Friday 28 August 2009

The Invitation


We learnt from the press and are very happy to note that you chose not to meddle into our party's internal affair. Only great visionary leaders would take and make public such a stand. Thank you sir.

We would also like to prove to all party members and the public on the whole that we are not a bunch of committee members who act according to our whims and fancies.

We hereby extend this invitation to discuss the sacking and the impact it would have on the party. We promise to adhere to anything that you would recommend for we believe you are a wise leader.

Below is the programe for the meeting.

Date: 30-08-09
Place: Bangsar Hard Rock Cafe
Time: 10.00pm

10.00pm: Secretary's speech
12.00pm: President's speech and briefing
4.00am : Discussion
4.05am : Meeting ends.

Once again we would like to reiterate that we are solidly behind you and your policies.

Yours Sincerely

Secretary General


aravind said...

Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone eh? Good one Nazir.

Anonymous said...

Meeting to be adjourned 4.05am that would probably mean some-one is going to fall flat on the roadside... guess what, no one punch-card their exits at the doorsteps.

MA-Sei-Sei will later scrunitise the affair and throw committee members from 14th floor huh, no???

Unknown said...

Thanx. You're the first to comment so ur free gift is 1 night all expenses trip to naked beach with Mok.

Unknown said...

Where got punch-card one. Only punch.

ahoo said...

I won't interfere into your party affairs unless you invite me lah ! Anyway, sorry lah the last time I appointed your hated one to head some states in Pakatan area was done at the speed of ightning thus can't wait for thunder confirmation, mah. As you are so educated, surely you know that light travel faster than sound and that was what happened. By no means I was disrepectful, okay.

monsterball said...

"1 Malaysia"....One lot..for all Malaysians and all the rest... for UMNO.
Sec speaks for 2 hours...President 4 hours...then go discuss for 5 minutes.
Such a meeting should also be recorded in the Book of Guinness....most unique and full of shit.
No wonder KTN is a teacher.
Gone case....if he is assigned to arrange a meeting.

Sammy said...

Got free beer and food some more this cigars on Soi Lek..female party members only.


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