Wednesday 30 May 2007

The Operation Was A Success

Alhamdulillah, the operation was a success. I had just got to the hospital at 12.30 when I received a call from my eldest not to go to my wife's ward but to proceed to the 1st floor of the GH. Evidently when my daughter called her mother saying that she was on the way, her mother told her that she was getting ready to be taken to the operation theatre.

When I got to level one, I was in luck coz she was about half minute away from being wheeled into the operation theatre. They were waiting for the automatic door to open so I got a chance to give her some encouragement. She looked afraid. Then the nurses wheeled her away and so began the 4 hour wait.

In times like this I don't like to sit down. Most of the 4 hours I was standing up, occasionally surrendering to the cries of my feet to sit down. I weigh 106 kg and my height is about 5' 5'' so you can picture what a hefty figure I am. Imagine you are my feet and you have to carry that much weight around, even you would be screaming.

After the 1st 1 and a half hour, every time they push an empty stretcher into the operation theater, I would stand up to see who it was they were taking out. I lost count of the number of times I walked in and out of the waiting area. These people are damn cruel. They designate every area in the GH a non-smoking area and it was at that time that I needed my nicotine fix most. One thing about smokers is their resourcefulness and after a little bit of scouting I managed to find a pot.

At about 4 in the evening I was already hungry. I had breakfast at about 9am and nothing since. I told my son that I was going out for roti canai just across the hospital. He said I would not be able to get back in coz its not visiting hours yet and I told him that I will find my way. It took me only 15 minutes to finish lunch and I walked back. I may be big in size but I knew how to sneak through the security and true enough I was back at the operation theater in a jiffy.

At about 4.30, they wheeled my wife out of the theater and we all followed her to her ward. She was semi conscious. She did acknowledge our presence. At the ward we had to wait coz they had to get her comfy. While we were talking a nurse came over and asked us not to bother her too much coz she's still groggy and this might induce vomit.

My wife did tell me that she couldn't see feel her legs. I pinched one and she said she felt nothing. Then I saw the machine besides me and a label which read 'epidural'. I asked the nurse and she confirmed that they did the epidural to cut the pain and thus the lost of sensation. Guests started coming. My feet were screaming again. I told my wife that I would be visiting her again tomorrow afternoon. There was no way I could get a quiet moment with her. She did not protest and I left.

I thank ALLAH the Almighty for the success. I also thank fellow bloggers who offered prayers and wished for a successful operation.


monsterball said...

Great news..and usually it does get you very hungry after that.
Every old folk need to go through life's wear and tear and in this give up a useless organ at her age....quite common.
Now she rest few days and I recalled my eldest sister did that when she was 60 and now at 73..she behaves like a lively young lady.
Good news..very good news.

aN_archi said...

Dude, the doctor told me to tell you that your missus is fine. Just that he said YOU better take care of yourself. You are a walking time-bomb dude and it wont be nice if your family have to wait for you outside an operating theatre. Cut out the crap and do sumthing or I will subpeona you.

Unknown said...

She is still groggy now but beginning to feel the pain. I hope her recuperation goes on well.

yeah I know that too its just that I don't know where to start man. Thanks. No more coffee at Danga Bay?

zewt said...

good to know that it went well. my best wishes to mrs kata tak nak and may she recover soon!

IBU said...

Oh dear, I tak tau hujung pangkal kerumitan apa. But glad to read the ops a success. Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Hope Puan KTN :) will get well soon.

And hey... if that private moment does not seem to be in sight any sooner, don't wait up. Simply pass her a "secret admirer" message that you love her. Later repeat la verbally - worth repeating don't you think? Or vice versa pun bulehhh....

Unknown said...

Maaf ibu kerana tak include the nature of the complication that requires the operation. Saya tak tau dia punya medical term tapi orang Melayu kata buang rahim sebab ada fibroid yang besar. Sorry again and Thanks alot.

Thanks man. She is now in some pain but I think everything would be all right.

Anonymous said...

Bro... Alhamdulillah, she's fine and all is well with the surgery... May she have a speedy recovery... With you and the rest of the family taking care of her, surely she'll be taken care of very well...

She needs a quite moment just with you...find it and be there with her, bro. Ah! You know better than I do, right bro?

Can help noticing that you managed to squeeze yourself to get in while the security is've became invincible eh?

Unknown said...

They don't actually hire Einsteins as security guards you know. The guard on duty was bitching with a hospital personnel so its not that difficult to give her the slip.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah, the Mrs dah selamat jalani pempedahan, InsyaAllah akan keluar hospital secepat mungkin.

Untuk KTK, jaga diri juga. BMI anda dah sampai 38 tu (Weight(kg)/ Height^2(cm). BMI terbaik lebih kurang 25 je. Check here

Unknown said...

Thanks kerana usaha kira BMI saya. Banyak orang dah kata kat saya.
Baru tadi saya call dia. Dia dah boleh makan dan minum but still in pain otherwise dia agak cheerful jugak.

tokasid said...

Salam to che'gu:

Lapang dada dengar she is doing well.
InsyaALLAH lagi 3 hari boleh balik rumah dah.
Kalu nak tanya apa-apa che'gu muleh e-mel aku di

Unknown said...

Doc TA,
Terima kasih banyak2 kerana offer free consultation tu. Dia masih dok sakit lagi.

Apandi said...

Alhamdulillah, your wife is OK. Now you might be another story, any way, I agree, the world is becoming crueler and crueler to us smokers. Take care.

Unknown said...

first they grow tobacco, then they harvest the tobacco, then they make cigarretes, then they sell them and say, don't smoke.
Memang tau tak baik tapi nak buat macam mana.

Apandi said...

Yalah yalah, I sympathise with you (being a smoker too)...

Anonymous said...

sorry che gu, saya baru balik.
shukur alhamdulillah segalanya berjalan lancar. keadaan begini merapatkan lagi hubungan kekeluargaan, betul tak che gu?

Unknown said...

Funny when she was on the bed, we were like having a picnic besides her. Since the room was for 2 and the next bed was not taken, it was just like a family gathering.


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