Sunday 27 May 2007

Tears and 7 White-robed Men

We are very thankful to Allah for allowing my late brother to be around for his son's Akad Nikah and the wedding reception at the bride's house two weeks later. Sadly today, the day of the reception in his own house, he is not around. It is Allah's will and no power on the face of this earth could change that.

Yesterday I was at his house, for the preparations, up till late at night. It was a tiring day with so much to do. As usual there were many stories told and since it being only a few days after his death, many of the stories would be about him. During a breather, the groom told me how one day he and my late brother were talking about the kenduri and how arwah told him that he will not be around for the kenduri. I could see how he was controlling himself not to give way to his emotions but he couldn't. In between sobs he told me that arwah told him to take care of his brother and sister after he was gone. I could feel how broken-hearted he was while relating to me the story.

In another session near the kitchen I heard something that really tore my heart. It was about my niece and my eldest nephew. My niece is the youngest of arwah's three children and the only girl so it is only natural that she is his 'anak manja'. She was almost always with him when he was sick. She helped her mother care for him both at home and in the hospital. She saw how her father deteriorated. She did once say to my daughter (they were born 22 days apart) that she doesn't mind seeing her father bedridden as long as he is alive. I was happy to see how should took her father's death coz she didn't wail or shout. Yes she cried but they were sobs.

Her eldest brother, is the fighter in the family. I have never seen him cry throughout the whole episode since January. Yes, there were occasions when his eyes were wet but no cries. Last Friday night, my niece was asleep in the sofa while the rest were talking in the dining room they suddenly heard a scream. They rushed to the sofa and my niece was suddenly crying like a baby. She missed her papa. The eldest went to console her. While stroking her head gently he told her not to cry and all of a sudden, he started crying himself. They tried to block their tears when they should let it go.

Many people believe that when someone is dying he would show signs or see signs especially the Malays. A few days before his death, when he was still well enough to sit in his wheel-chair and watch tv, arwah suddenly looked up. My sister in law asked him what he was looking at and after a while he said he saw 7 white-robed men coming to take him away. He told them to please give him time coz his son is about to get married. A few days after that they came again, and he asked his wife to make 7 glasses of drinks. Premonition or delusion? I don't know, coz I am the type who need a lot of convincing to believe in this stories. I am not saying that it did not happen. It could be that he was thinking so much of his impending death that his mind played tricks with him.

Now I am getting ready to go for the kenduri. The last time there was a kenduri at his house was December 2006 and we were all in jolly mood.


monsterball said...

kata tak nak...When a person is ready to go or should be going...that person do sees all his love ones. Seeing loves ones and smiling...means he is ready to go....but seeing 7 angels like your brother....means he was not ready to go...but pleaded to let him have few days more to see his son got married. His wish was answered....but more time of a person on earth are all planned and your brother did get extension of time...meaning Allah do loves him.
So again happy...all his sufferings are gone forever.
When one sees the love one buried...gone forever to be touched or seen...even dead...tears are the greatest at that time.
Now he has no more flesh nor is himself. So extra tears are not good...just be happy he suffers no more...although he may endured them for some reasons...which I think ..not for selfish reasons...but for his love ones....he just cannot let go.. Are we not all like this?
So tell him...don't feel sad for missing you all in the other world....please. Once he hears that from all of you....everyone will be happy. HOW NICE.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Monsterball. I trully appreciate it. You have been most comforting.

IBU said...

ASkum Kata Tak Nak,

Innalillah ... read this a bit late, was away in Istanbul. And on my back home, en route Bahrain. Sayu sungguh baca all your postings re Arwah. Salam takziah dari Ibu.

Allah tidak akan melambatkan atau mempercepatkan ajal seseorang walau sesaat pun. Sama2 lah kita berdoa semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham & placed him alongside the faithful ones. I hope KTN & family redha dgn pemergian Arwah.

Take care.


Apandi said...

Thank you chikgu. Take care.

Unknown said...

Bro, thank you for sharing... Ada hikmah di dalam setiap dugaan. Yg nyata kini tiada lagi tanggungan bebanan penderitaan yg ditanggung oleh arwah... Mungkin kini juga masa yang sesuai bagi yang menyayangi beliau untuk melepaskan beliau bersemadi dgn aman...insya'allah letting go will bring peace in the heart. Semoga rohnya diletakkan dikalangan yang dirahmatiNya...alfatihah juga utk arwah.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I intend to one day quite soon to stop writing about arwah coz he is forever gone. I write now as a journal as much for me to remember him bye as it is to share my experience and I am so glad that in my moments of grief there are many to share it with.

Unknown said...

Bro...jangan salah tafsir hasrat tulisan saya tu... Sebenarnya menulis tentang yang kita sayang itu luahan rasa kita...janganlah you berhenti menulis tentangnya... itu kan tentang kasih seorang adik kepada abang...really, you need not stop writing about him... I want to know him too though it might be late already to know him as a person...

Unknown said...

Saya faham tapi actually, I want to stop writing about him to concentrate on the living. He has children, I may write about them. I have another brother and a sister. In fact I plan to write about my wife yang akan masuk hospital esok untuk buat rahim. Dia dah banyak kali masuk hospital untuk macam2 complication. I will write about my late bro bila something interesting come to mind. Jadi maksud saya sebenarnya ialah, I have to let go at least for a while and concentrate on the living. Saya faham maksud you, you jangan risau.

Unknown said...

Bro...saya doakan Mrs KataTakNak selamat, insya'allah... ermmm...complications apa ye?

Unknown said...

Dia ada fibroid. Dah tecet about 3 ke 4 tahun dah tapi doc kata tak apa, tunggu dia menopause benda tu akan shrink. Tapi about 1 month ago doc kata dah besar sangat takut dia jadi cancerous so nak buang sekali dengan rahim. Doc Tokasid kata its about a 2 hour process after which she would have to be on hormones.


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