Wednesday 4 February 2009

A layman's view

In all probability, the BN would be the next State Government of Perak with the about turn of Nasharudin for reasons known only to him and also the defections of 3 PR elected representatives to the other side. Okay what does this whole, at times dirty and at times intriguing, episode tells us.

Speaking from my point of view, the point of view of a layman who doesn't know much about politics but being 53 could claim to know a little bit about human beings. I offer the following shallow points.

One thing this episode tells us very vividly is that not only are UMNO politicians dirty, the DAP also has dirty politicians in their midst. Yes, I know some would say I did not mention PKR but unfairly pointed my fingers at DAP. Please read on.

The Malay members of PKR are mostly ex-UMNO people and frankly I am not surprised that Man and Din would do what they did. I would not be surprised either if more Malay PKR elected representatives would cross over in time to come but I am indeed surprised that the DAP lady decided to do an Ibrahim Ali too. So Karpal, the one whom I voted in the last 2 elections, you can't shout KATAK at Ibrahim Ali alone. Be on the lookout for more potential Ibrahims in your midst.

Next, would be the PR itself. Sad to say, you started it and it looks like you fell victim to your own scheme. No, that doesn't mean I am ditching you, for stupid as I maybe, I do know that this is not something unexpected in Malaysian politics. This is definitely not the first and would definitely not be the last unless the law clearly states that such an act is illegal. Even if there is such a law, I am willing to bet my prick head that it would be interpreted differently had this happened in Negeri Sembilan with BN lawmakers quiting to join the opposition camp.

Then there is the matter of strategy or the lack of it. It looks like the Perak PR government is naive to think that they could just send in those 'resignation' letters and the EC would call for a by-election. Nizar had the chance yesterday, in fact much earlier, to dissolve the state assembly but did not. Had he done that yesterday or earlier when the two and the DAP lady had not made their stand clearly enough, the Sultan would have been persuaded to just give his Royal Consent. This is a clear case of too little too late. You should foresee what's coming because you know who your opponents are and what they are capable of doing. Don't tell me you were caught off-guarded. Sorry to say this, but you must be at least a little bit of a political animal to succeed in politics.

Okay I am not going to waste your time. I am going to go to the most important point in this post of mine. I am sure najib himself is not actually smiling from ear to ear. His smiles on tv would only be that of a politician's smile. The fact remains, and he knows it, that the people of Perak elected more PR candidates as they did BN's. He knows that this victory is not reflective of the people's wishes and he knows that many people are unhappy about this whole show.

Najib knows too that he can't change UMNO and other BN component party leaders, not in at least 20 years. He knows that what made the people rejected BN candidates would not change because the BN people only know to do things the BN way which incidentally incurred the people's wrath during their last visit to the ballot boxes. He knows that come next election the BN might suffer so much that no amount of defections could change things.


Anonymous said...

Cikgu, you are right. There are dirty politicians in DAP too. I am aghast that it is a woman! I cannot comprehend this? Is it money? Is it power? Is it ego?
I just cannot comprehend this, even for my sanity, I cannot!

tokasid said...


This episode will make many more realise that BN and UMNO will do anything to stay in power.

One good thing about this episode is,UMNO is collecting more 'leaders with tainted reputation' into their stable.

kopitelp16 said...

Well said, Cikgu. I'm appalled by what's happening in Perak. Hee must be ashamed of herself. She has brought great shame to her family too!

Anyway, I think DSAI shd shoulder some responsibility in this. Forming government thru defection will NEVER work or have support of the Rakyat. Now PR will have to work harder to force a election.

Mr. Right said...

Aku terkejut sebab bila BN beli 2 atau 3 atau 4 wakil rakyat DUN Pakatan Rakyat, semua penyokong PR kata BN busuk, jahat, perompak, etc.

Tapi mereka lupa ke pemimpin kesayangan mereka (Anwar Ibrahim) dengan penuh machonya umumkan dia nak 'culik' 30+ ahli parlimen BN? Dia dengan penuh confident war-warkan dia sudah berjaya 'pujuk' ahli parlimen untuk lompat parti.

Kenapa bila BN buat 3-4 orang mereka dituduh jahat, tapi Anwar plan nak buat, dia diangkat sebagai hero?

Aku betul2 tak setuju aktiviti lompat melompat, tak kira pihak mana yang dapat lebih katak.


Anonymous said...

argh...saya mahu diadakan ERACTION semula untuk membuktikan kehebatan najib..hehee..

betol ke penggunaan bahasa saya tuh cikgu??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

if you dont mind me being frank, cikgu, i think this latest episode proves that PAS is the only party with dignity and consistency. suddenly you can see some similarities between pkr/dap and the sarkas bunch. i am not taking a jibe at pkr nor dap but its abt trust, or the lack of it. PAS was right to be wary of amno's invitation of possible merge. the latter's cunningness are clearly visible. now looks like PAS may need to be more alert- enemies dont just come from the front, apparently.

just my 20sen worth. thanks.

Anonymous said...

i write with much anguish and blinds even the very learned and righteous.what is then morality and integrity? campak aje soal integriti or morality dalam sungai perak.

Anonymous said...

nampak gaya Cikgu, si Benggap amat ramai di Perak dari di sangka oleh rakyat umum Malaysia. apabila si tua ganyut jadi ketua benggap, dont blame pak lah najib atau mangkok hayun monyet monyet umno ler. lagi dekat dengan panggilan kubur, lagi hina hidup is tua ganyut ini. agaknya lebih baik meninggal dunia di umur muda dari mati ganyut di gelumbangi teman teman syaitan (yang di rejam!).

Unknown said...

There are dirty politicians everywhere. One thing I hope that would be the outcome of this sham is that come PRU13, the BN wld be history in Perak.

Yes, doc, they wld do anything and this wld be their own downfall, mark my word.

Of course DSAI shld shoulder some of the responsibility, he is the leader of PR. Its all about accountability.

Mr. Right,
What you said has some truth but you shld remember something, the PR don't go kidnapping MPs and using the police to do their work. Thats the difference. Dan jangan lah marah kat PR kalau Liverpool kalah. Jangan mare melawak saja.

Someone is having a good one now but seeing the hippo before him I am sure no viagra wld do the work.

That is why you did not see me fucking the PAS people up but be aware coz even in PAS there are Sarkas clowns.

You shld not be for this is Boleh Land. Semuanya boleh.

Si tua tu memang dah tak relevent dah, sapa pun tak peduli kat dia dah.

Anonymous said...

This is what I call a


Should have vacated the 3 seats and force a by-election. Whoever wins, may it be BN or Pakatan, there will be NO disputes.

I just cannot comprehend such a move. Sultan asking MB to resign. Try asking DPM to resign ?????

Anonymous said...


It's all to do with 'Indecent Proposal' & 'I knew what u did last summer'


Tommy Yew
PS - I tot Hee was a she...hehe..

Ydiana said...

A very simple and sober political review from a layman's view. I simply agree!


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