Thursday 16 July 2009

The Job

People1: Look, I want to know why have you not acted on that ex MB and his bungalow?

MACC: Act what? What is there to act? He said he bought it for about 3 million and he has documents to prove he got a bank loan for it.

People1: And you believe him that it costs only about 3 million?

MACC: Yes, I saw the photos in Malaysia Today and the bungalow looks small, I think 3 million is expensive la.

People1: You looked at the photos? You didn't go there?

MACC: We went, I personally went there by helicopter and from 2 miles up, I could see it very small. There is no case la, someone is jealous of him.

People2: What about the PKFZ, it's very clear something is wrong.

MACC: Tell me what is wrong then?

People2: Well the cost of the land and the people involved in the dealings.

MACC: They have proper papers what. Everything was signed and they have lawyers. If someone got it cheap and sold it at a high price it means that that someone is a good businessman so why should we get involved? No, no way,, everything was done properly.

People3: What about those houses on slopes built without proper studies. Those slopes are simply too steep and the law prohibits them from building mansions in such terrains.

MACC: Nothing wrong there what. They have money they can build houses wherever they want.

People3: Even if they endanger the lives of people further down the slope?

MACC: Then don't build houses further down la, go higher la, what's so susah?

People3: Is it because they are influential people that you do not want to nap them?

MACC: Look, we are proffesionals, we don't care who you are, you do wrong we tangkap. We have nabbed, office boys, clerks, drivers and garderners. We don't care.

People3: Have you caught Directors, Senior Police people and Ministers?

MACC: They did not do wrong how to tangkap them? Be sensible la, eh, wait a minute, I have a phone call. Yes, speaking, ...... what! ....... who! ....... are you sure! ....... so that fellow told you! ...... where are you now? Okay, I'll meet you there in about 2 hour's time, I am busy right now.

People3: Are you leaving this meet the people session? You have not answered a single question we posed.

MACC: You all always complain about corruption involving big shots but without a shred of evidence, we can't act but I think you are going to be happy. We have just received a complaint which we think is backed by very strong evidence.

People1: It involved big-shots?

MACC: Yes, big-shots, a few of them. I think if we do our work well we'll be able to take them to court tomorrow and and get a conviction in about a week.

People2: Can we know who and what case?

MACC: Sure, some DAP YBs from your friendly Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor and maybe at least 1 exco.

People3: Who is the complainant and what evidence have you got that makes you so sure that you could get a conviction?

MACC: Okay, I'll tell you but please don't let this out to the press yet. It seems that an MCA ketua cawangan overheard a conversation during a cross-line incident in his phone. One speaker said that, his mother in law's neighbour heard that her driver's son in law told someone that he dreamt that a bomoh told him that there is something fishy in Selangor. Ha, ha,  there you are.

People1: What? And you are going to act on that? Where is the evidence? It never identifies who, so how come you are sure it is DAP people and not BN people?

MACC: What evidence some more you want. I have been in this business for a long time la, so I know what is true and what are lies, so please excuse me, I have a job to do.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Exactly cikgu. MACC sudddenly become very efficient when it involve the non BN. They can create something out of nothing. But they will tell you "kita orang hanya buat kerja saja ikut arahan". With toyol case they can't even see it even it is so huge as an elephant simply because 'kita ikut arahan" Phew !!! this is bolehland for you. Who is to be blamed ?? Just my 2sen cikgu.

kopitelp16 said...

MACC can act faster than a speeding bullet against anyone linked with PR. I think even the pets are not spared.

Toyol's mansion.... ummmm wait till Toyol's wife lodge a report against him. Then only MACC might act. Hey... that's NEVER gonna happen!

But I think MACC got a point too. The dentist got papers to prove ma. So, if he has the uncanny ability to squeeze a drop of water from dry sand, then there's no case la!

Singam said...

It's nice to laugh at these antics... but they are becoming painful. The BeeEnd asinines are now so disdainful of public opinion that they do it brazenly, without even pretending to be ethical.

Enough is enough!

But not for the folks at Malik Urai, it seems!

Sigh! Where do we go from here?

monsterball said...

Malaysian Job by UMNO..involves stolen tax payers money and properties....hurting Malaysians.
Italian Job involves robbing banks and priceless displays in Museum...hurting no one personally.
Malaysian Job done by coward and hypocrites.
Italian real gangsters.ready to die themselves.
Malaysian Job...have others to die for them...when the chips are down.

monsterball said...

Kata Tak Nak...thanks for responding to my request.
I hope you can meet Romerz one day..soon.
He is a very sharp and smart generous man....yearning to do something for Penang people .under DAP..with no selfish ulterior motives.
No like like few political bloggers....can be bought like a puppet on a string.
Romerz belongs to one of the riches family in Penang.

Unknown said...

Of course la, boss must cari makan one.

Unknown said...

Yes, la everything done according to their law.

Unknown said...

You are right, they are getting to be a little of a pain in the butt.

I have fought them for about 10 years and I'll continue. Never give up.

Unknown said...

Yes, Malaysian job got fall guys.

I hope so too. Maybe one day we could meet.

Anonymous said...

No MACC people at Manek Urai although many voters were given money to vote. Great policing by our govt.officials. Do they actually know who the bad guys are or ar they so bad themselves they only catch good guys now?

Unknown said...

They don't know bad guys or good guys, they only know money guys and power guys.

mike said...

Dear cikgu, someone just died for all this. My sense of loss goes out to his family.

mike said...

Correction: Someone just died from all this harassment.

Anonymous said...

and a young and innocent man died at their bloody hands. and this young man is about to get married tomorrow.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Don't know what to say especially with a death now involved. Sadly, this thing is becoming like another nightmare as MBF Scandal was. But unlike the BMF Scandal, this thing may be wrapped up and fast, with misfortune falling on the people of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

how can any person, regardless of creed or religion, support such a murderous regime?

mongolian girl blown to pieces. detainee literally tortured to death. now, another death at the hands of another murderous agency.

monsterball said...

KTN...In your "condolences" post..messages are separated by a wide gap.
Can you bring them back to normal?

Unknown said...

I don't understand because i see nothing wrong here. maybe your setting.


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