Thursday 30 July 2009

No stone unturned

We are very serious when we say that we will investigate TBH's death. I am not merely paying lip service. I am as serious as serious can be. I will prove to the opposition that I am serious, I will prove that the Cabinet is serious, I will prove that the BN government is serious and you can take that to the bank.

Although we already have a Royal Commission and although we already have an inquest, it's not enough to satisfy me. I want to get to the bottom of this. I promise you we will not leave any stone unturned in our effort to get to the truth.

Today just to prove to Malaysians and the world, I have lined up the whole Malaysian Cabinet and backbenchers in this park on this beautiful morning.

Okay men and women, I don't want you to miss even a single one. Turn all stones you come across.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Yes! turn all the stones for all that matter. He can turned all the stones umpteen times. But he is not going to fool anybody but himself. Times have changed. He must be a dinosaur from ancient time. Maybe,maybe there are a few ABC (assistant balls carrier)who might believed in him. But definately not the majority of the people. He is serious. Demi AmNo saya sumpah! I say he must be joking!!! Just my 2sen cikgu.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

True, true, those idiots are serious! Honestly, Cikgu...I believe you. Otherwise, where else can they get the stones to play '5 Stones', while several more disburse the rakyat's wealth quite like P Ramlee's Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk: One for you (rakyat), 10 for me (the idiots).

Unknown said...

Oh, he is joking alright but the problem is its a bad joke and not many are laughing.

Unknown said...

1 utk rakyat, 10 utk saya, 5 utk UMNO, 3 utk BN, 10 lagi utk saya, 1 utk rakyat........

ahoo said...

The by-election is getting really serious these days ! Another one will be coming up soon as the state assembly man for Permatang Pasir (Pas) in Penang passed away at the national heart institute as reported by MI and M-kini.

We were hoping that someone from bn (state or parliament) will die and a by-election held in their stronghold to test Pakatan's strength BUT alas, not to be.

Another round of goodies coming along the way and many election promises made but will soon be forgotten thereafter. Never ending politics ( NEP ) for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This BIJAN is very funny fella... while all Ministers and Backbenchers looking for stones, this BIJAN himself hide his one-and-only Stone that sticked on his Dick-head in his pant.

Now that even CIA and KGB let alone CSI Miami can't find such "gem-stone" that can explode like Sei-Four!~

Anonymous said...

Its turning into a bloody unfairground while we stand aside and look.Tapi apa nak kata? kata tak nak? would they listen? nah! just layan Rolling stones lah cikgu!

Unknown said...

yes, la, the BN people are not dying la. Maybe got mandrum or what?

Unknown said...

But the way he has been acting looks like he has no stone la.

Unknown said...

You layan rolling stone, I layan Deep Purple.

zewt said...

unfortunately, it will be concluded as a suicide... typical.

hail rooney!


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