Friday 21 August 2009

Happy Birthday Meiji

This article is written late in the day not because of failure of the memory but rather fatigue of the body. Today I spent about 5 hours at the hospital for my follow-up checkup and everything is fine.

Today my eldest, Marziah, is 29. Wow she is already 29 and soon would be hitting the 30s.

Happy Birthday Meiji, Ba and Mama loves you alot.


aN_archi said...

Ajit, glad everything is fine. Do keep it that way dude. Greetings and best wishes to the birthday girl.

ahoo said...

Take care and know that " Health worths more than Wealth " in time like this. The world's richest man cannot buy back his time even though he may be able enjoy certain luxury that we can't afford. Even his health cannot be bought with all the money he has in this world and all lives are subjected to God's final decision.

Be blessed with good health as you embrace the beginning of the fasting month. And greetings to all your love ones.

Anonymous said...


Happy to hear that your are ok.

Golden Boy

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

glad everything's fine cikgu. a chill pill will do you good. so have a great weekend.

and of course, salam ramadan to you and family.

Unknown said...
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