Sunday, 29 June 2008

Here We Go Again

The circus is back. Now we have an aide to Anwar who just started working for PKR about 3 months ago making a police report that he has been sodomised.

Smell a rat? Well I do, of course some won't because they want to believe it. Lets just wait to see if Pak Lah is cleverer than Mahathir.

Mahathir made a circus out of the whole thing. The blundered the whole case with the way they handled it. Now lets see if Pak lah could learn from the mistakes made by Mahathir and handle this case with finesse and grace.

What ever it is, considering the timing and considering what happened to Yong and the MCA, only a bloody fool would swallow this whole.

I am not saying the man is not guilty, though I seriously doubt so, all I am saying is that a man is not guilty until proven so.

So lets wait. This is going to get interesting. Are they looking for an excuse to declare emergency should there be a demo if Anwar is taken in? Remember, this time not only Malays would hit the streets but also Indians and Chinese.

Let common sense prevail, stay calm and don't listen to rumours. Lets see what cards they have.


fergie said...

You are feeling better, cikgu? Aiyo, why now and again publicise scandals? How to be proud of our country? At least some good has emerged .. many of the common people are more united and speak with one voice. So depressing though. I'd prefer the world to respect Malaysia. Have a good day.

frankie said...

The circus is back but this time it is no longer an attraction. I am so bored with this sodomising thingy. Someone is getting paid lots of money to create such a buzz in the hope the attention on DPM and his wife is diluted.

So much scandals, from cigar chomping tits groping politican, C4loving high profile politician and now the same old tested formula, sodomising.

We are good in scandals. Come on, after Chua Soi Lek, we want videos, merely alleging won't be good enuff to convince me.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am not too well. I am still down with fever. Doc Tokasid text me about the latest development so I thought I have to read it for myself. I just got to write something. Have a good day too.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah you are right. Chua set the standard. Where are the videos? Its getting to be so boring. Can't Pak Lah be a little more innovative? Why not charge that Anwar raped Mahathir as revenge. I am sure Mahathir would be all too please to parade his ass to agree that he was raped.

fergie said...

hahahaha .. your reply to frankie was soooo funny, cikgu. I'm afraid our Lah Lah does'nt have the imagination nor the wit u have to be innovative. I can't imagine him coming up with fresh ideas. Same old, same old year in year out. This latest is so obviously a retaliation but I don't think it can fool us this time. RPK's SD was more exciting. Take care.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks. Yes, our people need a course on how to be innovative. Take care ya hear.

Glitter85 said...

I was shocked when i learned about this news because it’s so obvious they running out of excuse. What a joke! Guess we won’t see the coming debate between Datuk Ahmad Shabery with Datuk Seri Anwar then.

|1f3|-|1r3 said...

been to your blog for some time now but never left a comment. so i feel obligated to leave something on Anwar at the moment. funny reply for fergie but it seems like Pak Lah or whoever it may be, installed a mole in Anwar's line..could there be more moles in Anwar's line right now ?

Asil said...


I've no problem for NOT believing any craps from the Government. So, today is no different.

I'm just waiting for this Gomen to be RIP (especially UMNO).

hantutelur said...

Politics. Trust nobody, not even your own PA.

monsterball said...

Only in Malaysia..crooks are decorated with titles.
Only in Malaysia...a political party rules the country for 50 years and on going....with them...bragging they will rule forever.
Only in ex PM can keep fooling Malaysians...insult present government..insults present PM..non stop for 4 years and on charges are brought against him....yet peaceful 5 protesters are arrested under ISA.
Only in Malaysia...PM needed to bribe US1 meet Bush.
Only in ex DPM was jailed for 6 years a dictator..for proven...not true.
Only in Malaysia...right now..for less than two weeks...accusations of murderer...insincere PM..past dictator...worst than Satan...sodomy charges ....making the country...the the whole world laughing at Malaysian low class politicians.
Only in Malaysia...can the government keep breaking strengthen it's political position.
Malaysia is the only oil exporting country...selling petrol to prices...they are comparing to non producing countries....and counties having not enough oil and need to import.Comparing to all oil exporting countries...our selling prices are shamefully high...with only one logical reason....and that is..UMNO needs to cover up looses on mismanagements and corruptions.
Only in Malaysia..we have a government dare to bullshit the people with no fear nor shame.
Malaysians are the only people in the world...keep supporting such a corrupted government.
Therefore majority Malaysians are still half pass sixes....or simply greedy..or are racialists..hoping to be favored by UMNO.
Only in find political parties....calling themselves...BN...supporting race and religion politics..for 50 years...with no shame nor guilt..selling their own races..relations...for personal benefits.How low can a man be.
But these are supported by voters!!
So indirectly.....Malaysians love such a government and situations.

MANTRA said...

Again? So old habits never dies?

I tot we were told that he is the most hardworking politician... where got time for all these craps?

The rakyat got no time for all these bed time stories anymore.. we are now facing with worse nighmares and more to come.. the oil price is non stop increasing...

Recently, i attended a conference on Meeting of the Minds.. its about Branding Malaysia...

So cikgu, how do you wish to brand malaysia?

All i can see for now... Land of rumours!!

ali allah ditta said...


I dont how much money change hand. It also help to divert from Raja Petra's SD issue. Surely this is a well planned episode,with Mahathir's script-writers plus some high ranking UMNO goons,includong Rosmah at work. I am so fed-up with this sodomy thing........buatlah cerita lain!!

Wish U well cikgu.


amir said...

Lelaki yang dikatakan diliwat oleh Anwar Ibrahim itu adalah bekas Timbalan Presiden 2, MPP (Student Representative Council), Uniten. Dia tidak disukai oleh ahli-ahli MPP, malah pelajar Uniten sendiri. Kerana banyak buat masalah seperti melaga-lagakan orang lain dan juga menjadi batu api. Kemasukannya menjadi pembantu peribadi telah awal-awal diragui oleh orang PKR sendiri, kerana dia juga rapat dengan pembantu peribadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri (dalam gambar, dia memakai baju biru, dan sebelahnya adalah pembantu peribadi TPM).

abdul said...

The accuser and some information where they work for Najis

tokasid said...


Apparently malaysian politic can't survive without a sex scandal or murder scandal( which we do not know its truths).

All this are for media play whiich the MSM will either chosse to publish or not( depending who had been accused).

I am wondering how many mattresses and unfinished condos will go to court this time around.

Ydiana said...


Your title says it all. Period. I can't imagine how desperate these people are, whoever they are. What, they think Malaysians are stpid?

Let's all pray to the Almighty to protect 'orang yang difitnah' ans stop the circus people once and for all.

bayi said...

Yep, let's see what cards are being held by AAB and Najib. You know, there are far worse things in life than alleged sodomy. I can think of blowing up someone with C4, mishandling an increase in the prices of petrol, mishandling the economy, etc., issues that affect the lives of all of us.

But I sense fear and panic among the BN leaders as we near September 16.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Was just about to write something similar, but you beat me to it ;)

Anonymous said...

I would not stick my weelie into that ugly piece of shit, but why didn't he struggle, grab anwar's toing hard and squeeze like mad, bite it, bleed it;why after you've gone through it,you exposed it.Submit video proof man, if soi lek can do it, you're sure can too, what with the C4 commision and the like.I do not believe the crap about anwar touching him. Dirty piece of mole.

Kata Tak Nak said...

To all readers,
Sorry I was unable to get through yesterday because I was down with fever.

Anyway, the gist of all your comments is the same, they are doing it again. This people are bankrupt of ideas.

There is now no more difference between Pak Lah and Mahathir.

Zawi said...

Maybe they thought they have learnt a lesson from the previous episode and AG will do a better one this time making sure that the Condo in question is completed and so are all the other cooked up evidence. They will make usre that this one will be more credible. But who will believe them? Oh I forgot, the judiciary may still believe them. Is Justice Augustine Paul still around to hear the case?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think Augustine Paul is with Barkath now. New spokesman for HACKS


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