Tuesday 10 February 2009

Impasse Breaking

Well it looks like we are going to have 2 by-elections, either simultaneously or consecutively but what ever it is, it would be an interesting thing to follow.

Well lets go straight to Bt. Gantang in Perak. It comes fresh from the latest impasse in Perak and its 2 governments. We have the 'official' BN government which I think is an illegitimate government and the ex-government headed by Nizar.

As much as I mourn the passing of the former MP of Bt Gantang who according to reliable sources rebuffed the BN's attempts at buying him over, his passing away sets in motion a mechanism to break an impasse the latest crisis created.

Both Nizar and Zambry claim to be the constitutional MB of Perak. Nizar has a point in which experts believed his sacking was unconstitutional and of course Zambry claims that his piggyback ride to the MB's office is constitutional simply because the DPM said so.

So how do we break this? Simple. Pit them together in the Bt. Gantang by-elections. Winner takes all. Okay, never mind, that is asking too much. If Zambry wins then the PR should back off completely and recognise Zambry's government but if Nizar wins then the BN must agree to the dissolution of the state assembly of Perak paving the way for a fresh state election.

Common I am being very fair in offering this solution. The BN should agree because they are one election away from being recognised but to the PR after this victory there would be an expensive state election to face before reclaiming what is rightfully theirs?

I hope no PR people would screw me up for trying to be clever. Anyway, who am I for them to listen to but I do hope that both sides would agree to this way of settling this whole messy affair. What about it BN? Are you game? Anyway, the last MP won Bt Gantang with not a very comfortable victory.

Oh, one more thing, I hope there would not suddenly be a huge surge in the number of postal votes in Bt. Gantang. This kind of thing suddenly but expectedly happens you know. All of a sudden we could have about 20 thousand police people and another 25 thousand army personnel registered in Bt. Gantang.

Now lets go up north to Bt. Selambau. I am told that there would be a by election there too. Lets see if the SPR recognises Aru's resignation letter. In this land anything could happen. Who knows, the SPR would suddenly demand to meet Aru in person and hear about his intention to relinquish his seat in person? I wouldn't be surprised if the meeting would be held somewhere in Bt. Aman or in Pekan and the outcome of the meeting be a press conference fronted by a beaming DPM announcing another froggie act.

Should there be a by-election which I think would be between a PKR man against an MIC goon, I hope the PKR choose their candidate well. Even a slight trace of amphibionism ( I know there is no such word) tendency should render the candidate a sure no no.

If the PR retained both seats then the BN should not be so 'muka tak malu' as to still claim that they still has the majority support but if the PR lost both 'fairly' then they should back off and realise that its already the 27th of Dec and the Tsunami is history.


muteaudio said...

Since this is a parliament seat, maybe we should get the 3 not-that-Bebas ADUNs to get in the ring. Free for all & a Royal Rumble!

Anonymous said...

Anything can happen. Like you say, they may not even accept Selambau rep's resignation. Sigh!

BravoEagleHotel said...

In the Green Corner > Nizar from PAS !
In the Blue Corner > Zambery from Pendatang ooops BN .
Chun chun Char Beehoon to solve Perak Crisis !

Anonymous said...

lets say all political parties including MIC and MCA close shop and only allow UMNO to operate to represent the people and no opposition allowed, would that bring the UMNo blokes to their senses?would they stop bickering about ketuanan melayu? would they stop inciting hatred among fellow malaysians? whats ur opinion oh wise cikgu nazir?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Nizar should go for the seat. for one thing, you can bet your bottom ringgit he can never be bought.

Unknown said...

If they were to Royal Rumble, I am sure Hee wld win. All she has to do is strip and the rest wld run away.

Unknown said...

I am still waiting for the SPR. I wonder what's taking them so long. They were fast the last time around.

Unknown said...

If only it could be that way.

Unknown said...

Then they will be talking about ketuanan Jawa or Bugis or even mamak

Unknown said...

You are very right. Even the late MP for Bt Gantang was approached but he kata tak nak

Ydiana said...

Hi Cikgu

May the best (truest) leader wins!I am praying hard! And I'm not even from Perak.

Unknown said...

Many are praying hard. We pray for Truth and Justice.


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