Saturday 18 July 2009

Clever hero

Reporter: Encik Samad, congratulations for being awarded the Medal of Valour for your bravery.

Samad: Thank You. I did it for my country.

Reporter: Tell us, during your 20 years in service, where have you been to.

Samad: Oh, Bosnia, Somalia, Philippines, Palestine and New Guinea.

Reporter: Where would you say was the most trying place to go.

Samad: I would say, Bosnia and Somalia. There was mass slaughter and endless fighting. I had to be called to do battle everyday but of course no one knows about this.

Reporter: Were you ever hurt?

Samad: Yes, I was shot in Bosnia and was beaten up in Somalia. I was beaten up quite badly actually.

Reporter: There are still some more volatile places where UN Peace Forces are needed. Iraq is back in turmoil and Palestine has never seen peace. Honduras is in big trouble. Would you go to any of these countries if called upon?

Samad: I have been to so many explosive places and come back alive although I met with lots of hostilities. I have faith in my abilities to survive. I will go on even an hour's notice just as long as they don't send me to a police lock up or to the MACC. I may be brave but I do want to live.


Pak Zawi said...

The worst place to be in this world is being in the custody of PDRM and MACC? Yes, you can never know how they will treat you. Even a former DPM was beaten up, what more minnows like us.

Anonymous said...

before the dust settled after teoh's murder, another suspect the dust in police station. another juvenile die in police station. two in two days.

how many more before the people rise up and say enough is enough.

1Malaysia? its more like 1Black Week for mourning.

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu,
Sure thing. You go in alive and you come out dead. MACC HQ and PDRM lockup are 2 places that are more dangerous than anywhere else in the world cikgu !!!And the worst and most beautiful part is nobody knows how you died. Phew !! At least in Iraq you know how you died !! Just my 2sen cikgu.

monsterball said...

Live and let die!!
Mamamia...clever hero sure is clever.
Battle of Britain ended long ago. Battle of Malaysia has just begun.
UMNO Tarzan can round up all his monkies and apes.
Malaysians are smart Transformers..waiting right time to strike back.
We have the likes of Obiwan...Skywalker .They have an old useless out=dated formula.
Presently..Love is a many splendour thing to put counter fight evils with love.
It is like a Tale of Two be one.
Twisters and tsunami created by UMNO seems to attack Malaysians more often than before.
We will fight from the sea..fight from the air...fight from the ground. We will never surrender.

Anonymous said...

... and the World thought there's only one worst detention centre exist, i.e. US's Guantanamo Bay located in Cuba but they're forgotten about Malaysia's PDRM and MACC Centres.

... and the World also thought Terrorist are Suicide Bombers, not knowing Crime Minister also carry C4 Bombers...

only the fools fool them,selves unkonowingly and they rot while on earth and in hell.

kopitelp16 said...

I don't know la... but I think the US set up Guantanamo branches here. Just in case ma....

So, it might not be the MACC or PDRM that killed any of the people in custody. It's the US SEALs or SWAT team. Hmmmmm.... getting interesting la!

frankie said...

MACC and PDRM, how to tell them apart? Can't, both hold each other's throat and balls so you expect them to go all out to bring each other to court? Fat chance!

Can't say much, they own this country.

monsterball said...

Noticed Romerz and you have included in your blog roll respectively.
Both are from easy to meet for tea tarik.

Sammy said...

main-main-ah, Chegu? Nanti they lock-up you pulak and who would update your witty comments?

Apity we are turning into a 3rd world republic with clowns at the top. How safe are we now when people with badges paid by our tax money misuse their authority?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

those prisoners in death row should be thankful they're not under MACC.

merandok said...


Easy for us to criticize; just remember that those in MACC & PDRM is also human, just doing their jobs, according to the scope of their duties.

We don't blame the judges when they passed the sentence, as long as they did it fairly and with good judgment; we blame the group who make & passed the stupid law, for making and passing that stupid law.

Same thing here, let's maul those who passed the law that make the superhuman in MACC & PDRM.

telur dua said...

MACC Hq and Police lock-ups ~ places where you walk in healthy and alive but come out in a body bag, dead.


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