Thursday 27 December 2007

Rare Earth with Peter Rivera - Hey Big Brother Live 1974

I was at Shah Cakapaje's blog when I was taken aback by his latest entry. It was "I Just Want To Celebrate" by Rare Earth. It was just imeem so no videos. Rare Earth was one of my favourites. Besides the song mentioned above two more struck me immediately: 'Get Ready' and Hey Big Brother. So enjoy this.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Lol! THIS IS GOOD! This was the album I first heard Rare Earth in 1974 when my elder brother played it - a double album which was expensive then! Hmm...or was it a double cover, can't remember. But thank, Cikgu :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...went to shah's place and had not much idea what's in his mind. came in here and its something about the same. i am so out of place lar...hahha...

cikgu, this Rare Earth was in the same era as the Supertramps ke? the dressing was so 70s-like...

monsterball said...

Bands are not my cup of tea...except Santana...Earth Wind & Fire....Dire Straits....and few old ones the original Platters.
Mostly Solo singers are my many..but of late...female singer seems to dominate the music world.
Again..I love the old singers more than the modern ones...some are dead Doris Day...and that lady died on the plane escaped me...but face so clear...she sang so many nice country and western songs..that I love driving long distance listening to soothing to the ears and calm person to drive. One of them is 'Your Cheating Heart"
Old singer pay attentions to dictions and voice control...nowadays....shout it out as loud as possible.
Raps turns me off completely.
Rhythm & Blues are my favorites.
Today is a sad day too...Benazir Bhutto killed!!
First father...then her. For what's worth...she is truly a very brave woman....returning home from 8 years exile...just three months ago. She would have been re-elected in coming general election.
And to kerp...MU is now top of the table with one point more than Arsenal...which we need to wait for see who top the table for 2007. My guess is MU!!
And Liverpool is to fight for the top three placings to qualify for EUFA cup next year.
Music is the cheapest and best mind soothing medicine for all ages.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

if you truly believe that bookies are right, then come May Arsenal are to clinch the championship. if so happen the champions for this season are other than the Gunners, then the games have never been fixed. thats how i make of it.

rock n roll, monty!


tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

I remember Rare Earth back in mid-70s when my cousin who was staying withus bought a pirated record.

I remember I liked the songs but can't remember the names of those songs.
The videoclip sure brought back old stuff to mind.

Unknown said...

I thank you for reminding me. Yes I love this group. They may be white but sure do sound like those black funk outfits.

Unknown said...

Yes, they are as 70s they get. This is what you get when you befriend ancient people, they introduce you to music of times you weren't born yet.

Unknown said...

In 30 to 40 years to come, the teenagers of today would walk down memory lane and say, how N'SYNC, BLACK EYED PEA, BRITNEY SPEARS, 50 CENTS bring nostalgia to them. We would of course be dead.

Unknown said...

Blame it on Shah, he brought the nostalgia back. I am innocent of all charges.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that they broke up, but the "new" Rare Earth is nothing like it used to be. They miss their number one attraction and that was the "real" lead vocals of Peter Rivera... his voice was smooth and the beauty behind the band. He's still touring though..with the Classic Rock All Stars and his own band "Celebrate with Peter Rivera!" He's said to be one of the best drummers ever in rock history.. I believe it!

Unknown said...

Obviously you have been following Rare Earth. I do not know much about them as a group except that I adore their songs.

Thanks for the information.


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