Friday 23 November 2007

Ringtone Anyone?

(Update) After putting up this post I went into screenshot and saw the same service there, so you could also go there for the ringtone.

Are you having a bad day? Are you tired? Are you feeling depressed and suicidal? I have just the therapy for you. Scroll down my sidebar on the right until you find a widget-box under My Song. Play the first song. It is surely to lull you into a slumber. The melodious sound is therapeutic. If for some reason, you would want to download it for your mobile phone go to Tumpang Sekole or click here
Somewhere in the middle of the post you would get the link to download this heavenly ringtone. Enjoy.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahaha....i cant stop laughing my crippled ass off i tell yaa...kelakar nak mampos. they actually re-edited the conversation and made lingam sound intelligent. haha...

Unknown said...

If that sounds like an intelligent Lingam, I wonder how a stupid Lingam sounds like.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the full version of the video! hahaha...

i've got it downloaded and i believe we shared a common ringtone by now.

Unknown said...

Full version? You mean the 8 minute video or the full 14 or 16 minutes?

monsterball said...

hahahahaha...At our smart blokes...sly foxes can tell us we are not correct.
To be's automatic for you and me....or else both of us dare not talk so much. It is people like Lingam who keep on saying.."correct correct correct" telling lies all the way.
Then while he is talking ...he is thinking when can he korek korek korek a sweet young thing for his mind is mix up with filth and dirt.

monsterball said...

And this morning...I will be walking for the poorest of the poor ....for the Indians.
Understand their valid reasons and all other races should support their justified cause.
I know you are far away...kata tak nak.
I know you will give me your approval to support the weak....hungry and totally ignored. I know you will say "i agree..go walk monty"
And I know in hearts of hearts are not a political blogger ..a freedom fighter blogger you are...who does walk the talks without fear nor favor with your sincere messages.
Part of my walk is also inspired by your original and sincere..not like one I know...instigate big...and her one big too...never walk the talk.The trusted commentator...keep instigating others to walk and he hides under the arm-pit of the blogger. I have seen enough and know enough of human natures.'s to bathe...get ready to go and get best seats.
Have a nice friend.


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