Wednesday 11 February 2009

By-election phobia

I am not surprised when I read this morning that it seems that The Sultan of Kedah would now want to meet Aru and hear from his mouth whether he resigned willingly or was forced and by forced it would mean that PKR forced him to resign.

Since he is reported to be in Chennai the SPR might be or are already planning to use this as an excuse to delay fixing the date for a by-election in Bt Selambau.

I don't know what it is with this government, they use to love by-elections but now just the mention of a by-election sends shivers shooting straight down to their balls.

So what happens if they can't find him, what if he decides Chennai is a nice place to live with his second or third or fourth wife? Would this mean that the seat would be vacant indefinitely or the seat would be considered not vacant?

I don't know the law but is there a law which states that should the elected representative of a particular seat be missing for a certain amount of time the speaker has the right to declare the seat vacant? Someone help out here please.

If there is no such a ruling then I see this as a ploy to not have a by-election there in Bt. Selambau. The SPR would dearly love to wait until Aru shows up to clarify this matter no matter how long. Never mind they are very patient.

What's the big deal man, its only a by-election, a fiesta which UMNO used to love and UMNO contractors used to dream of. Hey, aren't we in a recession or slipping into one? I thought I read somewhere the PM asking all ministries to start spending some extra cash, something like 7 billion, to give the economy a much needed kick in the groin so now is the best time. Call for a by-election in Bt Selambau too and start pouring in millions, its sure to rejuvenate an ailing bankrupt economy or could it be that a victory is not within their grasps considering Aru's majority there that prompts this sudden disdain by the BN government for by-elections.

I wonder if they are looking for ways to delay the  Bt Gantang by election too? Who knows they would now like to know if it was really Roslan who passed away or was it an imposter so don't be surprised if the SPR said that they are trying to get a court order to exhume the grave and through the aid of a Shaman who would obviously be a card carrying UMNO member, they would like to question the body if it actually was Roslan. If the dead body answered in the affirmative they would like to know if it was coerced or forced to die.


Anonymous said...

Cikgu, you are good at what you do best...satirical writing! LOL and rolling on the floor!

BN do not know that they are their own worst enemy!

syauqi_x said...


should the deceased raise from down there six feet under, i think najib oso wanna know whether he would like to cross over and join the band of kataks...who knows, this way they don't have to go through all the hassles brought by a by-election =P

Anonymous said...

BN knows very well they are going to get whipped real bad. Only the guilty knows that this is a no win situation. Either way everyone knows that this by election will show to the world how the average Malaysian hate Najib and his team. I don't think Najib is going to get any hard on this coming months.

Anonymous said...

hehhee..time by-elaction kat k.t,kita dok ghasa best kalau ada by-election,macam2 B.N taboq...dulu kena tunggu adun mati,lani tak pa dah..dah ada solution baru...resign,betanding lain..pergh..Malaysia memang cool..
kena wat selalu..harap-harap nnt minyak tinggai seghinggit,eh,ingat CAKAP PENANG td,kata tak nak ghupanya,tertulih melayu lak

ps:padahai tak tere omputih..

tokasid said...

By-elections used to be like the circus troupe coming to town for BN/UMNO but now its like having to go through a 'ghost houde'.

I suggest that if any MP or ADUN dies, there is to be burial until SPR says so.

And as for Parlimen Bukit Gantang ; DS Nizar vs Datuk Zambry.

Unknown said...

They are not only their own enemy, they will kill themselves by making themselves unacceptable. They are so cut off from reality.

Unknown said...

Should he rise, Najib would ask him if the angels mentioned him.

Unknown said...

Lets whoop some butts real hard.

Unknown said...

Lani, oghang dok ready dah nak mintak macam-macam tapi depa pandai pasai depa tau yang tu hak depa. Bila time undi depa tak akan bagi kat penyangak dengan senang.

Unknown said...

I am sure the 2nd man must have admonished SPR for not getting a court order to stop the burial. Dia dok pulaih telinga chairman SPR tu dan luku kepala dia.

Anonymous said...

they have 60 days from friday + whatever delay tactics... looks like Rosie will be Mrs PM b4 any more byelections....

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Not to worry, the news bit that Kedah Sultan wanted a personal confirmation is unfounded. Well, at least until those bastards at putrajaya decide otherwise lah. Then, its chaos all over again. Sigh.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehhehhehe....good one cikgu.

but what i'm worried of, their fear may resort them to use dirty tactics which of course is nothing new. having fully aware the rakyat are staying away from their dirty politics, they might get dirtier this time around to ensure they wont be humiliated for the 3rd time. i mean, in the wake of Perak mess, we know what these amno fellas are capable of doing in times of extreme desperation.

Anonymous said...

ini by-erection lah. UMNO dan komission macam SPR semua nya jadi mangkok bahalol, lebih lebih lagi bila ketua ketua mereka dah tua ganyut tak boleh erection. terpaksa lah delay sebab PR semua nya kuat erection. jangan sultan kedah ikut macam perak dah, tapi sultan kedah ada raut muka bersih berseri tak macam mamat Gamudah tuu... dapat gaji buta pun tak cukup, Gamudah pun di jadi kan tabung bulanan. erection nih dapat sah kan samada UMNO dah mati kutu atau mati pucuk!

Unknown said...

I am sure she has already got the inauguration party all planned. Only females aged 70 plus are allowed to attend coz that would make her the youngest and prettiest.

Unknown said...

Chaotic times call for chaotic measures by chaotic people.

Unknown said...

Yes, they are capable of every unimaginable thing. lets wait for the dates first.

Unknown said...

Depa bukan mati kutu atau mati pucuk, depa dah mati hati.


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