Sunday 2 August 2009

Good, but it could be better.

Big Boss: I would say the operation yesterday was a success but there is plenty of room for improvement. You guys just missed it la. Like this how to get our KPI up?

Boss: But BB, I thought we did well, the demonstrators got nowhere near the Istana.

Big Boss: I did not not say you handled it poorly, all I wanted was that you did it better. You could have handled it better, that's all.

Boss: Please la BB, what else do you want from us?

Big Boss: Look at all these pictures. Tell me what's wrong with them. Tell me what is missing from them? Look closely.

Boss: Okay what BB, this one shows my men cuffing them. This one shows one being pinned to the road, this one shows them running helter-skelter, what else do you one?

Big Boss: Oh how I miss the last reformasi demo. Back them we beat them blue black la. There was blood la. Look at these, no blood la. What is this? No blood.

Boss: That is old style boss, this is new style. This is the 21st century.

Big Boss: Shit you, you are only brave when you had people in lock-ups. Piiirah you all. Like this means, the next time there is going to be a demo, they will ask the MACC to be on duty.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Phew ! Sudah taruh kau-kau , you pula asked MACC to be on duty the next time depa demo. Cikgu, mana mau taruh muka. Now they are catching not only women but also small kids. How low can they get cikgu. I'm really lost for word. It just show how desperate they are. Never mind cikgu. They have just a few more years till the next GE before game over. Just like in Vietnam before the GI bungkus and the Vietcong overran the South with the dying regime so desperate. Now it is happenning in Malaysia!!! Just my 2sen cikgu.

Ah Win said...

MACC..bagus..they all lagi ganas dari polis what..

for sure beat the crap out of those demonstrator..

~like commiting suicide when u already dead a gazillion years ago.. (talk about creative mindset,kan?)

Anonymous said...

this is really lawak betul.... imagine MACC pakai baju Merah & 1kg Helmet atas kepala mereka. that would mean they tak ubah macam Ngok, "The Lembu".

Singam said...

MACC will take up offices on the high floors of several tall buildings to support their nationalist (pronounced in German) activities.

ahoo said...

Another day of power show that police in Malaysia are the raja now. No more PDRM but rather PRDM. What a sad day for 1Malaysia where what they want is alright but what the rakyats want is not right. This is truly demoncracy for Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

Latest KPI for MACC and PDRM:
Improve conviction rates by 100% from last year by increasing fatalities rate during questioning/interrogation.

Not to be outdone by the PDRM, MACC will be conducting a "brain storming" session in Pulau Tioman this weekend to strategise on achieving the KPI. On the agenda are finding more creative ways of explaining to the public how friendly witnesses or suspects die while in MACC's custody and absolving MACC of any involvement or responsibility in their deaths. Promotions will be awarded to intelligent officers with ideas or suggestions deemed most sensible and logical. Witnesses jumping out of MACC buildings on their wedding day will not be considered as a good suggestion.

Amongst some brilliant preliminary suggestions leaked out from some anonymous whistle blowing MACC officers include: Witnesses self exploded or self imploded, witnesses choked to death while drinking Tongkat Ali or Starbucks coffee or while eating KFC or nasi lemak or satay.

monsterball said...

Go to Susan Loone blog ad view latest post by her where a commentator put out a 6 minute Teoh Beng Hock was tortured.

monsterball said...

It may not be Teoh...but it shows how unprofessional....the crime busters are....all chosen by UMNO. is more like protecting UMNO criminals than Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

sidetrack a bit lah cikgu.go to utusan and read the article where ust redzuan tee rebuts.his hujah about the late teohs gf carrying his child is that every known religion in the world denouces a child out of the wedlock and sex bf marriage.agree? Now lets use the same hujah lah cikgu, which religion in this world allows detention without trial?do the same known religions yg say its a no-no to sex before marriage say that detention without trail is alrite?
AS i ponder, lend a helping hand my dearest cikgu, whats ur call?


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