Monday 24 August 2009

Yes, the memories came flooding back.

I was facebooking around if there was such a word, this morning when I decided to go to Muki's page. Muki or Mokhtiar Singh was and I hope still is a member of the JACHFRINS group, now of course minus CHF, may Allah bless their souls. Funny though, his pet name is no more Muki, it is now Mok. I think he changed it to Mok eversince he married Mindy, but that is another story.

No, it is not the JACHFRINS that this post is written about, but then knowing how notorious I am about going haywire when I write, I may just end up giving it more than just a mention. There I go again.

Well anyway, at Muki's page I saw that he was a member of a group called the High School group. I didn't waste anytime. The click on the link was met with this.

Oh man, my old High School badge. The school motto quickly came back to me. ACCOMPLISH OR DO NOT BEGIN. Of course the one on the badge was in Latin. Let me see. Hold on guys, I got to go back to the group's page to get the Latin words. Yeap I got it. it's AUT COEPISSE NOLI AUT CONFICE. I got this from the High School page, if something is wrong then don't blame me.

The memories came flooding back. Shit man, how I miss those school days. No, I wasn't a terror, definitely not a nerd, not an athelete and my teachers would die laughing if anyone were to say I was a bookworm, nope, sorry to dissapoint you, I was just a average student, as average as average could be.

I was in average classes, getting average or below average scores. Only played rugby and cricket for Colin King house. I was too average to play for the school. The only non-average thing about me while in school was my participation in anything musical.

I think I have written about this somewhere in my earlier post but, since this is the only good thing I have to say about me, so why not. In form 1, I was very active. Was the 1st speaker for the Colin King House form 1 debating team and we came out champions. Got 3 first prizes in the talentime competitions and was the class choir conductor and we came out second in the form one competitions.

I represented BM in a choir competition. Our boys and the BM Convent girls had a mixed team. I was one of the 4 boys accompanying the team on guitars.

I was in the school band and we performed at a few public functions, one in a particular, on a 24 hour's notice.

Okay what else, hmmm, oh okay academically I was just average. I only managed to get an academic prize when I came out best student for English Literature in my form 5.

I have another achievement that I am very proud of. I was, as far as I could remember, the only student allowed to opt out of taking maths for the MCE. I personally approached my headmaster (we call them headmasters in those days) and managed to persuade him to allow me to drop maths. Why? Okay, if you were a headmaster and a student comes into your office with an application to drop maths and he showed you his report card

Form 4:
1st progress Test: 0 - F9
2nd progress Test: 0 - F9
Mid Year : 2 - F9
Final: 5 - F9

Form 5:
1st progress Test: 1 - F9

After seeing the above, would you approve his application? I would, and I would kiss him for doing it.

One thing that struck me was that, in those days we were fiercely patriotic to our school something I find conspicously missing in my students today.

Heck!Iin those days, we were willing to fight to defend our Houses good name but nowadays, pupils approach us teachers to change House.

Okay, since I am average, there is nothing much an average guy could write that is new, so I stop here, maybe on another day I'll tell about how I peeped at a boy masturbating in the school toilet.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

as far mathematic goes, we have almost a similar story to tell. i failed all my monthly, trials and even mom was worried sick i'd flop in my actual SPM exams aswell. but ofcos i didnt, but barely made it.

you play cricket cikgu? my dad's a die-hard. only that nowadays its difficult to follow the game bcos unlike football, it cost viewers a bomb to catch the ODIs.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I can't follow because of the cost. Its madness la.

:: Aku :: said...

boleh ke suka2 hati minta drop certain paper utk big2 exam camtu..??

bestnya laa hai kalau camtu...

Unknown said...

Tahun 73 maths tak compulsory. Dia dalam group Maths science dan health science, lulus 1 saja cukup.


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