Saturday 1 December 2007

Eric Clapton: Groaning The Blues

You've got to have lots of soul to play and sing like that. His weeping and groaning guitars with the occasional pleading slowhand screams is just orgasmic.


Accia said...

salam chegu,
hmm...boleh dengaq guitar dia bercakap sama no? that reminds me chegu, soon ada guitar festival kat sini. for more info, chegu boleh pi kat

Accia said...

or at

monsterball said...

WOW..That was a nice blue piece from Eric Clapton...kata tak nak.
I love guitar playing since a young many in old days...and do play for my own personal pleasure too...too shy to play for others to listen...not good enough...hahahahaha.
I used to buy lots of guitar playing records..including spanish styles...semi classics by guitars.
I still enjoy.... Eagles's "Hotel California"...simple 4 guitarists combination...yet so nice to hear.
But those that stands out right now with Eric..are Satana..Dire Straits...and that evergreen legendary...Afro American...very old now..fat and should be around 80 years old...still his face in my mind...forgot his name.
But one cannot forget Jimi Hendrix unique style.
KTN...You sure have varieties of pleasures in eating and living it up.Your heart will never grow old.
What a pleasure to turn from political music..roti...boxing.
Your blog is commentator's peace on earth...goodwill to all mankind.
Take care friend.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Clapton sure knows how to make a guitar to groan,wail and cry.
Yu should listen too to Peter Green of the early Fleetwood Mac, he is gos too with the blues guitar..In fact he replaces Clapton as the guitarist in Bluesbreakers.

Another axeman than I admired mst is mark Knopfler r Dire Straits. Just listen to his licks on Sultan of Swing. He really swung in that song.

Another guy is a steel guitarist, the albino Johnny Winters. He is superb.

The fat 80 years old that Mony forgot his name is BB KIng.

Unknown said...

Saya tak buleh pi la festival. memang dik di Penang ni terlepaih banyak benda.

Unknown said...

The good Doc. has already named the fat 80 yr old legend.

Unknown said...

I also like Gary Moore and Hendriks. But I'll go to YouTube to check out those people you mentioned. I actually preferred slowhand because it tells a story.

Mat Salo said...

Hai.. to be able to play the guitar like that. All I can manage is some Am, G, C, Dm, E, Em, A, F and Fm chords in my repertoire. Plucking pun tak pandai. It's true then you can't teach a dog new tricks.. abih-abih main "It's late in the evening..." :)

tokasid said...


tumpang lalu sat na...
MS: Late in the evening Paul Simon ka?Yang dari soundtrack One Trick Pony ka? Kalu tak silap dalam Late in the evening yg buat guitar licks to Eric Gale, a jazz axeman.

Che'gu , ada satu lagu ,lagu Stairways to Heaven tapi yg main gitar tu Stanley Jordan, hang pi tgk kat You Tube. Kaw abih dia main. Main kat fret saja and he played 2 gitar serentak.

Bergen said...

I can't play a single chord on a guitar. Wish I could.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

That was beeeeautiful! It was terrific! I was like totally mesmerised! Thanks Cikgu.

Unknown said...

Even C AM F G could get you away with a lot. I pun bukan tau chord chord yang complicated. Maklum la belajaq sendiri saja.

Unknown said...

How I wish I could play the flute like that MOHRAM fella but I can't even get any sound out of the damn contraption.

Unknown said...

I see you could also feel the music. To me something is good when I feel it tugging at my heart and bringing a tear to my eyes.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak.....Years ago...I love listening to Niel Diamond songs..especially.."I said I am"
I can feel his sufferings and wept for him..and thinking of millions of poor souls.
Yes music do refreshes our souls...If one listen to music without any feelings...just enjoy and away like being hypnotized....that is a weak person...if not snap out of it fast.
When I want to relax and get rid of is the best medicine and Yanni is my favorite...but of late..nothing much from him.

Unknown said...

Yes, I use to listen yo Neil Diamond too. The song is I am I said. Music is god's gift as a form of therapy


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