Wednesday 7 November 2007

Don't Fuck With Me

Some bloody bastards have begun to try to be funny with me by dirtying my blog with their presence. I suspect these bastards are one of two. Either they are truly uneducated non-malays venting out their frustrations by making very uncalled for racist remarks aimed at fucking up the Malays. If these bastards are this kind then all I can say is FUCK YOU. This is not the place and I will delete your comments.

I also suspect that these bastards or even 1 bastard masquerading as a few is actually one or some of the fucking UMNO cyber-troopers masquerading as non-Malays fucking up the Malays. If these bastards belong to this group then all I can say is that while you are prostituting yourself to UMNO your mother is sucking cocks in hell. I will delete your comments. Kejap ade, kejap tak ade.

Why don't you go fuck spiders you mother-fuckers.


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

aku pun dah kena. Tak pernah2 aku moderate komen. La terpaksa...

Please visit

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

saya pon baru kena cikgu. that was only before my deepavali post. its the same racist pigs playing the racial card. i would dare the shitheads to come out in the open and tell all the shitty stuff instead of hiding behind their anonymity but the best is to just delete them motherfuckers.

constant drama said...

Are they that rude? That sucks. People have to much time on their hand man. Waaaaay too much time.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

It shows that:
1- there are desperate monkeys out there who have nothing to do but vent ppl up.
2-there are coward lifeless morons out there who dare not have their own blog to vent their frustration. In simple words: Takdak Teloq punya orang.
3-possible cybertroopers
4-you are famous and have high hits. These morons will select the few high hits blogs to do irritate ppl.

There will be more attacks by these moron/s of the highest degree when election is announced.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

This morning when I open my blog, walah!, I pun dah kena :(

Still, I will not moderate until it happens again.

zewt said...

calm down cikgu... it's not worth it.

zorro said...

KTN. Over Nazri I have had some that just said: Screw You. I rejected these. It kept coming back for the 5th time. I allowed him thru but commented. I said, "Your 'screw you', was it for the Minister or for me? If it is for me, go ahead and screw me, but dont blame me if I shit on your cock." He has not ventured back YET(?)Sometimes their own medicine helps.

Mat Salo said...


Nampak gaya semua kita ni dah kene. Unlike bakaq and some others, I hate to turn on moderation. If depa show up again, buang aja and depa boleh pi mampuih. Just hit Delete aje. Like zewt said, these guys ain't worth bothering with. But I'm inclined to think it's laskar siber tho'... Gotta justify gaji 2000 maa...

monsterball said...

That seem to be the price you need to pay...when you get more popular....kata tak nak.
Stay cool!!


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