Sunday 20 May 2007

We Lost.

We lost to the better team of the night. Congratulations to Chelsea. We are still thebest.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to Chelsea. You are a better team. Glad that you win.
Looking back at the season that just ended, I am very proud of Man U achievement. We started the season with a lot of uncertainty. Nistelrooy saga, vendetta towards Ronaldo and on top of all, we do not buy any new forward player to take over from the prolific dutchman.
Nevertheless, we end the season being the champion, runners up in the FA and semi finalist in Champions League. What more to ask from a team that only win a mickey mouse cup a season earlier.
It is a wonderful season for us. Congratulations.

Mr. Right said...

Congrats for the 4th place in Europe.

Unknown said...

Yeah, congrats for the trophy-less year. We don't count second place, only 1sr matters and we have already got one. Thats why we are the best team in the world. If we get second we throw the medal away like last night's coz we already got the medal that matters. Good luck against Milan, you're gonna need it, lots of it.

You are right, WE THE CHAMPIONS. Congrats to Chelsea for the 2 minor trophies, its better than no trophy like a certain other team in red.

Liverpool's Fan said...

Mintak maaf......sapa2 pon main dgn man u saya sokong depa....Almosty In Greece noh...jangan marah noh cekgu...saya rindu kat nasik kandaq

Unknown said...

Liverpool Fan,
You pernah kena nasi beratoq? Fuh tok sah cakap.
The feeling is mutual. As much as I hate Milan for beating us, I would be rooting for them come this final. To see Liverpool end the season trophy-less would certainly make my day and I think god will confer me that wish.
Kalau nak mai Penang, just chose the latest post and let me know. I bawa p makan nasi beratoq.

monsterball said...

Did I not predicted that MU win the league Cup and FA goes to Chelsea?
With this set season...bookies will have another great harvesting year....hahahahaha

monsterball said...

Now everyone will predict AC Milan will win against Liverpool...correct?
So if bookies give 1 goal...most bets are on AC Milan winning?
So bookies will wait till last moment..if will play full time draw and extra time AC scores to win.
If most take will be 3-1 in favour of AC within full time.

monsterball said...

Sheih is turning from sour grapes MU fanatic to quite a sports...but at his site...he again stated to 'moderate' my if when MU lost a game...I am his punching bag.

Anonymous said...


The London team won, in a London stadium and the team from up north bites the dust!

What a great way to baptize the new London stadium :)

Eat your heart out, non London team supporters!


Unknown said...

Hey Biggum,
Like I said, I know it is eating you all up for not landing the big one.
Chelsea should try very hard to retain the second spot next year. Arsenal, should think of qualifying for UEFA and Liverpool would be fighting hard to avoid relegation.
Manchester Rules,


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