Wednesday 19 August 2009

The Story

I hate it when you people start hitting on innocent people. Really that is what got me writing in the first place. I simply hate it when people accuse someone of doing something that he/she did not do.

Come on la you guys, give the man a break la. His boss already said it what, what else you people want? His boss has stated in no uncertain term that he was disbarred for the sins of his partner so what could the guy do man.

Actually you should pity him la, not go on telling lies about him. You don't know the whole story but I do and I was filled with tears after hearing his most unfortunate story. Kesian dia la.

Actually it all happened on a dark and stormy night. There was no power because the TNB guy forgot to feed kerosene to their generators. The roads were as dark as the Chinese Kong Si Sua in Penanti.

Suddenly a cold gust blew into the kampung where Pak Manap was living. The small flame of the only lighted kerosene lamp died as the gust darkens the whole house.

Mak Minah, Pak Manap's bed-ridden sister screamed as she was afraid of the dark. You see she was raped in her sleep once when eaxactly the same thing happened. The village JKKK chairman did it to her, but then again, that is annother story.

 Pak Manap scrambled to find the lighter to light the lamp but he couldn't make out shit from tempe in that kind of darkness. As he was groping around he felt something. He was afraid because it could be one of his nieces that he had accidentally fondled. He immediately pulled his hand away fearing that he could have done a JJ on the young girl.

Pak Manap was perspiring cold sweat. He did not want to end up like JJ the groper and be banished to the the land that held his idol Datuk Shahrukh Khan.

Still shaken from thinking that he could have done something very wrong, his hand suddenly felt a small package just next to his thighs. Without any light he felt the package and wondered. Then it struck him that it could be black magic.

Yes, it must be a charmed package thrown into his house to disrupt the lives of his harmonius family. Quickly, without thinking anymore, he grabbed the package and made his way to the the window, opened it and threw the package into the nearby river running just next to his house.

The next morning, Pak Manap was rudely awakened by a piercing scream. The scrambled up to see that his niece was running high and low screaming and shouting about a package. He calmed her down and explained what he had done to the package.

To make the story short, the package contained quite a lot of money. The niece who was working for a law firm, was keeping the money to be given to a certain client of the firm.

To make the story even shorter, she was in deep shit. How was she ever going to explain it to her boss? Anyway, at the meeting everyone was silent. The boss was hitting his head against the wall, another clerk who had no nails left was biting into her fingers and the tea-lady was tying a rope to the fan with a noose in her neck. The law firm was in danger. The boss was in danger of loosing his licence to practice and the others were seeing their rice-bowl rudely snatched away from them.

Suddenly, the gloom in the room was greeted with a stunning light show, when in came Mr. S. the junior partner of the firm. No one could explain how a gloomy atmosphere had suddenly changed into one of a parade. There was even music playing in the ears of all present.

Okay to spare you guys the boredom, the junior partner after having heard that the company was in dire need of a saviour, decided to be one himself. Yes, the angel offered to carry the blame just so that the company would remain and his boss would not be disbarred and the others would one day laugh and call his sacrifice a stupid thing to do.

Yes, he was an agel sent by God to save the company and the lives of the boss and the girl who was incidentally sleeping with the boss every other night. Shit if only that cold gust had blown one night earlier, all these would not have happened.

So you see, he was innocent. He had sacrificed his own licence just to save others and you people go out screaming bloody murder.

Come on guys, stop it, and to show that you are sorry, vote for him.


julian said...

a telling article that brought a biggggggg smile on my face------keep it up

Unknown said...

Thanks for the early morning vote of confidence.

Kerp (Ph.D) said... thats how the story supposed to be told. he was disbarred for nothing. he's an angel and could do no wrong. besides, he's a member of a flawless party, how can anyone calls him a fraud, right?


Unknown said...

That's why I am so angry at people who wrongly accuses him. Kesiaaaannn dia.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Hope you are fine. Yalah cikgu they are very cruel. He is innocent and yet they say he is guilty.He korban himself for others which every adun must do. I agreed with you. Those who don't know the true story better shutup. Kesian kat dia.Betul betul dia orang fitnah kat dia!!! Just my 2sen cikgu.

ahoo said...

Ya Cikgu, we forgot that in bolihland we have different sets of law for different people. Oh ya the special party needs no law anyway as they are the law keeper.

They shall decide which law meant for which party and whether sedition is applicable to many bloggers who are busybody. We are like women according to them before the 308 but no sure what they classify us now.

JJ-ed said...

The other day I saw a suspicious-looking package among the flood debris after the rains. I was afraid that it could be a hex and left it alone. Now I'm banging my head against the wall. You see, I was contemplating being a candidate but could not find a sponsor for my deposit. But with RM161,000 I could even have kenduris and give out mysterious packets of my own to ensure my election!

Unknown said...

2 sen,
Yes, la. Maybe next year's raya haji we can korban him again.

Unknown said...

Now they classify us as public enemy no 1.

Unknown said...

Actually I go there everyday to try to find that package. I wonder who found it?

Anonymous said...

Ya-lor Cikgu, I also very marah at those who belittle this poor man who is a good son because he is always accompanied by his wife and mother (according to the Zahid, VP of his flawless party).
Digressing a bit, I lagi marah at those people who talk bad and even badder still about Razak Baginda. Aside from the fact that Baginda is an acknowledged adulterer, according to the Zahid's logic he is a good husband and son because he is accompanied by his wife and father when he was in court facing the death penalty charge of involvement in the kaboom death of a certain lady.
Aiyah people, we need more of such good sons and husbands in our beloved Boleh-land.


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