Friday 14 August 2009

So that's how he did it?. (It's not old story to me)

Boss: Hey Minah, you all have pot luck ka today?

Minah: Yes, boss, come la help yourself.

Boss: Don't mind if I do, I am quite hungry myself. Waah! Got soto ka? Err, Minah, can you pack some soto and give to Ahmad to send to my house. Kesian la my wife at home. She's not well so she can't go out to buy food. Ahh, pack some drinks and that satay and ketupat and the mee hoon also can ah?

Minah: Sure boss, no problem.

Timah: Why he asked you to pack again ka?

Minah: Sure la. Luckily they are going for dinner hosted by Mr. Tan tonight, otherwise, he will double the bungkus la.

Boss: Waa, sembang-sembang or talking about me?

Minah: No, la where got talking about you? Eer, you asked me to remind you about the dinner at Mr. Tan's boss.

Boss: Yes, la, call Dollah for me please.

Dollah: Yes, boss?

Boss: Remember tonight I have dinner at Mr. Tan's. Can you borrow a suit and an evening dress from your sister's boutique?

Dollah: Sure boss.

Boss: Err, Dollah, have the donations for the kg fire come in yet?

Dollah: Yes, boss, baru sampai and don't worry, as usual I have gone through the clothes bundle and got some good ones for you and your missus.

Boss: Shoes got or not? This pair I am wairing is from the Tsunami bundle la, look and see for some good ones.

Dollah: Sure boss, no problem.

Boss: Err Dollah, have you collected all the surat khabar lama from our offices? The surat khabar lama man is coming today. Don't cheat me ah, I am sure got 5 hundred kilos one. Err Dollah where is the money you got for selling the leftovers from yesterday's tea-party? Remember, 70-30.

Dollah: Aiya boss, I'll never cheat you la. The leftovers from yesterdays jamuan was sold for 17.40. And the surat khabar lama sale is RM200.

Boss: What 17.40? I saw got so much karipap and meehoon and syrup left?

Dollah: Yes, la boss got plenty of karipap and meehoon left but we sell secondhand la boss, where can sell new?

Timah: Hey, Minah, why is boss so kedekut one ah? His gaji so much one but everything he wants free.

Minah: I also don't know la Timah. If my husband got salary like his ah, I sure go shopping everyday la. Do you know that if they don't have official dinners, they will visit their neighbours during dinner time?

Boss: Minah! Get Mr. Yap on the line for me.

Minah: Okay boss.

Boss: I say Mr. Yap, how are you today? Fine ka? Good good, so how about my offer? The best I could give is 2 la.

Yap: Cannot la boss, you give 5.1 okay la, that one also I lose a lot la.

Boss: I have saved 2 by not spending a single sen of my salary. Can you get me a bank that can loan me 3.1?

Yap: Okay, no problem. Waa, you lucky la, that bungalow costs 24 you know? Err anyway, if you take loan, how to pay?

Boss: Save some more la. This time I ask the orphanage serve extra for lunch and the Old Folks, extra for Dinner. As for breakfast, I always eat free here.


Sammy said...

Chegu, You're baaack!!

Missed you...

anok oghe tupat... said...

Salam Chegu... Welkam bak.. u know my life was so boring when u not around, when i open internet i donno what to read... so now i know u really make my day... tq again Chegu... And welkam bak... take a good care ...dont let other ppl like me boring when open internet....(read with kelantanese slang)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chegu,

When my 12 yo son said he wants to read KTN, I said no more lah, Chegu is resting. But walao-a, he show me ur new post & both of us are gluing in front of the monitor. It's true that without KTN's blog, we have nothing to laugh about.

Please take care.

Unknown said...

Thanx and it's good to be back.

Unknown said...

anok oghe tupat,
Guano you? Tenkiyu so bri mah la for visiting my belog and for welkoming ambo back.

Unknown said...

Thanx and say hello to your son for me. Who knows he will grow up to write satires and fight for justice.

aravind said...

Good to have you back. Your absence created a vacuum in the cyber world. Take care.

Unknown said...

Thanx and its good to be back and write once again.

julian said...

to see that you are at your normal self mate

Unknown said...

Glad to be back at my normal self again mate.

Tiger said...

Good to see you back, Chegu!
Take care of your health and look forward to your posts.

Unknown said...

Thank you. There is so much goodwill around. Than you again.

Anonymous said...


Really missed your witty postings since last week. Hope you take good care of your health so that we can continue having our dose of laughter.

Golden Boy

Anonymous said...

Wah CherGu, you're back.... Good, but take care and rest at night too, OK.

your storyline made Ong Tak Kutt more takut woh; also the Key ThorYor also more tahut woh!

later both heart attack and sei susah lor... no need jump 14th floor woh.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Apa kabar ? Finally you are back !I was wondering when you will finally be back just now and then fuh ! talk of the devil,you appear on the screen. Welcome back cikgu. I believe all your problems are behind you though I heard you have problems with your health. Maybe somebody sumpah you because of what you write. Have no fear cikgu. The Almighty will protect you always! Now the fearless cikgu is back and do what you have to do. Looking forward to your ever refreshing writing. Warning to all those toyol out there. Watch your steps for sleepless night and nightmares begin again. Ha,ha cikgu. Just nice to have you back. Just my 2sen.

Unknown said...

Golden Boy,
Thanx. It's always good to be back amongst friends.

Unknown said...

anon 18:26,
Yes, you are right, Key tor yo or key tauyu should be wary.

Unknown said...

2 sen,
Is it okay I call you 2 sen coz that's the way you sign out always and its just not buddy-buddy enough calling you anon.
Well during my resting days, my mind was just not set on writing so I thought I should wait. Now I am feeling better back to my delinquent ways. Haha a 53 year old delinquent.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. It's our good fortune that we have a chance again to read your satires. I miss them! Keep them coming! Stay healthy, please. Take care.
Your fan

Unknown said...

Anon 22:27,
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll take care, thanks for being a fan.

monsterball said...

Greedy greedy greedy Boss.
Nothing is ever enough.


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