Saturday 21 February 2009

Flaccid erection.

Could a pig from Malaysia, if taken to the best plastic surgeon in the world, a surgeon who could tranform a hippopotamus into Angelina Jolie, and then made up by the best makeup artist that has ever walked the face of the Earth, pass off as a human being?

The answer would obviously be NO. A pig would always be a pig unless it has been turned into bacon. To a Muslim, this transformed entity is still haram to eat and touch. Muslims can't earn a living from pigs.

Okay, some of you would want to know why am I suddenly interested in this piggy thing? Well actually you are wrong. I am not interested in Pigs at all but more to the word TRANSFORM. Heck it could be an elephant, or a frog or a dog or whatever.

You see, an old body, which was only an agency has been transformed into a commission. From ACA which has only three letters it has been transformed to MACC with four letters. Wow! four letters instead of three. They added another C. The extra C was not only meant to shout to the world that XP has gone Vista but also to emphasise the word corruption. It is kind of a double emphasis.

Well, what has this tranformed entity done so far? Has it proven that it has since dropped its baby teeth for fangs? Has it proven that the once empty sac dangling just beneath its groin has since been filled with balls? Has it proven that the name change has viagraised it? Has it proven that it is now a true macho man instead of the pondan it was before?

The answer lies in what happened in Kedah and Selangor and Perak. Reports of corruptions by BN people in trying to buy over PR representatives are being investigated buy their gardeners. The MACC is more interested in the purchase of cows to feed the poor and the maintainance of a certain car. The MACC is more interested in wanting to question Sivakumar in Perak, besides of course, hauling up lowly clerks who skimmed a few hundred here and a few hundred there and apprehending constables picking up tips for services rendered such as non-issuance of traffic summonses

I could only surmise that this new commission still has baby teeth; it's sac still sags empty; It can't be helped by viagra and it is as pondan as ever.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu!

Wah! This one ar, like direct translation from the BM blog! Neber mind, den oso BI here ;)

The root cause of their being mere eunuchs are...the Sarkas. The Sarkas put their own people at the helm of all the agencies which is important to their greed for power. Cut off the Sarkas head, and all other heads will roll too - those who are corrupt lah!

By the way, if a Muslim touches a pig or other prohibited animals, he may still wash them by 'samak'. Likewise, if there's darurat, he may eat a pig, but only to survive and no more than that. With corruption, once one is tainted, there's no way to absolve the sins but total repentance and punishment. Thus in that manner, a pig is better than those who wallow in corruption, including those accessory. And when one look at the bigger picture, none is worse than the Sarkas.

Unknown said...

Its a circus of pigs in wolf's clothings.

I would prefer that the head cutting be restricted to the smaller head.

syauqi_x said...

dear chegu,

The very existence of the MACC itself is a joke...

Kalau orang indon kate 'tebang pilih'...

They don't care if there are piles and piles of complaints about the wrongdoings and corruption of the BN leaders...

If a complainant comes to their office with a case against one of the BN leaders, probably they are going to say:

"Siapa yang enche nak siasat ni? Wah, ini bukan orang Ameno ke? Hmm, Ok lah, kita akan 'berbincang' dulu...Enche balik la dulu ok?"

Once he's out, down to the shredder the report goes...

So pathetic, this MCAA, huhu

monsterball said...

I used to scold my very dear Muslim friend from UMNO.."You anak babi".....and he will reply..
"you talk like a Malay"
I replied.."I talk like a Malaysian"
Only the Joker's surgeon use pig skins to patch him back.
other than that...a pig is a pig. not mix wild boars with culture pigs in farms.
All I know....Muslims from China..went to Mecca on pilgrimage and brought roasted pig meat.
They shared with the Arabs....and became so popular...China-men soon set up stalls..selling roasted pig meat...real good business.
Mohammed had to do in middle east...only lamb meat available.
As usual...he came out with the order...pigs are dirty.. lazy..and sex fuck and sleep do not eat them.
Do not forget.he was talking wild boars..1500 years ago....and there is some truth in it......but when roasted...all germs also got roasted safe to eat.
Until today...roasted suckling one of the most expensive Chinese dish.

Anonymous said...

First they were the ACA I or Acai (ah cai = one of the guys)

Now they are MACC AI or Maccai (macai = the bag-carrier)

So we know how they have transformed, to be the bag-carrier of the warlords!

Unknown said...

BN's wrongdoings are never considered as wrongdoings. They are considered as pranks that are forgivable

Unknown said...

A pig, brown or black is still a pig.

Unknown said...

Ours are the Super Maccais

kopitelp16 said...

MACC's super efficient when dealing with the oppositions. When reports made against BeeEnd.... still investigating and proof finding. This shows MACC is either corrupt or being selective when handling cases. Maybe we need another MACC to investigate the current MACC.

The chief's behaviour is totally unacceptable. His action shows that MACC is biased!

BravoEagleHotel said...

Like dat arrrr ... better renamed BNCA lorrr lagi ...
Bro .. Man United record of no goal scored against pecahED but still intact unBEATed record .. Inter M sure boleh menang ...

Anonymous said...

lap dogs remain lap dogs for very obvious reasons that you and i has been all the same along the and i lodge a report and it is as gud as gone.but if the lap dogs master makes a report then u are going to be damned. APA LAGI NAK HERAN DI MALAYSIA BOLEH NI!

Unknown said...

Yes another MACC to investigate this MACC and another MACC to investigate the other MACC and on and on.

Unknown said...

Now there is less pressure to maintain the no goal in record so they are free to think about attack.

Unknown said...

Yes, nothing is weird here. Every foul act is to be expected. The only think that is weird is when they are straight.


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