Sunday 16 August 2009

I don't want to do it la.

Teacher: Tuan Pengetua, I want to stop investigating all disciplinary cases for a while la. I cannot tahan lagi la.

Pengetua: But cikgu, that is your job, part of your responsibility in this school is to investigate all these.

Teacher: I know la but the students don't want to cooperate with me. They call me me names all. Who can tahan like that. They say I am not fair.

Pengetua: That is part of the job cikgu, you should know, you are not new in this business. Okay who are the ones doing these to you?

Teacher: Those form 3 boys suspected of smoking la. The other cases no problem but the smoking cases always give me headaches la. Okay cikgu, I'll investigate the holding hands cases, not doing homework cases and not bringing books to school cases, they are easy to prove.

Pengetua: The other serious cases?

Teacher: Those I don't want to do.

Pengetua: You are being paid to do a job so you should do it, otherwise you makan gaji buta la like that? Okay I'll deduct part of your salary for not wanting to do some of your work. Is that okay with you?

Teacher: Where can like that.

Pengetua: Then stop acting like this fellow and go do your job, all of them. Wait a minute, I smell something fishy here. One of the form 5 smoker boys is your nephew right? Many of the form 5 smokers are his friends right? So when you blame the non cooperation of the form 3 suspected smokers to stop investigation in smoking cases, you are actually trying to help the form 5 smokers under investigation right?

Teacher: Hey where got like that, where got form 5 smokers in this school? I have investigated all the form 5 suspects and found non of them guilty la, the form 3 smokers are trying to frame the form 5 boys la. No la, no such thing.

Pengetua: Are you sure?


Anonymous said...

Are you implying that there are some slimeball and scumbag'Cikgu Disiplin?
Woyoo! thats a serious accusation lah cikgu dearest.

Unknown said...

Well you can say scumbags in the ckg disiplin of the country la.

ahoo said...

This is called selective prosecution lah ! They choose whom they want to have it fix and they also forget that their pay master are the taxpayers and not the govt of the day.

We all can smell them miles away and we can see through their sly smile, mah ! Have a good day Cikgu, and do sleep enough with less oily food and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and water.

Anonymous said...

i disagree lah cikgu nazir.The cikgu's are a hardworking lot.THey mark the exams sheets even at the olahraga meet, meetings,seminars evenas someone is giving a speech or talk.
what do u have to say?rajin or scumbags?

monsterball said...

So glad you are back with your usual normal self.

Unknown said...

Exactly. So to get a good excuse to buy time for their friends to come out with excuses they give stupid excuses to suspend investigations into anything political.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I wonder why what you said happened.
Mana ada masa now a days when you are a teacher, a manager, an event organiser, a technical man, and a clerk all at the same time.

Unknown said...

Glad to be back myself.


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