Sunday 8 February 2009


Ind: Haiya now I veli happy one. Veli syiok one.

BN: Why you so happy nyonya? I heard people say, the people all hate you one because you lompat here with us.

Ind: I sure happy la, now I can be the ekseko ma.

BN: Ekseko? What is that nyonya?

Ind: Aiya lu, ekseko oso you dono ka? That Ekesekiyutif people lor.

BN: Oh that one ka? Exco ka?

Ind: Yes la, ekseko la. That one la I say.

BN: What makes you think you can get to be exco?

Ind: Sure la, the no 2 man say he will make me the ekseko what.

BN: He said that to you ka?

Ind: Echerly ha, I ask to be the no 2 menteli busat but he say cannot one. Then I ask to be the depiyuti menteli busat he say cannot oso, then he say he can gib me the ekseko post one. I think, I think and I think I say okay la but for sik month only, after that I want to be the depiyuti menteli busat. He say okay ma.

BN: I think nyonya, you cannot la be exco la.

Ind:Why? Why you say laidat? I knock your hek la.

BN: Aiya nyonya, how to be exco, you no degree one.

Ind: What I no digili? I got thermometer can read in selsiyus and oso felenhait one, what no digili?

BN: There you see, that one also you don't understand, degree la, university education la.

Ind: What must got university education ka? Then that Din why they all want to give him ekseko? He posman only what, evelyday kling, kling, kling, some more got chase by the anjing one. Why he no malu ka, go to Penang find the ayam one, some more veli kolapsyen one, that one can be ekseko ka?

BN: You also corrupt what, you take money to lompat, that one not corruption ka?

Ind: That one not kolapsyen la, that one insyulen.

BN: I say nyonya, you be deputy speaker enough la.

Ind: Depiyuti speaker your father hek. No, I say I want to be ekseko, I want to be ekseko, if not I go back to my old party.

BN: Your old party oso don't want you la. Never mind, you be the zoo ekseko, you want ah?

Ind: What ekseko oso niau mind one, as long as people call me ekseko. Hey when want to gib me the Latok Sili ha?


AngeL BeaR said...

your posting never cease to amuse me. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

I am glad that I could amuse someone on this dull Sunday.

BravoEagleHotel said...

Sold out ... Pekhianat
ALL women of Msia and OKU Msia!
Seems everything got a price in Msia and only it can happen in Msia !
Malaysia Truly Malaysia !
Anyway MU gonna reclaim top spot tonite with 0-2 away win against WH
and we keep the record going !

Unknown said...

Yes, its sold out alright but tonight's 3-0 victory would somewhat sooth sore souls.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of this woman, I don't know how she is going to show her face back in her constituency. Maybe in a pope mobile. This sort of person according to the chinese will have generations of bad luck.

Excuse me for being blunt, looking at her face, I think viagra or tongkat ali also won't be able to help.

Anonymous said...

cheers! gud day cikgu, u certainly lifted the spirits.was in a sombre mood after the shameful chain of events unfolded in the silver state.I keep on thinking how badly the have treated mb nizar.ITu menteri besar, how about me ? a guy without any pangkat atau kedudukan. would i be treated worse?whats happening to this beautiful country of ours?

Pak Zawi said...

Is she really that bad? I doubt that it is really an exaggeration. The same goes to the postman. Now they are millionaires! From the grapevine I heard that the froggie who did a double leap managed to be a millionaire 40 times over.

Unknown said...

Well it looks like she's got her Camry already. Maybe the'll give her an ekseko oisition incharge of frog jumping training.

Unknown said...

For us layman, just forget about getting anything from them. They would only help if by doing it there is something big in it for them otherwise say goodbye to our hopes.

Unknown said...

40 times over? That my dear sir is a professional jumper.

Anonymous said...

Traitor and the Chinese say 'toh sui kah'!For a Camry?????
Cikgu, with all the curses thrown at her now, I think she won't have the peace to enjoy the lompat compensation.
Anyway, how can she serves her constituent effectively when she & her whole family have to go into hiding!

Anonymous said...

Now she is singing this song:

Tune: Que Sera Sera

When I go into politics,
I ask my leaders, what will I be.
Will I be exco? Will I get Camry?
That's what they said to me:

Hee Yit Fong Yit Fong,
Whatever will be, will be.
The post are not ours to say,
What will be, will be.
Hee Yit Fong Yit Fong.

Now that I jumped to Barisan
I ask that Najis, what will I be?
Will I be exco? Will I get Camry?
That's what he said to me:

Hee Yit Fong Yit Fong,
Whatever you'll get, you get.
The shit are all yours to keep,
What you'll get, you get.
Hee Yit Hong Yit Hong.

Sammy said...

Hee!hee!hee! Camli-ar?


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