Wednesday 4 February 2009

Win Win

Sarkas1: Thank God they have joined us now.

Sarkas2: Who?

Sarkas1: Man and Din la?

Sarkas2: Why? Why are you so happy? Its not good for you what.

Sarkas1: What do you mean its not good for me?

Sarkas2: If ever we wrested control of the state surely the 2 will be made MB and Deputy MB so you will get nothing la.

Sarkas1: That one I don't care la, I get to be exco also enough already, less headache, after all I am not so clever to head the state.

Sarkas2: So you don't mind if they head the state?

Sarkas1: Aah, go to hell with that la. I am thrilled right now.

Sarkas2: What if we did not get to wrest control of the state, would you still be thrilled?

Sarkas1: Whether we are the gov or not is not the matter, the fact that I can be friends with them is giving me an orgasm right now.

Sarkas2: Why, I don't see anything special about those two, I wonder what you see in them.

Sarkas1: That's the problem with you, you wouldn't know a good thing if it hits you in the face. They are valuable la.

Sarkas2: A good thing? Valuable? I still can't see it.

Sarkas1: If I play my cards right, which I'll make sure I do, I can get into their closed circle. That's the good thing.

Sarkas2: Either, you don't make sense or I am a bit blurr today but I still don't get you la.

Sarkas1: Who knows they might take me along for their rendezvous in Penang to taste the China Mali Ayam there?


mem-Besar said...

aiyaaa cina mali ayams ka?? those ayams are good for chicken soup only maa .. kalau buat rendang or kari sangat tidak sesuai, nanti hancuq tinggal tulang saja ..

i cant imagine if those two to become MB n DMB .. mesti negeri tu jadi pengimport ayams terbesar!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Najib resort to this cunning and stupid take over. You better feed him a lot of ayam cos since Altantuya gone, he's kemaruk for oriental taste.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Like dogs they are, they need bones, true as mem-Besar mentioned.

"dogs" cried najibullshit.

"woof! woof!" replied the 2 dogs plus 2 more.

Unknown said...

The 1st thing they would do is to import all the China mali Ayams to Ipoh.

Oh he will find lots of them in Ipoh alright.

Who lets the dog out, woof,woof, woof, woof.


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