anybody tell me why this man's daughter got 60 As and still could not get a place in the university?

Thanks to kerp. Got the idea from his latest entry.


Toilet paper said...


i should try to meet PM..
im Sabahan..
i should ask for a new laptop with 1000 Gig memory..


MANTRA said...

I need government grant to export my cincaluk, belacan, tempoyak, petai, budu..etc. etc.

My operation address is;
23A, Jalan Bukit Balai
Durian Tunggal, 76100 Melaka

ooopppss, sori wrong typo,
Durian Tunggal, 89850 Sipitang,

Can give me or not?

said mirro said...

hax3 nice piece of work.

said mirro said...

hax3 nice piece of work.

Anonymous said...

ya lah chegu, thats where they got thier two thirds from kan?

Anonymous said...

ya lah chegu, thats where they got thier two thirds from kan?

jaflam said...

Salam Cikgu,
I was with a friend this morning and he has promised a KLIA airport taxi driver to write about his plight to PakLa.

He has lined up all the facts but wonder what will trigger that old man to react. "PakLa if your mother is alive she would agree with me on this" he is going to try that, wonder will that wake him up????!!!

fergie said...

How are you today, cikgu? I note the Federal govt has, for the time, being cancelled 2 projects in Penang. I hope they use the funds saved wisely. I don't mind if they channel the money to help the poor in East Malaysia. They have long been neglected and used only for political purposes.

Kerp (Ph.D) said... prob, cikgu. ni lebih kurang macam by-election ni cikgu. there's another term for it- DURIAN RUNTUH!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sabah is the BN's precious jewel.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh Sabah? No problem, no problem. Anyway do you need an AP also?

Kata Tak Nak said...

said mirro,
Glad you like it

Kata Tak Nak said...

So orang semenanjung duduk diam-diam saja. PM nak jaga Sabah dan Sarawak

Kata Tak Nak said...

You know what Pak Lah would say?
"Mother, mother all don't play ah"

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am having a fever. MC today. You see whatever they save from the subsidy lift will, as they say go to development. I have nothing against that. But if they keep on paying 3 million for something that costs 1 million, I do mind coz that's my money also.

Kata Tak Nak said...

When I read your post this idea comes straight away. Sorry if I can't comment but I have been having problems loading my blog. It sometimes take 20 minutes.

afwin said...

jom pakat dok sabah

afwin said...

jom pakat dok sabah

monsterball said...

Only kerp can describe Dollah that way.
He is greatly influenced by kata tak nak.
They are like Siamese twins.
Both of you should team up and be Malaysia's Laurel and Hardy.
But then....both of you know..your talent are too advanced for Malaysian people.
How about..take the to Las side walk shows....foc?
You either staved to death...or spotted by an agent..become so filthy rich...with sexy "armogui" as mistresses...returning home...for a short vacation..sleeping with the balls cut off by Pinky and Mrs.KTN.
At least monsteball still have one big ball. Both of you..will be pure pondans....serving lovingly to true loving wives.

hantutelur said...

monty speaking out of context again. that's what happen if you're not listening... or if you don't concentrate... or if you're being oblivious to reality... a syndrome suffered by Mr. Prime Minister character in this story.

bayi said...

LOL! Cikgu, you are getting to be very good at this dialog thing.

Are you thinking of staging a play in your school any time soon? I'll book two tickets first!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hey! I don't mind helping the PM with the Sabah problem! After all, there are some real gorgeous Sabahans at the Filipino Market, and one especially, was selling pearls. Well, nearly all of them do, there.

monsterball said...

hantutelur....true true true.
But seriously speaking...alot of smart Malaysians purposely loose concentrations...reading or listening to Mahathir's usual twist and turns speeches a crooked magician.
But I suspect kata tak nak and kerp are seriously trying to find an alternartive career to cari makan as comediens...but have no balls to try luck..doing it live a stage...except here in blogging.
These two guys are smart blokes...behaving like idiots.
But Mahathir is an idiot...behaving smart.He had so much publicities and speech writes make him look smart.
What Malaysians simply don't judge how smart he was for 22 years managing the country.
The trade mark of his smartness is a con man...doing his magic shows.
Did he cure like a he claimed....or kill so a butcher? to watch live football now.

monsterball said...

oop... No live football.
Germany V Spain..30th...2.45am.
Bookies will make a killing..if Spain wins.
Turkey was the darling of bookies and some Chinese in China are contemplating running away..owing so much to ah longs.
In Malaysia...we had a living proof...published in newspapers.
You cannot honestly say ah longs are the main cause of his death. No one force him to borrow.
And everyone knows....ah longs charge terrible high interest.
Those who lost alot in casino...may borrow for few days...just to try one more time. They settle the loan...within few days...paying out...very high interest. They don't they are gamblers.
Then hawkers may start a business. No one will lend to them...except from... ah longs.
So do you think ah long is all that bad?
Yes....most are ruthless and if you don't pay up...they consider you trying to cheat them....and they will go all a warfare collect the money.
Yes..most of these guys are not gangsters....but with money...they do have faithful deadly do the collection...and failure is not an option.
I father was offered a 4 digit license. He turned it down...saying gambling is not his cup of tea.
Yes..I do gamble....and my friends used to laugh at me ..when I said....I am prepared to loose.
They is bad luck to utter the word 'LOOSE" before gambling.
I still made profits...visiting casinos. I love black jacks.
I gave up gambling...because I loose few friends..through gambling....owing not pay.

monsterball said...

3 kakis or 4 kakis majong is my favorite...especially 3 kakis.
But you have to be very alert...your opponents do not simply throw out a help another.
Win or loose..they will share the winnings on your becareful!!
And it is difficult to prove..they are cheating...unless you are an expert..and I am an expert.. majong all forgotten.
My time is too precious for one hobby.
Some learn to earn a living....then stop learning......and when reach age of no retrenched..retir8ng at young age...back to a low class job...or get no jobs.
So youngsters..if you in in to hold a to sweet talk to ladies....lets see you are smart enough..hungry for more knowledge...hungry to be recognized and respected....getting is you limit..and not behave.. like a dirty politicians. Be a down to earth...level headed ordinary person..hungry for more knowledge that...within your friends and even foes...admiring you..for being knowledgeable.
That should be your your life!
Politicians should not be admired or run down..based on your likes and dislikes. Based on your love for the country and people..then okay.
Have a nice week end
...all of you.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Actually there is nothing wrong with politicians, there are some good politicians but usually they don't get up so high.


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