Monday 16 February 2009

Don't give up.

Eli, don't resign. Don't listen to that botox tempe fella. What did you do? You slept in the nude and a boyfriend took those pics.

It is not that you left your husband at home taking care of the children while you were going out screwing everyman you meet.

It's not that you had to rent hotel rooms and with the aid of porn, coaxed your boyfriend's dick to wake up and got caught by cctv.

It's not that you were caught in close-proximity by some religious department officers at a beach-side resort and the balless officers were forced to ease off by extreme pressure from upstairs.

It's not that you met that boyfriend of yours in Singapore and then had a fling in Paris and finally you blew your boyfriend up.

It's not that your brother in law and you have been doing it upstairs and downstairs and you ended up giving birth but your position prevented the authorities from taking action against you.

Its not that you are the daughter of a well-known politician who has been having an affair with a celebrity and for some reason that celebrity is found dead.

Those people responsible: the one who sold the photos and the ones who circulated them for political reasons, are offspring of the lowest form of prostitutes.

Don't give up, don't resign.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu, this must be a new economy stimulus package dreamed up by Najib. Other nations are pumping money into the economy, here in Bolehland najib is pumping money to toadies adun/ mp, hired killers, peeping tom and the porno industry. He's really thinking outside the box....oppps...outside his head. Are we sure Nazir,CEO of CIMB is his brother??

Unknown said...

Malukan nama NAZIR saja.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, you couldn't have said it better. Yeah, don't give in to TOYOL, Eli.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, you are right on every count!
Tempe Face said it's a moral issue. Of course it's a moral issue when someone took nude pictures of another and sold it to the devil!

Anonymous said...

apa nie cikgu? people are losing jobs and u have a front page headline of nudity? MALAYSIA BOLEH!
sick and disgusted.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 22.21,
Why should she give in to that pig-skin face.

Unknown said...

Spot on, its a moral issue when they expose something private from someone who did not cheat on anybody.

Unknown said...

Anonymous 23.00,
Yes, we have a screwed sense of priority.

mantra-indeeptots said...

Salam cikgu

How r u? Long time me not in the blogsphere... but Im still doing ok.

Hope Eli will not give up... but one thing for sure Pak Lah has already given up his dream to stay longer as Agong has titah for a smooth transition of power... Catch the latest news...

Malaysian Joe said...

Aiya.. Cikgu! You are not in line... Pak Toyo cakap resign! Resign! Damn I hate his botox-ed face.

Do you wanna take a bed? I mean a bet? Part of the "Stim""ulus" package goes to this rotten politics?

Anonymous said...

wDear Cikgu,
Cameras are hidden all over the place. Home, hotel, toilets, changing place etc etc. Take care. Who knows whose pic could be next.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

el-tempe had the cheek to ask people to decide. and i was like, shit, people to decide? since when?

Anonymous said...

Heehehee...i like this one, especially the 5th paragraph.

Kesian depa, trying very hard to kena balik apa yang depa kena, but gagal.

Anonymous said...

biasa laa cikgu...dah nak ada pilihanraya kecil tu...diaorg nak cari benda laa nak kenakan semua yg terlibat ngan PR

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Yeah lah, why should YB Elie resign? These botox tempe fella and his goons, should really have faeces thrown at their faces lah!

By the way, I just uploaded one obscene picture at talkonly. Thought you might want to look at it.

BravoEagleHotel said...

How low can these ppl stoop ?
Stay on ELI ....

Unknown said...

Yes, you bet its been a very long time. I thought you merajok or something and then I asked myself, "What did I say"?

Welcome back

Unknown said...

Malaysian Joe,
So this is the 'STIMulus' package they have been talking about?

Unknown said...

anonymous 11.34
Hmm the next time I go to the jamban I have to look around.

Unknown said...

Since he is now a nobody.

Unknown said...

Spesis ni akan tetap cuba. Kalau benda baik depa tak mau cuba tapi kalau benda jahat depa akan cuba sampai berjaya. Nak buat macam mana, jenih jahanam.

Unknown said...

Memang depa dok simpan benda ni semua. Entah apa jahat lagi yang depa dok pikiaq.

Unknown said...

Ish, ish ish, apa gambaq porno you letak di blog you tu? Nampak pusat la.

Unknown said...

They will stoop as low as the jamban hole.

Anonymous said...

Salam che gu,

Dah lama tak comment, entah nak
cakap apa, sooooo speechless,
kita kat sini hari2 makan tempe,
kulit tak licin pun!
Dah nak balik kl this june(still
waiting for posting orders)

inderjeet kaur

Anonymous said...

salam ziarah...

u r invited to follow my blog.. =)


Anonymous said...

Dia orang nie dah tak de idea lain ke nak jatuhkan PKR... mesti libatkan unsur-unsur seks


muteaudio said...

Jaga2 Chegu, camera skrg besar tahi lalat. Tak lama lagi, the Lalat is the camera.

BTW, the rakyat should campaign declining YB Eli's offer of resignation.

Unknown said...

Belum dapat posting lagi? Apa-apa pun selamat kembali ke tanah air yang bercelaru sekarang ni.

Unknown said...

I'll go have a look see.

Unknown said...

Depa akan terima balasannya nanti.

Unknown said...

Thats a good idea. I agree.

Apa Kau Nak said...

Salam Cikgu, ni memang kerja orang dengan kejahatan melampau. Saja gatal desperate mengorek sana sini cuba mencarik apa dalam kain lepas tu bagitau semua macam dia dewa dewi kayangan.

Satu je la, orang-orang ni nasib baik sebab orang yang depa dok kenakan tu ialah orang-orang dengan kebaikan melampau so orang-orang ni takkan buat macam depa, nak letak teropong, kamera, redah peribadi orang cari bahan untuk bermain dengan sentimen moral ni ....kalau tidak lebih separuh kerusi parlimen tu kosong gamaknya! Tiap hari ada je gambar bogel...!

Unknown said...

Memang betoi, tiap hari ada gambaq baru dan banyak yang menjijikkan

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you are indirectly referring to in each and every paragraph except one, the one "doing it upstairs and downstairs... ended up giving birth".

Any hints who this might be?

Unknown said...

A certain grey-haired former MB of the tempe state.

Sammic said...

yes, eli, please do not give up

fuck the botox man, that toyol man who has nothing but only a smelly mouth

you have done nothing wrong and so you must stand strong

we have always supported dap/pkr, and we will continue to do so

there is nothing with trying to protect the party.

you aint done anything wrong.

stand still

kopitelp16 said...

Eli will have to go to protect PKR. Don't worry, PKR will win another by-election at Bkt Lanjan even if a dog is a candidate coz no one from UMNO is fit even to fight a dog!

Be strong Eli, nothing wrong has been done.

Unknown said...

Way to go.

Unknown said...

Exactly the sentiment of most Malaysian.


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