Saturday 14 February 2009

Its on a Tuesday.

Well the dates are now known, I can't remember when is nomination but by-elections would be on the 7th of April, simultaneously. Oh yes, one more thing, they are doing it on a Tuesday. I heard the PR are crying foul over the date but come on, they have not exceeded the 60 days requirement. Tsk tsk tsk, shame on you.

Hey they are doing it on the 58th day, that still makes them 2 days early. I heard one on the members of the committee suggested that it be held on 4th of April which is a Saturday and they dragged him to a dungeon and flogged him and to make him not complain, they sent him to Epol for a blowjob.

Actually the Malaysian public are becoming too suspicious. Yes, we are just too suspicious. Just because it would be held on a Tuesday, doesn't mean there is a hidden agenda? Actually I was inforned by a very reliable source that they did not want to have it on a weekend because they did not want to disrupt family plans.

They knew that many kampung folks had made plans to go to Disney land in Hong Kong, France and the US and would only be able to make it home on Sunday. So after one day rest, they could perform their patriotic duty in Tuesday. That was all, nothing sinister about it.

I am aghast that it could cross some of our minds that the SPR acted in favour of the ruling Government. How could you? They are so squeaky clean that the United Nation had suggested that they conduct UN elections.

Now let me tell you how clean our SPR is. Do you know that one of the members suggested that the elections be held in an army camp in Johore? Do you know that he even went as far as to suggest that voters must whisper their choice to UMNO youth officers who would be stationed at the doors and these officers would then proceed to a secret room and vote? Do you know that for that he was asked to right 1 hundred lines? See how dignified our SPR people are.

There was also another suggestion that the SPR cite security as an excuse to declare a one week curfew one day before elections and 5 days after. So the only way to conduct the elections would be to count the postal votes only.?

Come on people cut them some slack. I tell you, the date was chosen not because they wanted to give UMNO enough time to go on with their party elections first. Its is also not to allow the mainstream media to have many many field days demonising the PR. It is unthinkable that they wanted to give someone the time to squeeze the balls of would be UMNO dissenters. It is definitely not to make it difficult for outside voters to come home and vote. It is surely not to enable the SPR to have enough time to make adjustments to the electoral roll. Never ever think that it is to enable the SPR to register a few thousand more postal voters.

No, no it could never be any one of the above. All of the above, maybe.


Anonymous said...

heheheheh, spot on lah dearest cikgu. SPR people are god sent angels.they are lovely people.remember rashid? they ought to give him the TUN tittle lah.come on lah, he did a great job during his tenure,just ask all the barisan people along the years.

Anonymous said...

Those buffoon of a bureaucrat that we have in our administration and the civil service really does make you want to put a paper bag over your head, doesn't they? And a Malay to boot. I really feel like putting a paper bag on my head and if anyone ask me, what race are you? I'll simply reply "err, I'm recycle paper actually". TDM has really screwed us good by putting all these sycophantic toadies on the top level of our bereaucracy. SIGHHHH......

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I say, you seem to forget one thing dear old chap. The Suruhanjaya Penipuan Rakyat want to avoid the bushoe mania during the sarkas meet. If, the hold the erections before and lose, that najis fella might get feces thrown his way instead of mere shoes. So, the SPR is indeed being a nice fella to all, in wanting to keep Malaysia clean. That's why lah they decided like that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu, just visited TDM's blog...It's hillarious...TDM said his conscience is clear.. Wow, and this is coming from someone who says he has his roots from orang ulu. I bet u that he is the only org ulu that made it good. He's the only one who was successful and accumulated immense wealth. Guess what TDM, all of your org ulu are still scraping a living in their kampung....they can't even dreamed of living in KL and have a fancy and expensive office in KLCC...A true example of Malaysia Boleh attitude ( screw the rakyat and still get a TUN). There's no justice in Boleh land..

Pak Zawi said...

Your best satire so far.

Unknown said...

I think this present one wants to get his Tun in office.

All I can say is that TUN is the biggest crook of them all. He is the father of all evil.

Actualy najis gets shit on him everyday he goes home: Hippo shit

Pak Zawi,
Why, thank you Pak Zai.

monsterball said...

Somehow the evils that UMNO are doing ...brings out the best of Malaysian brains...positive thinking with humour and message to readers.
KTN is one of the best.

Ydiana said...

Who can blame us for being suspicious???!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

Right you are, right you are...TDM was a curse to all Malaysian...A long running curse at that....

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, they can use all the tricks under the sun, they'll still lose! Orang Perak bukan bodoh! Saya orang Perak!

BravoEagleHotel said...

...also to enable we Man United fans to watch the weekend games and come to vote,wide awake and make no mistake by voting OUR CHOICE.
Sheeeshhh and SPR always lament the poor turn. Are these people for real?

Unknown said...


Way to go orang Perak.

We whup Derby's arse real good didn't we?

Malaysian Joe said...


Cikgu.. I love this one... SPR really kleen...

I am speechless... still laffing..

BravoEagleHotel said...

Yup che gu ... near perfect game short of Ronaldo perfectly legal goal ... One of the best game ever.

Sammy said...

Heee!Heee! So subtle yet so vicious..hope the SPR ppl are reading this. But then they would not be able to comprehend the true meaning and think you are complimenting them (not!)

Still waiting for them to use their so called ink!


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