Friday 30 November 2007

Stop Press

I was watching Jimmy hendricks on youtube when I suddenly heard my youngest daughter laughing her heart out and when I turned and saw what triggered the outburst I nearly dropped off my chair.

Channel 108 or better known as Zee is a dedicated hindi channel and I have observed that they got atrocious BM subtitles but non beats this. This mind you is not a joke. it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Get ready for this.

The singer sang:

Rock me baby.

The translation:

Batu saya bayi.


tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Batu saya bayi:-
1- If the singer is a male, he's telling the chick that he got rock for his balls
2-the translator is either dumb and dumber or a hangkok hayun to the maximum degree( maximus swinging balls...errr..bowl)
3-thats is among the lawak bodo translation which is common in Malaysia
4-DBP memang sah mandul.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, I remember one episode when one army commander giving order to shoot by saying 'Fire!' and the s'title was " Api!"

Pada saya mereka sengaja mahu mempermain-mainkan Bahasa Melayu kita.Do not laugh to such a stupid nonsense.The joke is on us! I really got annoyed. Apa FINAS buat? saya rasa ini bukan masalah DBP. What you say brother?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Er, Doc dan akhi alhuseyn, sebenarnya di sini bukan salah DBP, tapi salah stesyen tu dan juga ITJN - Institut Terjemahan Negara.

Siapa saja nak dapat kerja terjemahan mestilah ambil kursus dengan ITJN. Dulu ianya merupakan satu unit dalam DBP tapi kini seperti diswastakan dan makin banyak kesilapan dalam terjemahan. Entahlah, semakin dikorporatise atau privatise di Malaysia ni, semakin teruk perkhidmatan mereka.

monsterball said...

The most famous one is from lawyer in court saying...'I put it to you my Lord"...and translated to..
"Saya tarok enkau...."

Unknown said...

Doc, alhusseyn,shah, monty,
Actually Astro or to be more precise Ananda is given a license to do whatever he wants.
I remember a friend of mine who once work for another private station, the one that folded. He complaint that the authorities came down hard on them for slack censorship but let astro off for things worse than that.

This is a case of mindless translation. I watched the programmes more for the subtitles than for then movies.

Somebody got to do something. If you are all free, try watching zee. I think they have 2 or 3 translators. the others are passable but this particular one is simply atrocious.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

haha...this is more like when a band of platoon going for an ambush, the platoon leader orders to open fire and the subtitle goes 'Api!'.

monsterball said...

Yes kata tak nak......just go view so many movies and turn to the bahasa subtitles.
When ever four letter words were used...they got lost....hahahahaha!
So how can the malay guy who does not understand the english movie...know what the heck is that actor talking about...and mind you..some movies with 4 letter words are the gist of the whole story.
"Api" said kerp??...that's a nice one. Judging from your happy must be well and good and that's good news for me to know. Do take care..kerp!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'll take it from there, mr goh.

if someone in the silver-screen utters the word fuck, it will be translated as 'senggama'. kahkahh...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks for the well wishes btw, mr goh. sure hope you are too. remember, you still owe me a stick of fine monte cristo.

monsterball said...

Kerp....Name a suitable place to have your
Monti Cristo Cigar over a cup of coffee and snacks.
How will they translate into Bahasa..'motherfucker" always heard in gangster movie?

monsterball said...

By the way...I don't have Monti Cristo...but hope Davidoff No:3 Tubos is good substitude. I smoke about three sticks per year Davidoff...on real special winning a bet...I would have smoke more than 3 sticks per year...but it seems I loose much more bets than winning.....hahahahahaha
But I smoke not less than 10 sticks of cheap corona size cigars everyday.
So...I not only suffer heavy rain on Besih walk...and tear gas on Hindraf walk....both occasions cannot smoke and walk also!!
It is torturous for me to be on a plane flying more than 10 hours non stop...NO SMOKING!!!
So few of just wait for everyone go to sleep and we go to the kitchen ....and the flight attendants do keep one eye close ...maybe allow us to smoke away.That.. I smoke mini cigars only.
May need to go cheaper brands..if price of every essentials keep going up.
Again...nice to note you have such a cheerful character.
Me too...when I cannot solve a problem....I just smile away and look forward about my future......never backward.

Bergen said...

I think the people who do this job are having fun. They know that 'fire' isn't 'api' when spoken by a commander on a battle ground. I believe they are bored and fool around with things like this. It's not the first time we come across 'fire' being translated to 'api' instead of 'tembak'. LOL. And they keep doing it to jolt the viewers. And they can get away with it because I don't think anyone would want to take the trouble of taping a movie and use that as the evidence to go court just to fight the injustice of a word 'fire' being translated into 'api'. Maybe there is such a guy. Maybe a purist of the Malay language.

Don't let this push your blood pressure, cikgu.

monsterball said...

"hi motherfucker...I will shoot you ...if you try to crawl out from the shithole"
kata tak nak ..can you translate to Bahasa?
I know kerp it la

Unknown said...

There is no exact translation for 'motherfucker'. Like in Melaka, people say celaka to each other as something normal, but elsewhere it would be an offending thing. Even the word 'fuck' do not can sometimes not mean what it originally meant.

Anyway I would like to here what kerp got to say to that sentence you gave.

Pi Bani said...

And have you heard of "pembunuh bijirin"?

That was the translation given for serial killer! (whoever translated that must have got confused between serial and cereal...)

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Chegu,


There is another one I remember, from the sitcom Friends:-

Monica was getting married, and she was wearing this long veil, and somebody in the show said something about something-something 'Monica's train (the veil)'...

Translation: Something-something " keretapi Monica"...

I didn't know whether to laugh or die of horror!

Why can't they hire people who actually use both language's to translate? Common sense won't hurt either...

It's a wedding...Where was the train?!?!?


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