Friday 13 February 2009

Bye-Bye Elections

Chairman: Okay people, lets get to business. Mat kill your cigarette, you know you can't smoke here so why do you still do it?

Mat: Alaa boss, since when do we care for rules and regulations?

Chairman: Just kill the ciggy and lets start with the first business of the day. Secretary, what's the first business for this morning?

Sec: The by-elections sir?

Chairman: Oh yes, you guys know that 2 seats are now vacant so we have to do what's natural.

Salleh: Boss, I have done my homework and the best date I could get are these, I am handing out the dates here.

Chairman: What's this, what's this? What are you doing? Who are you?

Salleh: I am Salleh sir, I am new here but since I knew this meeting is to fix the dates for nomination and elections in the 2 places, I took the liberty to look up some suitable dates and believe me sir, these are the best dates available.

Mat: Salleh, just keep quiet okay.

Chairman: Oh, you are new ha? Since you are new, I am not going to kill you, please be quiet and let me finish first before you speak.

Salleh: Ooops! Sorry sir, its just that I thought I could help by being a little pro-active.

Chairman: Is this guy for real? I've never heard of pro-active government servants. Hey, he is giving us a bad reputation la.

Mat: Salleh please la, just sit down and be quiet. I'll tell you how we operate later.

Chairman: Thank you Mat. Okay guys, can anyone suggest how do we NOT have this by-elections?


monsterball said...

hahahahaha...You are incorrigible!
How not to have the by-election?
Simple la..create something to divert Malaysians from that issue.
Mahathir was very good at that.
I think putting Karpal Singh and RPK under ISA should work......hahahahahaha
All plan to walk in protest.
Who cares about by-elections..with results that do not change one thing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that's a good one. The most logical solution is for the EC to beg Botak Albar to detain all the voter in both constituency under ISA. Therefore no need for election ma, no one can go and vote. Problem solved.

Pak Zawi said...

Agree with you that there is no need for any by-election since if the seat is won by PR, they will buy hom over.
Hmmm... On second thought at least 2 PR men will become multimillionaires. Why not split the loot so that PR can take half of it to finance the next GE?

K L said...

It seems that the government is much more interested in any by-elections than solving the current national economic issues. Perhaps the Finance Ministry might as well allocate the bulk of the so-called stimulus package into buy-elections !

Unknown said...

They just may resort to something of that kind.

Unknown said...

Or declare the 2 places as ebola areas and no one is allowed outdoors so they only count the postal votes.

Unknown said...

I am jus sick and tired of this people and that is why I can't stop.

Unknown said...

Thats it, spend all the billions on the by elections, if possible spend the whole 9th and 10th Malaysia Plan allocation on these 2 areas only.

Anonymous said...

the goons fixed the date for both by-elections on the same day, one day after the UMNO elections and 58 days after the seat was vacated.
this is how things work in malaysia. what BN, umno,mic, spr, fru police, syed albar, utusan, tv3, b.harian, bernama,agenda daily and khir toyo say is the sbsolute truth. while what, harakah,suara keadilan, PKR,DAP,Pas ,those who got whacked by the fru, the oppressed, you and i say is a lie! even if it is the absolute can be turned to lie.

Anonymous said...

Call for a referendum for the Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB) !!!

Sen's Station said...

hahahahaha...wel said indeed ! i applaud uu sir ~


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