Tuesday 18 August 2009

The Remedy

Ahmad: Oi, Kassim, where to?

Dollah: To the doctor la.

Ahmad: Why what's wrong with you? I thought the other day you told me you were going to the doctor also. Why your problem not settled ka?

Dollah: Not settled yet la.

Ahmad: Why, what's the matter really?

Dollah: The last time, after doing extensive tests, they said they found nothing wrong with me la.

Ahmad: Well that must be good news, if I were you I would be jumping.

Dollah: I know, I should be happy but I am so depressed la. I am 40 with a good job and a beautiful family but somehow I feel really down la.

Ahmad: I think I know what's bugging you la and I know just the remedy, come here bzzz bzzzzbzzz bzzzbzzzzbzz bzz bzzzz bzzzbzz.

Dollah: Really ka? I am so desperate I'd try anything la.

(3 months)

Ahmad: Hai Dollah, you surely are looking good compared to the last time I met you.

Dollah: Yes, la Ahmad and I have you to thank for, in fact lets go for lunch right now, any hotel, on me.

Ahmad: Waa! So good ah the remedy?

Dollah: In fact the moment I got the reply and saw that I am accepted as a YOUTH member, I felt so young again at least for another 5 years. Hidup Samy Velu


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiseh, welcome back cikgu. i'm late by 2 articles...hehehe...

and this latest one is another classic from KTN. now waiting for your take on a certain fraud ex-lawyer.

Unknown said...

Yes, that fraud, kesian dia kena disbar sebab orang lain.
I think I will come out with something about him.
Thanx Kerp.

aravind said...

I wish they will raise the age from 45 to a bit more lah. Then I also can become a youth member....just 7 years more only lah, bukan banyak!

Unknown said...

Then lets make it 80 then even Samy could still qualify.


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