Thursday, 19 June 2008

Heads I Win Tails You Lose

Very strange don't you think? We have Election Courts to look into cases involving the elections of State Reps and Parliamentarians but before the judges could even take their seats, we cuff them. We do not provide them with enough authority to deal with these cases.

The Sanglang case is a clear cut case of cheating and yet the Judge is not empowered to deal with it conclusively. Now correct me if I wrong, I am made to understand that during the last elections the Pas Candidate, Uz Hashim Jasa actually won with a majority of 51. For some reasons only known to them but suspected by many, the Election Officer for that constituency declared the BN candidate as winner with a majority of 150+ votes.

I don't think the Election Officer in that place failed his maths at the UPSR, PMR and SPM level, but lets just say, he did fail his maths. Lets just say that all this time his children and wife has been short changing him every time they give him the change for any purchases they did for him. Lets say after taking 7 days annual leave out of his 35 days, he still believes that he has 34 days left, that doesn't mean that there were no calculators there at that time? He had so many assistants and not to mention the reps of both candidates.

I mean this is just a matter of adding up votes from various lorongs and tallying them up. Come on, is that difficult. I wonder if he was sweating gathering up all the people in the hall and adding up their fingers and toes? Then the next step is to deduct the lower number from the higher number. Could be that he did not know which is higher and which is lower.

After all these, you declare the person with the higher number of votes the winner and the majority is the difference between the totals.

I really think he is not that stupid. Okay, lets move on. In 2003, a certain idiot decided that there should be special election courts to decide election cases. I am all for it because it speeds the whole process up, but don't you think that every case should be dealt with conclusively?

If in the case of Sanglang isn't it common sense that the Pas candidate is the winner by virtue of him getting more votes than his opponent? I mean that is the whole idea right?

I am not blaming the judge since he is bound by rules and if the rules forbid him from making a conclusive decision then what is he to do. I am questioning why is it that these judges are not given this authority? Is it a mean to cheat? I see it that way.

Now that the court has made its decision, the ball is back at the EC's feet. Does this mean that the same officer would be given the task of declaring who the winner is, or does this mean that the EC would have the opportunity to declare that, "since the court declared it invalid then the EC has no alternative but to declare the whole process as null and void and that a by-election or re-election is necessary"?

If the same officer is given the task of finalising this unfinished job does it mean that the EC has to spend millions to acquire a supercomputer for that nincompoop to finally get his maths right?

In all fairness, the EC has to declare that the Pas candidate as the winner because he got more votes, then gazette the result as soon as possible so that he could attend parliament and vote for the motion of no confidence in the PM.

Even if the EC decides to declare the Pas candidate the winner, I doubt it would be attended to speedily. Suddenly that Tan Sri fellow would fall sick or has a meeting to attend in Timbuktu or decided to go for a second circumcision or anything just to delay the whole thing.

What I fear most is that they would decide that for it to be more conclusive than mere conclusive, as if there is a difference, there should be a re-election.


Monster Mom said...

With the current EC, I think Timbuktu will seem to be a good place to conduct a conference....

I can't wait for their statement on this... I can smell something fishy already...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah, I could smell it here too.

fergie said...

The whole system "smells" these days. There is a saying in Chinese "A dumb man getting stung by a bee" .. suffer in silence??

Kata Tak Nak said...

Very apt saying indeed because our voice is indeed not heard because Malaysians are supposed to be dumb. Take all the beatings and keep quiet. This is the true Malaysia Boleh

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

instead of doing a re-election or by-election, they should hand the victory to uz Hashim. this can save time and money. the officer who was in-charge during the GE however must be replaced by someone who at least passed his UPSR maths exam.

Zawi said...

They say it was a fair and transparent election. Fair and transparent my foot! That Tan sri, he deserves another splashing of red paint not just on his gate but on himself.
Can you get the pic of the nincompoop and let the world knows how a donkey looks like. Let us shame him for generations to come. He is a tool for the EC and BN to cheat.
They did the same thing to Tengku Razaleigh in Gua Musang when Hussein Ahmad challeged him in one election and purposely made a mistake in his nomination form. By right Tengku Razaleigh should have won uncontested. Somehow he managed to get the court to order a bye election thinking that he could buy the votes from the voters and kill off Tengku Razaleigh.
How much lower can they stoop?

Kata Tak Nak said...

If there is a re election, then many quick projects could be handed out like paving the roads which were paved in March so more satisfied puteras la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
Thats what we get from these people who have no scruples whatsoever.

bayi said...

This is the price we pay because we have left BN to their own whims and fancies for far too long and that has extended into the courts where one can hardly have justice except from the myopic dacing used by the BN, of the BN and for the BN.

It's time we realise the follies of our inaction. The truth about the past that is beginning to unravel is already making me cringe with horror! Judges being appointed, judgements being written by lawyers who control the judges, boot camps for dissident judges, etc. Sanglang is but one of the small doubtful legacies of that era that have come back to haunt us.

We will have to do what we can to exorcise these and put them behind us. What more can we do except to ensure that the rightful candidate win with a resounding majority?

Looking forward, let's do what we can. Blogging about it is already a good start, Cikgu. You create awareness about the anomalies of the so-called dacing justice system. Let the people of Sanglang rise above this and put this injustice to an end once and for all.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Another double parking for us this week.First its the TNB.Now its the EC.

here is a scenario which will be familiar:

2 BN candidate having teh tarik afer a day's campaign.

BN1: Awat hang relax saja?Aku tengok orang2 hang macam tak buat kerja pun.Pakat dok di bilik gerakan saja.

BN2: Laa...nak kalut2 buat apa.

BN1:Hang tak taku kalah ka?

BN2: Apa nak risau.Nanti bila pengiraan undi mesti boleh kawtim.Kalau takat kita kurang berapa puluh undi,mesti dapat umum kita menang.Yang jaga undi bukan pandai kira-kira.

BN1: Ya kah?Nanti kalu pembangkang buat court case lagu mana?

BN2:Apa nak takut.Selalunya petition depa akan di buang.Kalau depa menang di court pun,hakim bukan akan umum depa pemenang.Nanti kena buat by-election.Masa tu kempen lagi.Dapat lagi banyak duit nak kempen.Tak untung lagi ka macam tu?

BN1: Eh...betoi jugak noo....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Very powerful outpouring of emotions and dare I say very appropriate. We all have a roll to play. We must not keep quiet and come next polls, we show them

Kata Tak Nak said...

Doc, Rasa-rasa nya strategi anak haram mana entah? Hmm 2003? Sapa PM waktu tu? Sharon ka Netanyahu ka?

bayi said...


I used to be a strong BN supporter. Nowadays I am almost ashamed to mention that dirty "BN" word! LOL!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was once an UMNO member. I don't know how many times I tried to kick myself for making that stupid move in my life. I guess, when one gets older, one tends to look at life in a different way, a more humane way and sadly BN and humanity just don't jell and jive.


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