Friday 25 May 2007

Liverpool, Go Join The Malaysian District League!

I was in mourning so did not watch the Champions League Final. I did not even watch the repeat coz of the insignificance of the event and any way I am still sane so why watch LIVERFOOL play when I could watch more interesting shows like the test pattern on tv.

Liverfool is actually a living fossil that do not evolve. The game of football has evolved so much but if for some STUPID reason, a team choses not to evolve with it then welcome to the Malaysian league. The FOOLs chose to bask in the glory of their not so illustrious history that they forget they are in the new millenium. Let me tell them something, kind of a wake up call.

When you have a team of players, pay them salaries they don't deserve (Liverfool players should only be given token allowance), have an ugly stadium to maintain, your objective is to bring home trophies. The trophy that you should go for is of course the league you are in. What? You have won them too? When was the last time? What? Louder please. What? 17 years ago? You're a reall history buff aren't you, remembering stuffs 17 years ago.

Let me tell you of a team called Manchester United. They have been winning the Premier League so often, occasionally to make things interesting the let others have a taste, that even God is jealous. Why don't you learn from this GREAT TEAM? Maybe on certain days you can invite their ball pickers, you know those boys who pick balls during matches, to teach you a tactic or two.

A fast solution to your empty trophy cabinet problem would be to apply to join the Kodiang district football league. Now if you put your best players, maybe, just maybe you could win a minor recognition like the team with the best looking socks.

Oh you still want to be based there. Then take my advise, play billiards instead.


Mr. Right said...

Liverpool terpaksa ikut trend dengan 'beli' piala. Owners baru dah readykan ratus-ratus juta. So, aku percaya next year we will be new and improve team. Beware...!

ZABS said...

Chegu macam ada tak puas hati je dgn Liverpool. Saya pun minat juga dengan MU, tapi kalau tim-tim belasahan macm Liverpool ni, macamana MU nak dapat mata penuh selalu?

Unknown said...

Mr right dan zabs,
Saya rasa kita diblogosphere ni dah buleh terima sakat menyakat ni. Cuma bila orang tua menyakat dia kasaq sikit. Takkan MU nak terer selamanya? Ada masa nanti ada dibawah time tu penyokong liverpool pulak mengata jadi kita terima saja la in good faith. Anyway, macam penyokong liv kata lah, depa tak kisah sapa asalkan jgn MU. Sama lah dengan penyokong MU. Rivalry ni dah lama dah tapi setakat sakat menyakat. I tell you this I am the type who can give and can take. kalau terlebih sangat, saya dengan ikhlas mintak maaf.

ZABS said...

Saja nak sakat Chegu je. Saya tak tengok bola sangat. Dah tua-tua ni saya lebih suka tengok golf je. Nak main tak larat tengok di TV pun jadilah.

Anonymous said...

betul chekgu.. takat kutuk-ngutuk tu apa ada.. like you said "take it in good faith"... kalau takdak kutuk no fun la...

bola ni, cam hidup, ibarat roda gak.. kekadang kat atas, kekadang kat bawah...

tapi harapnya la ni kita kat roda yg betul-betul besar la... biar man utd lama sket kat atas... haha

Anonymous said...

Mr.Right, i beg to differ.. you cannot buy success.. it helps yes but money alone don't win you leagues/cups..
tak caye?.. ask chelsea la.. where is their premier league this year?...

and it's not like you didnt have any money before..

look how much you've spent on strikers in the last 3 years
cisse - 14 mil
morientes - 6.3 mil
bellamy - 6 mil
kuyt - 9 mil
crouch - 7 mil
that's over 40 million ...
so i wouldnt bet against mr benitez wasting your'ratus-ratus juta' on some other useless players..

zewt said...

i have posted a picture in that entry about those fools... u should have a look.

Unknown said...

Priceless is the word indeed. That is a real gem.

Mr anon,
Who ever you are, you are indeed priceless. Thanks for the figures but I am sure Mr. Right is a good sport.

Oh main golf ye. I think there is nothing wrong but don't go play for the wrong reasons like betting and gambling. A long time ago I used to follow greats like Jack Nick, Arnold Palmer and my favourite Gary Player, is that right, Gary Player?

monsterball said...

So glad you are back to normal.
I have no doubt in my are an MU die hard am I....and I think Sheih is one too.
Billards? I did own a half size billard table imported from Australia. Moved to smaller house and gave it away.
I think the Phillipinos are world champs it not kata tak nak?

Unknown said...

Yes, a true MU diehard. Yes the Filipinos have been good at it for a long time unlike a certain country called Malaysia where they are good in a certain game for only a period of time then they decline or at most stopped improving while others shoot pass them.

Mr. Right said...

Yes, memang boleh beli kejayaan dengan wang. Before Roman took over Chelsea, they just a mid table club. See where they up now.

Mr Anon,

Thanks sebab menguatkan fakta aku. Try to compare amount of money M.U and Chelsea spend to buy strikers within the same 3 years period.

Sorry, I cant give u the fact and figures. But Rooney alone around 3o mil, rite?. Then for Chelsea, tak payah kira la kot. Confirm ratus-ratus juta.

Unknown said...

As for Chelsea, yes and no. They bought instant success but no respect. They had to spend a Russian Mafioso's money. Man Utd bought Rooney and Ronaldo and Veron and ferdinand with their own hard-earned money, gefore the Glazers. They could do it because like it or not they are the most successful football team in the world with the widest folowing that even Malaysian companies clamour to endorse them. Theirs is a success story. In fact the Glazers did not spend much when they came. Carrick, Evra and Vidic are not eye-opners as far as the transfer market is concerned.
Of course if Liverpool's new owners spend like Abrahamovich it would make a difference but remember this, unless the new owners are people who are out to legalise ill-gotten wealth, don't bet too much that they would be spending too freely.

Lets see it this way, yes I agree Liverpool has won many accolades but they have sleeping for far too long. When they suddenly wake up, they are not only to content with the traditonal giants like Manchester, Milan, Barca, Real, Juventus but also now have to look at the other shoulder where Chelsea, West Ham, Portsmouth and Aston Villa are also in the race with their new owners. Please look at the whole picture. Beware of West ham and that warning goes to Man Utd too not just Liverpool.

monsterball said...

but tis much we have to give liverpool the respect...kata tak nak...that is they are the only english team that won 5 times of European other English team have done tat so far.
Look at how they plat at English league and the Euro Cup...totally different style. that's why Taksin wants to buy it...last time...grwat team for bookies big time gamblimg and Stephen Gerard is the darling for all bookies..second close one..Lampard..but now LAMPARD MAYBE SO RICH....CONTENTED...NOT ABLE TO EXECUTE HIS SKILLS...SO RISKY FOR BOOKIES TO BET ON HIM NOW...LIKE RONALDO OF BRAZIL.

Anonymous said...

Mr Right,

Dont get me wrong, money does help. But you still need to buy right players, which I dont think Mr Benitez has been able to do in the last 3 years. And look at Mr Ranieri, he didnt win anything with Abramovich's millions at his disposal.

As for Man Utd spending on strikers in the last 3 years:
Rooney - 30 mill; worth every penny
Smith - 6 mill
Larsson - free; great signing
Dong - 500,000; max 3.5 mill depending on appearance
mmm.. that is less than 40 mill. .

you need to buy right; get quality, not quantity which what Mr Benitez has been doing and I believe will continue do.

Anonymous said...

oohh.. sorry Mr Right,

I missed something in my earlier entry:

Liverpool spending etc etc....:

ADD: Fowler - free; rubbish


Mr. Right said...

Mr Anon,
I salute for your fact and figure. But sadly u miss something.

1. Cisse bought by Houllier, nevermind, still Liverpool FC bought him.

2. M.U pay Fulham 12.825 mil for Luis Saha, back in January 2004. (same year as Cisse join Liverpool)

Sorry if my fact not accurate as urs...:)

But, I did agree Liverpool need to change their transfer policy (see my 1st comment) and Benitez also realize that.

Alliedmartster said...

There is that great mystery how any MU fan will try to rubbish Liverpool, and v.v.

Yes, MU won the EPL...but can you say your players did it with passion? If I want to look at passion in MU, it will probably be Keane...but he is no longer there, is he?

Liverpool players play for their club. No more evident than the CL Final in Istanbul and FA Cup Final in Cardiff.
Yes, they have been inconsistent in EPL, but its a question of time.

Unknown said...

The eyes see what the heart asked it to see. if you see MU play with hatred, how can you see the passion. Its not a matter of consistency, it a fact that Man Utd plays the sexiest football and in sex there is so much passion. yes, I agree fully that when I say that Liverpool is a bunch of frigids trying to act sexy, its with the same bias that you say there is no passion in Man Utd. Come on accept the fact that this is the era of Utd. Liverpool is history coz their secong rising coincides with the rise of other notable teams like Chelsea. The teams to be reckon with next season will no longer be the top 4 but will include West Ham, Aston Villa, Portsmouth and maybe even Man City. This life is too short to live in the past. Its the present.

I have said many harsh things about Liverpool just like many Liverpool fans have said about Man Utd. There is no malice involved here and should anyone be greatly offended I humbly apologised.


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