Thursday 20 August 2009

It's Arsenal or Chelsea this season.

I am not one to throw in the towel early but something in me says that this year will not be Manchester United's year. No, it's not because of Ronaldo not being around and neither is it because of the absence of Carlos Tevez.

There are 2 main reasons for this pessimistic assessment of Man U's chances this year. First the defence is just not rock solid as it was before. Both Ferdinand and Vidic will miss many games due to injuries and the replacements are just not up to mark.

The other teams have mastered how to play united and their use of the 4-5-1 system effectively shuts out Man U's midfield.

Ferguson made a mistake by not buying defenders. he still has time to get at least 2 good defenders, failing which, my prophesies will come true.

After just 2 games, I got this feeling deep in my gut that the race for the BPL this season would be between Arsenal and Chelsea with me in favour of Arsenal.

I also see the emergence of Tottenham Hotspurs and maybe Manchester City to give the top teams a run for their money. I wouldn't be surprised if Spurs would occupy top 3 positions.


kopitelp16 said...

Aisay man..... how can you write me off after just 1 defeat? Hahaha.... No, I reckon that the so-called Big 4 will remain as Big 4; with the Gooners might face some stiff challenges from Man Shitty. Their squad is a bit thin and young.

ManU will be strong; against Burnley is just a small blip on your radar. We bounced back strongly and gave Stoke some footballing lesson. Chelsea is a strong contender as ever. With an Italian at helm, I see them run a very tight defense. They'll be boring but effective.

It's a long marathon, Cikgu.... We'll fall and trip along the way but whoever recovers the quickest will be crowned Champion of England!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

No, come on...NOT SPURS?

btw, the season is only 2 games old to throw in the towels cikgu. Arsenal may look impressive in our opener but we have only played once to make us one of the favourites. Chelsea definitely, and with 2 wins out of 2, Spuds could be the surprise package giving the top 4 something to worry about.

i have to agree with mr Kopite above, this morning shocker can happen to any of the top teams and i think similar story will take place as the season progresses. such scary thought, i sure hope monssiur Wenger will be on his guard.

Unknown said...

Kerp and Kopitelp,
Actually I got this feeling near the end of last season. Teams have learnt how to play United. They knew that by shutting the midfield the forwards would be deprived.
As it is Giggs and Scholes won't be playing that many games leaving only Carrick, Anderson and Fletcher to man the midfield and that is stretching it a little bit too thin.
The defence is no longer rock solid and the keepers are all suspects so man U has got to buy.
I would buy 2 good central defenders and a reliable keeper.
Watch for Spurs, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Talking about football cikgu I think whatever it is like they say the ball is round. Nothing is definate until the last game. It is too early to predict and it it still a long way to go . Anything can happen.All the top teams have their chances. It's just how they plan as it goes along. Just my 2sen cikgu.

apisfires said...

Go gunners go!!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

Err.. Chegu... I do share same sentiments ler... though I was glad to be proven wrong last season, this season I think its going to be very tough. I see Spurs, MC, AV, Everton to give the so called top 4 a run for their money. Chances are they may succeed in replacing 2 of the top 4s in CL next season. I dont wish to speculate.

But Man United this season is not the team that we have known for a long time. VDS will be out of action for some time still. I don't really see how O'Shea/Brown/Evans combo can be a towering deterrent. Fabio and Rafa/Evra.. Evra is as good as ever.. well I rate him as MVP in the United squad.. really. Fabio is not giving the width support normally seen from Gary.

Newboy Valencia.. boy he needs to practise tonnes on his crossing. Scholes and Giggs are not the force they used to be. Carrick/Fletcher/Anderson midfield setup is lightweight at best. Park is a workhorse but sometimes you need to be able to weave the magic.

Berba/Owen/Rooney? I like to see Berba but he is a bit out of sync with the team's speed and flow. Owen/ Rooney should be given more chance to play together. Then again, the team just doesnt have the oomph this season. Sigh.

kopitelp16 said...

Anyway, it's just a 2 day old league. ManU will be up there along with the other powerhouse. For that I'm sure. The only mistake I think is that Fergie didn't want to use much of the CR7 transfer to have some reliable cover. Valencia is over-rated. I think same to us too. We have 2 of the most screwed up owners in football world. No money, no support no nothing! Xabi will be missed!

As for Man Shitty, I hope they fall flat and Hughes got the sack ASAP. They along with Real screwed up the market. Spurs can cause some damages but the most I see is that they act like spoilers to the other big team. Challenging for top 4 is a realistic target but I think the most they can do is unseat Arse.

Unknown said...

2 sen,
Yes, it is still early but then again its the feeling that I have. Last season I had the same feeling but it was not that strong but this year, I see the defence as a mess.
By the time they get to be rock solid again, they would have dropped too many points to play catch up.

Unknown said...

You have the right to feel happy coz you have a good team, its just a matter of focus.

Unknown said...

Malaysian Joe,
I am afraid that we would lose too many points in the early stage before we click. It would be too late then.

Unknown said...

The only city could win is for them to get a new manager. He is too small for his stars.

Singam said...

People have already said it - watch out for the Spurs. Dismiss the threat at your owm peril.

Unknown said...

Guring the days of Ardiles, Villa, Hoddle, Gascoigne, Crooks, Spurs was my second favourite team.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ramadan al mubarak

Unknown said...

Salam ramadan al mubarak kembali.

bayi said...

I am backing Arsenal!!


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